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    i) British citizens require a full British passport for entry into the Czech and Railton Road

    Slovak republics (with a minimum of 8 months validity). Visas are not Guildford required (1996). Foreign nationals are advised to contact the Czech Surrey GU2 9JX Embassy/Consulate in either London or 'home' country in order to ascertain current document requirements. 0870 873 0060 ii) Insurance Worth taking out on any overseas tour. Emergency TOURING medical care is provided free to EU nationals in possession of FORM E111 (issued at main Post Offices). Details of cycle and travel insurance DEPARTMENT available through the CTC, obtainable from our insurance department. Copyright ? CTC Cyclists’ Touring Club. This information is supplied for personal use of Write or telephone for application form, etc. members only. Reproduction in any form, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden unless licensing terms have been agreed with the club.

     c) CURRENCY Koruna (K?) or Crowns. K?1 = 100 Hal?? (Heller)

    The Czech currency is readily available once in the Republic and larger The Czech & Slovak Republics towns/banks in borderline areas. Czech Crowns can be purchased in larger

    British banks, Amex and Thomas Cook outlets. Currency supply is

    inconsistent and restricted. Allow at least 72 hours when ordering. Hard a) USEFUL ADDRESSES currency and commission rates will invariably be cheaper in the Republic.

    It may be possible to obtain a higher rate on the 'black market', but you may Czech Tourist Authority

    be palmed off with obsolete, or even foreign (Hungarian) notes. Not worth Suite 29-31 2nd Floor Morley House the hassle or risk for an extra 15p! 320 Regent Street London W1B 3BG K?5,000 (??130) is currently the maximum value of currency you can T: 09063 640641 purchase prior to entering. New Czech Crown notes are issued in F: 020 7631 0419 denominations of K?5,000, 1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 20. New coins: E: K?50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 and 50, 20 and 10 Hellers(s). Bank hours generally 08.00-18.00 hours. Slovak Tourist Board Currency exchange facilities are improving all the time. Larger hotels, P.O.BOX 497, 974 01 Banska Bystrica ?EDOK offices and border crossings have exchange facilities, though one Tel.: +421/88/4142860, 4142862, Fax: +421/88/4146626 CTC member crossing into the Czech Republic found hard currency more readily acceptable than travellers cheques. ?-Sterling, DM-Deutschmarks and $-US Dollars are all readily acceptable. Once into the Czech Republic exchange of popular travellers cheques and currency is not a problem. Most Slovak Cycling Federation moderately sized towns will have several banks offering exchange facilities. Junacka 6, 832 80 Bratislava Thomas Cook have two offices in Prague and offer a variety of financial Tel.: +421 7 44456752-4 services as do Amex in Wenceslas Square. For a free map, & booklet. 'Czech Republic - Basic Information For Tourists'

    a compact & concise guide.Tel:0207 491 9180 (answerphone)

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 1

    In rural areas it is probably best to rely on 'hard currency' (US Dollars and lanes previously occupied by the military only ! The fence is now gone, but German DM) exchange only. ?EDOK offices have been known to refuse occasionally evidence of its past existence are apparent; derelict buildings, travellers cheques at smaller offices and away from tourist traps. concrete anti-tank barriers, rusting barred wire and the like ....fascinating stuff

     if you're into recent European history. Credit cards seem only to be useful in larger hotels and for city centre

    shopping, even four star restaurants have been reported to refuse credit card The ?umava offers rolling hilly country; for more challenging cycling head payment. 'Hole in the wall' machines in cities accept Eurocheque and north to the Krkono?e region where the highest mountains (1,600m) in the Mastercard plastic. Czech Republic are to be found. This region easily accessible by rail from Prague is north easterly, bordering the Polish frontier. Unlike the rugged Slovakia Exchanging Czech Crowns to Slovak Crowns can be a problem, it Tatra mountains further east in Slovakia, the Krkono?e are typically seems this service is reserved for local people only and not the tourist 'smoother' in appearance, believed to have been originally formed as a result invasion. Keep receipts and be polite but firm. Travellers cheques are still of glacial activity. Rounded mountain tops, wide valleys and abundant difficult to exchange (September 1995). Hard currency (DM & US$) or forestation abound in this region. Visa/Mastercard hole in the wall best. Further Reading A useful guide to the Czech Republic 'Mountains in d) CZECH REPUBLIC & Slovakia (regions) Bohemia & Moravia' is available from ?EDOK (see address section) or local

    tourist offices in the Republic. Land locked countries situated in Central Europe the former Czechoslovakia

     had much to offer leisure cyclists, touring cyclists and off road enthusiasts

    Slovakia....essentially an extension of the Czech Republic, but with its own alike. The combined land mass of Czechoslovakia is some 49,000 square

    distinct character. Bordering Austria, Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine; miles, just less than half that of the United Kingdom. So what delights await

    many architectural influences are incorporated. Rural scenes abound the the cyclist is this part of Europe. Well to start, hills.... lots of 'em, mountains

