Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to

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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to

    Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to. 一、单项选择题

    ( )1. They like singers _________ write their own songs.

    A. who B. whose C. that D. which

    ( )2. What do you think if the group? ____________.

    A. Yes, I like it B. No, I don’t like it C. I like it a lot D. The people and the music

    ( )3. This is the best TV play _________ we have seen this year.

    A. when B. what C. who D. that

    ( )4.The music is wonderful because we can _________it.

    A. dance B. dancing C. to dance D. dance to

    ( )5. I like the music that I can sing __________.

    A.along and B. along with C. with along D. to 6.________ Yellow River is the second __________ river in China.

    A. The, longest B. The, longer C. /, longer D. A, longer 7.He is expectintg me __________ tomorrow.

    A. to coming B. come C. coming D. to come 8.I thought the _________ were really funny.

    A. fisherman’s wife B.fishermen’s wives C. fishermens’ wives D. fishermans’ wife 9. Her uncle doesn’t like people _________ talk much but do little.

    A. whose B. who C. which D. what

     10. A few women love movies ___________ have scary monsters.

    A. that B. who C. which D. what

    ( )11. Those people who don’t eat meat are ___________.

    A. vegetable B. vegetarian C. vegetarians D. vegetables ( )12. Teenagers should stay away ___________ net bar.

    A. off B. to C. from D. in

    ( )13. We should take more exercise. It’s good ___________ our bodies.

    A. at B. with C. to D. for

    ( )14. You should eat these apples. They ____________ delicious.

    A. look B. taste C. sound D. feel

    ( )15.My brother loves to eat food ___________ is healthy.

    A. who B. what C. that D. where


    1.Some people p_________ listening to musci to watching TV. 2.Could you please help me to use a s__________ to tie the dog? 3.Lei Feng, a great soldier, lives in everyone’s h____________forever. 4.Tom loves the music that’s quiet and g____________.

    5.I d___________ this kind of music, it's too loud.

    6.Some f__________ are catching a big fish in the lake.

    7.If you’re looking for e__________, you’d better go to see comedies. 8.Our art teacher will hold an exhibition at the g___________. 9.The girl is full of e___________. She always feels relaxed. 10.Liu Xiang has been a w___________ running player.

    11.Does she often eat f____________ food, like French fries? 12.To be h___________, I am a little afraid of my teacher.

    13. How well Mary sings! Yes, she has a s____________ voice. 14.The world i____________ is becoming much smaller with the help of the Internet. 15.About 50babies died of bad milk. We were s____________ by the news. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空。

    1.Liu Huan is my favorite _____________ (music).

    2. Do you like __________ (Brazil) dance music? Yesit’s wonderful. Brazilian

    3.My mother likes the singer who __________ (play) the piano well.

    4.I prefer staying at home to ____________ (play) outside.

5.She didn’t try to hide her ___________(like) of that noisy man.

    6.We will consider your ____________ (suggest) later.

    7.In your spare time, what do you like for _____________ (entertain) besides watching TV? 8.Gu Changwei is one of the top ______________ (photograph) in China. 9.His parents are ____________ (energy).

    10.I like fish very much, but my daughter ____________ (like)it.

    11.Would you like _____________ (discuss) this big problem?

    12.This person didn’t mind ___________ (eat) salty food.

    13.Do you know __________ (drink) cola is bad for you?

    14.I prefer ___________ (have) a healthy body, so I often play all kinds of sports. 15.If I were you, I ___________ (eat) fruit and vegetales instead of fish and meat 四、根据汉语提示完成句子。

    1.The young man can _____________________________ (演奏各种不同的音乐). 2.I like music that ________________________________ (我能随之跳舞). 3.Tom likes singers _______________________________ (能自己作词). 4.They prefer ____________________________________ (柔和的音乐). 5.My brother prefers __________________________ (乘公共汽车上学). 6.She prefers the group who ___________ (演唱) popular songs.

    7.The old man __________________________ (使我想起) my grandpa.

    8.I like the groups _______________________________ (穿得确是酷的). 9.这部电影太长而且乏味,但它有几处优点。

    The movie is _______ and _________, but it has _________ ________ ________ features. 10.他相信自己能通过这次考试。 He __________ __________ that he can pass the exam. 11.许多著名的照片在这次展览中展出。

    Many famous photos __________ __________ ___________ in this exhibition. 12.无论做什么事,他总是力求做好。 ___________ __________ ____________, he always tries

    to do it well.


    I see the __________ things everyday and they don't __________ me as __________.


    1.Actually, Mary didn’t have dessert or ice cream.

    _________ __________, Mary didn’t have dessert or ice cream.

    2.Can you help me look after my bird when I’m away?

    Can you help me ___________ _________ ________ my bird when I’m away? 3.My mother has cooked the food.

    The food _________ __________ ___________ by my mother.

    4.He and I agree that French fries is a kind of junk food.

    He and I __________ __________ ____________ that French fries is a kind of junk food. 5.My sister likes swimming better than playing volleyball.

    My sister _________ swimming __________ playing volleyball.


    A: What are you doing, Tony?

    B: I’m (1)____________ to the music.

    A: What (2)__________ of music do you (3)__________?

    B: I like the music (4)____________ is loud. What (5)_________ you? What’s your

    (6)___________ music?

    A: Well, I’m quite (7)__________ from you. I like the music (8)__________ quiet and gentle.

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