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    Weinan International Meeting Center Project

    一、Project Title: Weinan International Meeting


    二、Project Total Investment: RMB 3.5 Hundred


    International Meeting Center project investment is about RMB 1.5 hundred million. Real estate project investment from a complete set is about RMB 2 hundred million.

    三、Project Address: The project is located at the

    central commercial district of the new developed area of Weinan, which is to the east of the Chongye Road, to the north of the Dongxing Street. It covers an area of 80 Mu (1hektare=15Mu).

    四、Project Locating: Center around zoology,

    peaceful, harmonious and regression, figure a courtyard-garden style sight meeting center with elegant environment, complete function and high intelligentize level, syncretize meeting and exhibition, lodge and meal, entertainment etc. comprehensive service function. The overall floorage is about 30000 square meters. Among which:

    1Hotel Function

    Garden style hotel with over four-star level, can provide top grade lodge, meal, body-building and entertainment etc. service. The best quality and grade living requirements satisfy China and foreign countries clients.

    2Meeting Function

    Can carry on government affair, profession and vocation meetings hold in Weinan with large and middling scale of provinces and cities and all kinds of proseminars etc. high standard meeting reception. Can supply meetings and room & board requirements to Weinan People's Congress Council(650 deputies and 150 staff members), Weinan City Political Consultative Conference Society(500 deputies and 120 staff members).

    五、Project Feasibility Analysis

    1Weinan has eight counties, two towns(Hanchen

    City and Huayin City), two districts(Linwei District

    and Gaoxin District) with a total population of 5480

    thousand. Urban district has a population of over 300

    thousand. Town region has bigger hotels such as

    Guangming Hotel, Xianglong Hotel, Weihei Hotel and International Trade Hotel etc. The highest level is semi-four star, all the floor spaces arent more than

    10 Mu. Except for the room and board, there arent

    almost the outdoor activity regions. When large movements are held, guests are entirely full, it cant

    carry on a meeting with over 300 people. So it is very necessary to build the International Meeting Center in Weinan.

    2With the reform and opening deepen constantly and the economic instant development. The investment enterprises at home and abroad increase constantly. The expert and scholars at home and abroad, superior managers are more and more in Weinan. But the present existing hotels and grogshops cant satisfy the

    requirement in many ways and high layer from different public. Most people choose to live in Xian in the

    evening. So it is correct to build over four-star level hotel in Weinan.

    3Weinan is located in the middle of the western Hua Mountain and terra-cotta warriors of Qin dynasty, has plenty of tour resource such as Hua Mountain, Western

    Mountain Temple, Bridge Tomb, Yellow River Wetland in Qia river, Party Family Village, Yellow River Dragon Gate, Simaqian Temple, Cangjie Temple etc. The tourisms develop very quickly. The top grade hotels can also satisfy the partial tourists of high cost of living. Furthermore, Weinan is less than 60 kilometers away from Xian. The establishment of the top grade meeting center with elegant environment and self-contained function can also supply the rest and amusement buildings.

    4Every item work has been ready in the prior period of the project. Every item supporting facilities including the water, electricity and roads etc. have completed, are equipped with the operation

    construction conditions.

    In conclusion, by the plenty argumentation and measure, the project has better development foreground, earning on investment and economic feasibility.

    六、Project Regional Environment AnalysisThe

    central commercial district which belongs the

    project has multidimensional convenient traffics

    and more and more perfect commerce, education,

    culture, entertainment and relax supporting

    facilities. At the west of it, about 400 Mu large

    waterscape subzones and high-new welfare town have

    been established roundly, and the starting of 150

    Mu central plaza and circumference house property

    projects construction, which raises continually

    the value of the high-new district and entire

    region. The produce and sale price of the ground

    and house properties also rise continually. The

    construction of the International Meeting Center

    project will boost the function of Weinan high-new

    district cities, in the meanwhile, it is necessary

    to bring generous profits for investors.