    (big and not so big), forests, spa towns... and cheap beer - what more could roads are in reasonably good condition (except for some sections of pav? in

    we want! towns....also to be found in some Czech Urban centres) and rural timber

     houses decorated with colourful flora and timber carvings are everywhere. The Czech topography is varied, predominantly hilly, lots of forestation, the

    most attractive regions to be found in the West and North East. The South Like the Czech Republic, the countryside is hilly and picturesque, with the Central region is less mountainous, hence the landscape is predominantly main mountains to be found in the central and mid north of the country ie: the

    agricultural.... also known as a quality wine region. High Tatra (highest peak, 2663m). To the south is Brastislava the country's

     capital (pop 450,000) situated close to the Austrian border, hence a good The Republic boasts some 34 national parks, details of which you can get starting point to cycle the Danube cycle way (see separate touring dept. from the tourist information authority. Spa towns abound, approximately 50 Information sheet 'Following the Danube') in total, so if a break in your cycling itinerary is required head for 'the waters'

    (in Czech.. Lazn? ) Of the national parks, the ?umava Kru?n? Hory, National parks, spa towns, castles and 'protected landscapes' are to be found Jisersk? & Lu?ick? Hory, Krkono?e, Orlick? Hory, Jesen?ky and finally throughout Slovakia, with five of the national parks in or near the Tatra Beskydy are the principal regions worth exploring. All areas boast a variety region....needless to say the most challenging thus spectacular cycling vista's of attractions, quiet roads, spas, water sports, castles, off road tracks etc.. are in this locality. Go for it!

     (see maps & tracks section) The ?umava park (South West from Prague) is

    ideal for exploration on a mountain bike or 'on road' along the predominantly e) CLIMATE well surfaced country roads. The way marked 'mountain tracks' double as Winters moderate and summers warm, and average temperatures during the cross country skiing trails in the cold winter months. In mid summer the warm months hover around 15-20?C. Winter temperatures drop significantly temperatures are far from cold. Much of the ?umava National Park to -15?C, though on average -5?C is the norm. Ironically, the warmer bordering Germany has in the past been 'Iron Curtain' country. summer months (May-September) see the greater proportion of annual Subsequently you'll come across swathes of land and numerous untouched rainfall (so pack your waterproofs). These rather unusual weather patterns

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 2

    are in the main due to the Czech Republic's geographic position, centrally open up quite early, 7.00 a.m., and remain open until 6.30 p.m. Times vary located and land-locked. Warm, wet fronts approach from the west (Atlantic in larger towns. European) while more severe cold easterly winds sweep in from Russia. Quite a cocktail really. Tea is usually served without milk and is generally herbal. Coffee is strong and black (similar to Turkish), and quite often with half a ton of 'silt' in the

    bottom of the cup. Not very tasty - the silt that is, not the coffee! f) LANGUAGE

     Czech is, as you would expect, the official tongue in this country. Some

    Drink What the Czechs lack in food they make up for in drink. Plzen Russian is understood and German is also fairly prevalent, especially among

    (north of Bohemia) is home to the famous (and much copied) 'Pilsen Urquell' the older generation. The English language is increasingly understood by the

    beer: the real 'amber nectar'. Likewise the Americanism 'Budweiser' younger generation. Try to speak the local language when shopping and

    originates from the Czech town of '?esk?' Bud?jovice and as usual the ordering meals in restaurants, not only does such an exchange break down

    original is best. 'Bechorovka' (Herb Brandy) spirit, a Czech speciality, is barriers, but the local people warm to you and appreciate your efforts.

    worth trying (in small quantities!); it’s the so-called 'sixth mineral water'. Czech-English phrase books are difficult to obtain in Britain, and dictionaries

