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Vincent Lemma ...


     strada Rubattera 53/a 10090 Vincent Castiglione, Italy LEMMA Tel/ fax +39 011 9818266

     Cel: +39 334 8042746

    Personal Information ? Born : July 26, 1976 Brooklyn N.Y.

    ? Address : strada Rubattera 53? Castiglione, Italy

    ? Nationality : American (USA), Italian

    Career ? Translator with vast technical background

    ? Applied knowledge of business and economics

    ? Bilingual interpreter in English and Italian (simultaneous and conference)

    ? Localization and editing

    ? Certified English teacher

    Languages Mother tongue English and Italian

    Translation and interpretation

    ? Eng > Ita

    ? Ita > Eng

    Translations (by fields) Electrical engineering and power generation,

    transformers, turbines, turbo-generators, cogeneration plants, hydroelectric systems, renewable energy, tri-phase electrical systems, lighting, electrical theory (Politecnico di

    Torino, Studio ELLE, Impro Engineering, Maire-Tecnimont), Rankine Turbogenerator

    (Turboden Srl.).

Mechanical engineering

    construction tools and machinery, boring machines, cranes, dozers, excavators, lifters (Politecnico di Torino, Maire-Tecnimont), magnetic lifter (SGM Srl) industrial automation (SOART)

Environmental engineering

    greenhouse gas emission, carbon trading, water footprints, LCA analyses, bitumen,

    landfills, land reclamation (LCE, SOTRAL S.p.A, Politecnico di Torino, Regione Puglia)

Civil Engineering

    Tower construction in Turin, Reclamation of Public Areas for Universal EXPO of Milan,

    Public Hospital Tenders and projects in Rapallo( Italy), articles on modern architecture (Studio InPRO), risk analysis and contingencies, safety plans, supplier materials

    catalogues and bill of orders (Maire-Tecnimont)

    Electronic control panels, digital displays (Studio ELLE, Caledonian)

Cell phone instruction manuals (Nokia, LG)

    Plasma and materials- polymers, semiconductors, (ACTECO, Politecnico di Torino)

    Computer software: (Turbo-generator control Turboden), (Tracking and logistics SEKAM), (Legal - DCS, IC Software)

Oil processing, petrol distribution - (Tamoil Italia)

    Weapons Sniper Rifle Manual and Ballistic chart (Fabbrica d’Armi Beretta)


    HACCP and relevant certification, chain distribution, public catering, wholesale, retail

    (Sotral S.p.A, SOART, RINA)



    Hernia mesh (DiPRO), dental implants, low vision aids, operation manuals of EEG and

    EKG machinery, cardiology tests and diagnoses, Freidreich’s Ataxia and clinical trials

    for Idebenone (GOFAR NGO), CAT scan equipment.


    Banca Intesa-San Paolo Internal procedures, ECOSOC “Crucial economy indicators in

    Third World Countries”, DESA Sustainable Economy in Developing Nations”, Italian

    consulate “Commercio all’estero”

Patents and Contracts

    Patents (SISKEL Italia), Leasing Contracts (KIKO Milano), Copyright and Licenses


    Balance sheets, cost control, fiscal statements and shareholder reports (Lagu S.p.A, SOART, Tecnimont)

Real Estate

    Leasing and sales contracts (Proffessione Casa)

Human Resources

    Staffing, company ethics and procedures (Banca Intesa-San Paolo, SOART, SOTRAL, Tecnimont)


    2006 Torino Olympic Games, Castle of Venaria, Sestriere (Piedmont Region in Italy)

Human Rights

    UN recommendations and statements, emarginated world cultures (Ecospirituality

    Foundation NGO in consultative status with the UN)

Archeology and ancient history

    Megaliths, Celts, Indigenous culture books and websites (Commissione Jules La

    Forge, Triskel Editor).




    Web sites, cook books, magazine articles, student theses, CVs, articles, interviews, general

    Career Experiences Ecospirituality Foundation ONLUS piazza Statuto 15 - Torino in consultative status with the United Nations 2004-present

Human rights advocate association

    ? Official interpreter for all foreign missions

    ? Writer (statements and recommendations for UN forums)

    ? Mission coordinator (NY, Geneva, Australia)

    ? Translation (UN related documents, websites, books on human rights,


    ? English teacher

    SOART Group corso Vittorio Emmanuele II 199 - Torino


    ? Translation (HR, business mergers, business management, finance, logistics)

    ? Official Interpreter for Foreign Clients

    ? Company English teacher (business)


    Politecnico di Torino Electrical Engineering Department 2007-2008

    ? Translation (Power generation, steel cables, electrical theorems)

    ? Department of Electrical Engineering Foreign Course Assistant

    ? English teacher

    Studio LCE Via Livorno 60 Torino Environment Park


    ? Translation (environmental engineering, bio-plastics and ceramics,

    LCA projects, carbon emission and power generation)

    ? Company English teacher (technical and business

    ? Linguistic consultant and author (Analisi del Ciclo di Vita LCA, chap 1)

    SOTRAL S.p.A corso Monte Cucco 64 Torino


    ? Translation (HACCP codes and standards, food distribution and nutrition)

    ? Linguistic consultant and English teacher for Study Journeys abroad

    DCS Software S.p.A via Boucheron 3 - Torino


    ? Translation (SQL based applications, legal firm software, PHP and JAVA based

    applications manuals, company standards)

    ? Linguistic consultant for DCS Huminiski, Ukraine

    ? Company English teacher (general and computer technologies)

    Wall Street English Institute corso Re Umberto 44

     corso Umbria 24 Torino


    ? English teacher focused on technical and business related fields

    Studies and Credentials ? Language B.a. at the Universita’ degli Studi di Torino

    ? Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Istituto Tecnico I.T.I.S)

    ? Certified Electrician

    ? USA High School Diploma (Xaverian H.S. of NY.)

    ? TOEFL Certification

    ? 2-year course at the Politecnico di Torino Electrical Engineering

    ? Member of ProZ

    Computer Skills Operating systems (Windows 98/xp/Vista/Mac)

    Translation (SDL Trados, OpenOffice, Dragon 10, MacSpeech, Skype) Programming (HTML, Visual C++)

    Software bundles (Microsoft Office 2003/ 2007/2008/Mac Office 2004/Mac Office

    2008 :Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access)

    Navigation Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

    Personal traits ? Excellent intrapersonal skills

    ? Analytical

    ? Good team coordinator

    ? Efficient problem solver

    Interests Nature, indigenous cultures, language, quantum mechanics and math, technology,

    parapsychology and ESP, Celtic music

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