    七、Mode of Operation and Favour Policy

    Plan to carry out an opening market operation, by means of the developers invest and manage personally

    Weinan High-new District Management Commissioner Society provides total high quality service, in the meanwhile, the more ways including land requisition ect. are given the policy favour:

     1About80 Mu ground in the Meeting Center are sold according to the norm price of use of land for

    comprehensive utilization. The blend price is 150-200 thousand YuanMu

    2High-new District Management Commissioner Society provides investors 200Mu land used for real estate development with favorable priceaccording to

    the listing ground of now development zone, the price at the lowest is 350 thousand YuanMu?。

    八、Repayment Period of Capital CostAbout six


    九、Contact Method

    Contact DepartmentHigh-new District Service

    Bureau of Inviting Businessmen to Open Companies




    Weinan International Materials Circulation Park Area


    一、Project Name: International Materials Circulation Park Area

    二、Organizer: High-new Management Commissioner


    三、Project Contents:

    The Weinan International Materials Circulation Park is located to the east of the Guanzhong west loop line in the Weinan high-new district, to the west of the zero River, covers about 1000 Mu(1hektare=15Mu), mainly includes International Purchase Center, Materials Circulation Delivery Center. The park areas are established in Shaanxi, face to Shanxi and Henan, radiate the whole northwest region or even the whole country. It will be built into a comprehensive materials circulation park areas with the collection and delivery of goods, transfer, deliver, circulation and process, commodity inspection, materials circulation information service, product

    demonstration, materials circulation consultation and training, electronic commerce assistance etc. 四、Project Feasibility Analysis:

    1Weinan city is located in the east of Guanzhong of Shaanxi, is the eastern entrance door where Shaanxi

    province and the western region enter the southeast coast, is also the important link which takes up East

and West China.The history called three Qin's main

    routes, eight provinces main thoroughfareses. Weinan

    is only 60 kilometers apart from Xian, is one of the

    most important cities of the half hour ecomomic circle in Xian. It has 11 counties(cities, areas) and Weinan high-new district, has a population of 5,480,000, the area is 13,600 square kilometers, is the center of the Qin, Shanxi and Henan Yellow River Golden Triangle Economic Cooperation Region, is also the main route of the eastern and western material. It abuts Shanxi and Henan and radiates northwest. Within 500 kilometers, Many big cities GDP are over 100,000 million including Xian, Luoyang, Zhengzhou and Taiyuan etc. With the fast development of the peripheral cities and city area economy, the requirements of the modern materials circulation are increasing daily. The development of the modern materials circulation industry is very wide 2With the fast development of Weinan High-new Economy

    areas, the more and more large business enterprises enter, they are ungent to the materials circulation need. Such as 520,000 tons ureas of the Wei River Chemical Engineering Group, 200,000 tons methyl

    alcoholses, 200,000 tons dimethyls and 80,000 tons polypropylene raw material and the conveyance of the finished product of the Jiacheng Plastic Industry Company. 50,000 tons biology antibiotics raw materials and offtheshelf transportation, and Qingfeng Electromechanical Company, Beiren Marking Machine, Zhonglian etc. all provided strong support for the construction of the Materials Circulation Park. 3Weinan High-new District is located in the Weinan urban area, gathers together the convenient advantage of the highways and railroads, the transportation is very convenient. The Longhai railroad, Xinan (Xian-Nanking) railroad, Xiyan


    railroad(Xian-Hancheng),Zhengxi passenger

    transportation special line(Zhengzhou-Xian), Lianhuo

    (Lianyungang-Huoerguosi ) superhighway,310 and 108 National Freeways,101 province way go through border. The biggest railroad freight transportation marshalling station in Asia-Xinfeng railroad marshalling station is only 15 kilometers apart from high-new area, and the Weihua railroad appropriation

    line connects it. The Weinan High-new district is only 90 kilometers away from Xian International Aviation

    Harbor, the whole distance superhighway connects with each other, transport by air is very convenient. The development of the materials circulation industry condition is very superior.

    4Weinan High-new District Commission Society will provide the most special land price, reward policies and the adequate and systematic service measures. 五、Investment Estimate:

    The total investment is about 500,000,000-800,000,000 Yuan RMB. Layout the whole project and actualize by stages.

    The first period mainly program and constuct warehouses, parking spaces, container storage areas, bargain centers, roads, greening etc.infrastructures and perfect broad band telecommunication networks, water supply, drainage,electric power, fuel gas, environmental protection, disaster prevention, safety protect etc. network facilities, the total invest is about 150,000,000 Yuan RMB.

    六、Cooperation Method: Joint venture, cooperation,

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