    Water Usually drinkable from the tap, though chlorinated, the taste is impossible to find! An English-Czech dictionary (Anglicko-?esk? ??st) will

    debatable. Bottled water is widely available. set you back all of ?1.50 in a Czech book shop. This book also contains

     similar Slovakian phrases. Another worthwhile investment is the Lonely

    Planet 'Eastern Europe' phrase book, a life-saver if travelling in the Czech h) ACCOMMODATION

    Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. This pocket i) Hotels Generally very reasonably priced and clean. City centre hotels size guide, though not too comprehensive is very handy and costs increasingly display the star rating system, and as more people travel to approximately ?4.00. The phrase book and maps are available from Czech Republic prices invariably go up. Rural hotels are not always obvious Stanfords Ltd., London (see maps and guides section). The Slovak and quite often have a restaurant/bar at ground level. Such hotels offer language is very similar to Czech and again German and English are spoken modest and generally clean accommodation at a few pounds a night. In the by sects of the population. more popular 'touristy' regions, some hotel proprietors will charge extra for non-Czech citizens, nonetheless prices are still very reasonable. Naturally if

    you are visiting 'out of season', or there are other hotels in the vicinity, this g) FOOD (and drink) excess charge is open to barter! Now we are talking, or not as the case may be! Do not rush to this part of the world for tantalising tongue tinglers, as the food can be a bit bland. Finding reasonably priced city centre accommodation in the Republic can Many a restaurant will serve a meal of soup, goulash and ice cream, possibly also be problematical. Prague for instance is infamous for its lack of budget a few beers thrown in, and it will only cost you about ?1.50. Menus are hotel rooms. Book in advance if you are planning a few days in the cities. horrendously difficult to decipher, best to go for the 'special dish of the day' or a recognisable goulash. Vegetarians may have a challenging time, though ii) Youth Hostels There are presently some 38 hostels dotted about the fish, eggs and cheese abound. Try a local omelette or deep fried cheese Czech Republic listed in the IYHF handbook (and 10 hostels in Slovakia). fritters - yummy, but more of a snack than a main course! 'Vegetarianism is The IYHF handbook can be purchased in larger bookstores, at Youth Hostels a concept the Czechs/Slovaks have difficulty in comprehending. Meat in the UK or via YHA shops or their head office. Should you wish to find out dominates', quotes one CTC member. And dumplings and pork seem more about Czech hostels once you are there, then contact: KMC (Club for popular. A national Slovak speciality, 'Brynzove Halusk?, (potato, pasta, Young Travellers), Karoliny Svetlé 30, 11000 Prague 1. Tel:00 42 2 235 eggs, cheese and bacon), is worth a try. Sounds quite scrummy really!! 63388 or 242 30633. Fax:00 42 2 235 6388 or 85 50013. NB Many of the hostels are open seasonally, and to persons aged 25 and under.... Basic foodstuffs are more readily available in the shops nowadays, especially in larger towns. Village shops (of which there are usually a couple) will sell

    The Czech Tourist Club (Klub ?eských Turist? - KCT - address on page 1) is basic 'bonk' rations; bread, veggies, cheese and pickled things! Fruit and

    another organisation with a network of hostels and rural lodges in the vegetables can be more difficult to track down except in season. Imported

    Republic primarily situated in the northern national park regions. (currently 16 foods (meats etc. From Germany) are significantly more expensive. Shops

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 3

locations and expanding). Contact their office in Prague for further details or Specialist Czech Travel Agent: Super Direct Ltd., 178 Finchley Road, the ?EDOK office in London for a listing of KCT hostels. Hampstead, London, NW3 6BP. Tel: 0207 431 0203. Fax: 0207 431 2728. This company runs a service every Saturday and Tuesday. Cost iii) Camping A map and list of 'official' campsites is available free from approx. ?100 return plus ?10 for your bike - bookable. Discounts for

    ?EDOK. Czech road maps indicate the location of sites, not necessarily the students: phone for details. 'state' camp sites. Many of the 'official state' camp sites have a bar/shop on site where light meals and basic foodstuffs are generally available. If C?AD (London), 103 Wetheral Drive, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 2HH. Tel: cooking yourself, 'camping gaz' and 'Epigaz' is reported to be scarce. Multi-0208 907 0962. Offers services to Prague, running Monday, Thursday and fuel stoves are generally easier to service and refuel in Eastern Europe. Saturday. Again cost about ?100 and cycles conveyed space pending - an Cost of camping on an 'official' site is about K?125 per person with separate extra ?5 to the driver! charges made for the tent, bikes, etc. 'Trangia' fuel (methylated spirit) is generally available though not necessarily purple in colour. Ask for metyl Kingscourt Express, 15 Balham High Road, London, SW12 9AJ. Tel: 0208 alkohol at any shop displaying a sign thus....'Drogerie'. 673 7500 or mobile: 0831 622822. Kingscourt Express run a daily (except

    Sunday) service London to Prague (Praha). No smoking on the coach and

    Private sector sites are appearing nowadays, often to be found on the unlimited FREE soft drinks! periphery of the larger 'official' sites. Prices on private sites should be a few Under 26 years ?85.00 Return

     Over 26 years ?95.00 Return K?s cheaper

     Bike charge ?7.00 Bike should be compact.

    Phone for details and to book bike space. iv) B & B Enquire at local information offices (or the village shop! ) for a list

     of B & B's. Ask for a ('Uleytovani') The Dutch 'Fietsbus' (Bike Bus) also runs a service to the Czech Republic, and cycles, as with the 'European Bike Express' are carried on a special trailer. Refer to the 'Fietsbus Fact Sheet' from the Touring Department of i) TRAVEL (to, from, through and in) CTC. i) Air Probably the easiest way to get self and bike to/from the Republic. Regular scheduled flights operate year-round. Easyjet fly to Prague. Some iii) Train See section 'K' for information on internal rail travel. Long charter flights will also operate during the summer months. For details distance pan European rail travel with a bike can be a trying experience. regarding carrying your bike on a plane, refer to CTC fact sheet 'Travelling There are some long distance Eurocity (EC) and Intercity (IC) trains passing with a Cycle'. For further details about air travel to and from the Czech through the Czech Republic but they do not necessarily convey cycles on the Republic, telephone the 'Air Travel Advisory Bureau' on 0207 636 5000. same train. Principal routes are: British Airways and Czech Airlines (CSA) are the main scheduled carriers. Service Route

     Karlstejn: Dortmund - Cologne - Frankfurt - Normberg - Prague - Getting out of Prague (Ruzyne) airport: Return The airport is 15km west of the city. The access road is to the NE of the

    terminal. Follow signs for Predni Kopanina, a village about 2km away and Comenius: Berlin - Prague Shuttle you'll avoid the dual-carriageway and be on country lanes in ten minutes. If Vindobona: Berlin - Prague - Brno - Vienna you do end up on the main road, don't despair: although it looks like a

    motorway, Czech cyclists use it, and in the west-bound direction (going away Hungaria: Hamburg - Berlin - Prague - Bratislava - Budapest from Prague) there's an exit after 2km. Porta Bohemica: Altona - Hamburg - Berlin - Prague ii) Bus From London or the Netherlands. Various companies operate Cost of rail travel can be restrictive, unless of course you have a special services to and from the Czech & Slovak Republics (principal destinations interest in railways. Contact ?EDOK for further rail information or Czech are Prague, Brno and Bralislava).

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 4

Railways (?eské Dráhy) in Prague for specialist (nostalgia) train details:

    Ceské Dráhy, Náb?. L. Svobody 12, 11015 Praha (Prague) 1.


    Generally, the road conditions are very good. Exceptions to this rule are city

    centres where tram lines make road repair a difficult task, hence lack of

    maintenance leading to gaping holes for cyclists to fall into.

Traffic is also very light on the secondary roads, and drivers are generally

    very considerate towards cyclists, though some cars displaying 'alien plates'

    have been reported to be less amenable. Alien in more ways than one!

    Most traffic is either local, or agricultural, and heavy trucks not to be seen

    except on main 'E' roads (most freight goes by rail, this is also the case in


     Off Road....Trails and Tracks Tracks, trails and the like abound throughout the Czech Republic. Small j) MAPS AND BOOKS colour 'band' signs appear all over the place, indicating the course of a trail i) Maps Plenty of good maps at various scales are in print. Obtaining and colour coded status. As a rule red and green routes are cyclable on such maps in Britain can be a time consuming business, though Stanfords both mountain bikes and road bikes. Blue and yellow signs indicate trails Ltd. (London) and The Map Shop hold stocks of the more popular scales, ie more suited to hiking. The signs appear pinned/painted on trees, walls or 1:50,000 and 1:300,000. wherever they are going to be seen, and can sometimes be confusing, pointing in all directions! Condition of some trails will be inconsistent, as per For a good general overview of the country the Euro-Map (Geocenter bridleways in the UK. International) maps will suffice. At a scale of 1:300,000 (3.35cm = 10km) a

    basic outline of your tour may be drawn up, but for 'day to day' cycling a Look for the signs:

    larger scale would be better. The Euro-Map, sheets 1 and 2, cover all of the

    previous Czechoslovakia. Sheet 1 covers about 90% of the Czech Republic

    omitting the eastern corner (ie the area east of Olomouc). Sheet 2

    incorporates the other 10% of the Czech Republic, plus all of Slovakia

    including the High Tatras and border Polish countryside. Limited relief

    shading is indicated, plus most of the metalled roads.

    Soubor Turistických Map produced by Kartographie Praha, at a scale of

    1:100,000 is probably the ideal map (scale) for cycling. The maps are not

    too mind-blowing to look at, but all relevant information is included: contours

    (20m increments), green woodland shading, coloured trails (see Tracks,

    section J), all roads, settlements and buildings plus limited tourist information,

    not bad at 90p a sheet! If you purchase these maps from a UK outlet, they

    will cost about ?4.00 a sheet!

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 5

Klubu eských Turist (Czech Tourist Club) maps produced by VKU

    (Kartograficky Ltd) at a scale 1:50,000 are very detailed and plot all relevant

    information. Probably too detailed for a long, moving-on, tour, but for off-

    road riding, and circular day rides, they would be ideal.

i) Cycling maps. ('S MAPU NA KOL?) This is a relatively new series of

    maps, scale 1:100,000 & covers selected popular areas only. Both long

    'moving on' & short circular routes are highlighlighted plus limited relief

    shading. Useful information like cycle shops, hire outlets and repair centres

    also feature on the map. These specialist maps plus many other guide

    books can be found in the 'MELANTRICH' Bookshop at the bottom end of

    Wenceslas Square in Prague.

For availability and ordering of these and other maps contact either of the two

    outlets below for details, prices, etc. Obviously cost of the 1:100,000 and

    1:50,000 scale maps will be considerably cheaper once you arrive in the

    Czech Republic and they are quite easy to obtain in book and map shops in

    main centres:

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 6

The Map Shop (A.T. Atkinson & Partner) Stanfords (Maps, Charts, Books) a. Registered luggage (Spoluzavazadlo) 15 High Street 12-14 Long Acre b. Hand Luggage Upton upon Severn London, WC2E 9LP c. Express Parcel (Spe??ina) Worcestershire, WR8 OHJ Nearest Underground: Covent Garden As mentioned, the majority of trains have a luggage wagon, subsequently Tel:01684 593146 Tel: (Shop) 0207 836 1915 cycles go on the same train as yourself in most cases. Fax:01684 594559 (Mail Order) 0207 836 1321 Fax:0207 836 0189 When travelling with your bike by train allow plenty of time at the station to purchase tickets, register etc. Ivan advises you to register at least 30 minutes prior to planned departure at main city stations and about 20 minutes Both offer a comprehensive mail order service. at other large towns. CTC members (1998) note that on the newer sliding- door trains cycles are stored in the vestibule area between carriages a cycle ii) Books Not too many (if any) titles in print yet, the 'Rough Guide to symbol on the door marks the correct location. There is a large step up from Czech and Slovak Republics' has been quoted as 'invaluable'. the platform to the carriage and the doors can be narrow. A member has reported that the following book of cycle routes and maps in a) Registered Luggage the Czech Republic is excellent. Called the Czech Republic Cycling Atlas, it is available from both shops above, price ?28.95 (!) but the member has said Procedure it is available for less. To obtain the book for under a tenner (449 Czech - First purchase passenger ticket for your journey. Korunas) you will need to go to Prague what a great excuse! You want the - Then take self, bike and passenger ticket to the Registered Luggage Kanzelsberger bookshop, on several levels at the bottom of Vaclavske (baggage) Office (in smaller stations to the Booking Office). At the Namesti (Wencelas Square), ie the north end - the opposite end to the Registered Luggage Office hand over your passenger ticket to the official, museum. point at ticket, point at bike, point at self (simultaneously if possible!) nod and smile alot and Mr. Czech Rail may get the message! If all goes to plan, a And if while you are there you want to sample the cycle routes of Prague, a label will be attached to your bike, and you will receive back your original free map (Praha pro Cyklisty) is available from the Cedok office (somewhere ticket plus one for the bike (for later retrieval). Cost of registration is 30% or near Wencelas Square). Further information from or less the cost of passenger fare (see following example chart). Your bike now goes one way, you the other. At your destination you may retrieve your bike from the train (show your ticket) or from the luggage office. Cycles not

    collected from the luggage office accrue charges of Kc4 a day, up to 30 days. k) Public Transport

     i) Trams and Buses Regular local services and cheap. Once on a bus

    b) Hand Luggage Some trains (though not many) do not have a luggage or tram you should validate your ticket, ie chop a bit off! Machines are

    wagon and are indicated thus in the rail timetable: situated throughout the vehicles. On the spot fines for not doing so will cost

    you Kc500. Tram and bus tickets available at tobacco kiosks or where you

    see the sign 'Predprodej Jizdenek'.

ii) Trains The Republic is blessed with an extensive rail network, most of

    which is accessible to cyclists. Ivan Vancata (pronounced Vanchata), CTC

    contact in Plzen, informs that: 'The majority of trains in the Republic have a

    goods wagon, hence, conveyance of cycles is not a great problem'. The

    Slovak rail system (ZSR) has a similar comprehensive network of lines.

There are three ways by which cycles can be conveyed by rail. They are:

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 7

    Up to 200km K?54 K?81 K?8 K?28

    Up to 500km K?118 K?177 K?14 K?56

    Up to 1000km K?174 K?261 K?22 K?86

    Supplement for 'Fast' Trains K?16 K?24 'Fast' services

    indicated in timetable

    Supplement for IC Trains K?20 K?20 'IC' in timetable

    Supplement for EC Trains K?30 K?30 'EC' in timetable

    Some useful words and phrases when using Czech trains:-

    Baggage Registration Office: P?íjem A Výdej Zavazadel Baggage Check Room: ?schovna Zavazadel This will be the case most often on IC (Intercity) or EC (Eurocity) trains. Ticket: Jízenka Ivan suggests: 'you can try to take bikes on such trains and it's the best way Information Office: Informa?n? Kancelá? to convey the bike when crossing borders to Slovakia - this is my experience!' Station: N?dra?í Less complicated customs formalities than via 'Registered Luggage'. Train: Vlak Registered Luggage: Spoluzavadlo In order to take the bike on the IC and EC trains, package it as if for air travel, Express Parcel: Spe??ina ie as compact as possible and contained in a heavy plastic sack. Once you Luggage/Baggage: Zavazadlo board the train, stow your bike in the space allowed for suitcases etc. Ivan is 6'3" tall and has a large bike, so I guess this method is possible! l) CYCLE SHOPS (Spares and Repairs) Larger towns will nowadays have at least one good shop selling a good c) Express Parcel (Spe??ina) ie sending your bike in advance of spread of Japanese componentry. As with most parts of the cycling world, personal travel. Bikes take between 1 and 3 days to reach the destination, mountain bikes are to be seen all over the place about the Czech Republic. and when registered as 'Express Parcel' no passenger ticket will be Racing cycles are also big business, so obtaining many specialist spares is requested. not so problematical and will improve further, no doubt, in the future. Rural areas and small towns will not be so well catered for, so if you are going to Travelling by train via large cities, especially Prague, can be problematical. break down, do it in town! Our man suggests you register your bike from original departure point to Prague, where you can collect your bike. Then re-register the bike (perhaps

    at another mainline station) onward to the final destination. This procedure

    will ensure your bike arrives on time and not get delayed in the city melé!

    Bikes can be left at the Luggage Offices, and will cost between Kc4-15 a day.

PRICE LIST EXAMPLES (as of late 1994.)


    TRIP DISTANCE 2nd Class 1st Class Registered Express

Up to 50km K?12 K?18 K?4 K?14

    Up to 100km K?28 K?42 K?6 K?18

    CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 8

CZECH TRANSLATIONS Cog-sprocketwheel ?en-rado (jednoduchy)

Bottom bracket (spindle) St?edová spojka (osa) BIKE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - ENGLISH-CZECH Chainwheel (double-triple) Pre Vodnik (dvoj-troj) Chainring (round-biopace) ?enronda garnturo (ronda-biopace) Bicycle (Cycle) Biciklo (Jízdn? kolo) Crank Kranko Mountain bike Montara biciklo Touring bike Turistické kolo Handlebar Stiriloj Dropped handlebar Arko stpriloj Good morning/day Dobry den Shim Pokrývka operky hrazdicky Thank you Dekuji Head set Kapa kompleto Please Pros?m Stem post Antauframo Stem clamp Svorka predstavce Frame Bicikla framo Frame builder Stavitel (konstruktér) r?m? Pedal Pedalo Front fork Forko bran?oj Clipless pedal Bezklipsnové slapátko Chain stay Subo postforko Pedal spindle Osa ?lap?tka Down tube Malsupra fram-tubo Toe clips Pied tenilo Lug Ligilo Straps Rimeneto Head tube Fork sanftingo Top Tube Suprafram-tubo Saddle Selo Seat stays Supra postforko Saddle (seat) stem Sel tubo Brazed frame Natvrdo pájený rám bonded frame Tmelený rám Wheel Rado Fork ends Koncovka vidlice Front wheel (& rear) Antaua rado (posta) Aluminium Hlinikov? slitina Rim Rad rondo Titanium Titanov? Slitina Hub Nabo Spoke (length) Spoko (loukot?) Brakes Bremso Nipple Niple Brake lever Bremso manilo (aero) Tyre Pneûa bendo Brake block/shoe Brzdový ?palík Tyre levers Pneûa bendo drato Brake caliper Makzela bremso Inner tube Pneûa tubo Brake cable Bovden Valve Valvo Cantilever brake Krosové brzdy 36 spoke wheel Rado kun 36 spokoj Wire Lanko Wall of tyre Plá?t galusky Gears Clothing Sporta vesto Derailleur mechanism Trans?etilo Cap Câpeto Front mechanism Antaua trans?etilo Glove Biciklaj gantoj Rear mechanism Posta trans?etilo Helmet Helmo Gear lever Leviloj de trans?etilo Raincoat Kitelo Chain ?eno Shoes Biciklaj sûoj Cassette sprocket (set) Sestava Kasetových pastorku (multi) Freewheel Liberkura radetaro Accessories P?íslu?en

CZ1.doc ~ Czech & Slovak Republics ~ Last amended November 2004 ~ Page 9

    Water bottle Voda láhev Promoting ecotourism and offering various outdoor activities and products. Puncture kit Soubor náhradnich dilu Pump Aero pumpo Tools (bicycle) Nástroj (kolo) n) PUBLIC HOLIDAYS Specialist tools Odborník nastroj Shops and banks are likely to be closed over the usual Christmas, Easter and New Year periods. Below are a few other dates worth noting: m) ORGANISED CYCLING HOLIDAYS May 1st May Day Several commercial tour companies are now offering a variety of holiday May 8th Liberation Day itineraries throughout the Czech Republic. Below are listed three such July 5th St. Cyril & St. Methodius Day companies known to us at present: July 6th Anniversary of Martyrdom of John Hus

     October 28th Independence Day. MIKE Czech Cycle Tours Ostruhová 62 p) EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS 276 01 Melník First Aid 155 Czech Republic Police 158 email: Fire 150 Tel. 00420315625584 Traffic/road accidents 154

    Offers various tour itineraries of 9-12 days duration not only in the Czech Republic. Plus short breaks and Alpine Tours. Please note: DETOURS ... Cycling tours off the beaten path. Updates 4120 St. Catherine W., Suite 350 Montreal We do our best to maintain our information sheets and keep them as up to Quebec date as possible. However, to check every phone number is very time Canada, H3Z 1P4 consuming and resources do not allow us the time to do as much as we would Tel:00 1 514 934 4992 like to do. Very often, updating involves some rapid internet surfing and not Fax:00 1 514 934 0952 much else. We apologise therefore for any inaccuracies you might find. We E-Mail: ARGOS@INTERLINK.NET would very much appreciate it if you would let us know of any that you or at their European address (English spoken): discover, either by letter, phone or email. Katherine Hope Osvobozeni 394/11 It would be reasonable now to make two information sheets from this single 165 00 Prague 6 one, one for each country and we shall endeavour to do this at some point in Suchdol the future. Czech Republic Tel/Fax:00 42 2 393231 In the meantime, please let us have any information you might obtain on Tours through the 'Chateaux' and vinyards of Moravia. either country. EKOTOUR Box 292 11121 Prague 1 Czech Republic Fax:00 42 2 870509

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