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    Revised 01-15-08


    New Hire CHECKLIST


    SPA (Staff) Employees, Temporary Employees and Student Employees

    This form is to be completed by the HR facilitator and retained in the employee’s personnel file. Guidelines for completing are on page 2..

Employee’s Name and Title: _____________________________________________________________________________



     Street/PO Box City State Zip Home Phone


PID Number: _________________________________________

Emergency Contact


     Name Contact Number(s)

Position Number: __________________________ Date of Employment: __________________________________

Department: ______________________________ Division: ____________________________________________

Criminal Background Check: I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification and Supporting Documents:

    [applies to SPA (Staff) & Temps] [applies to SPA (Staff), Temps, Students]

     Check each as appropriate.

     = Task Completed N/A = Not Applicable

    Accounting Services Human Resources ? ? CABS AP2 (Faculty) ? FRS ? AP2S Fellows & Post Docs ? IN-Depth ? Campus Directory (update)

     ? Confidentiality Statement

    ? Dept Phone List (update) Security

    ? Direct Deposit Forms ? ID Badge and/or Bldg. Access Card

    ? Insurance Forms (Post Docs) ? Copier Card/Code

    ? Leave (set-up) ? Diners Club Card

    ? Mailbox ? Purchasing Card

    ? Orientation-complete within 30 days of hire date ? UNC One Card

    (Department, University, UNC P&A) ? Keys

    ? Parking Permit

    ? PID Number Computer Access

    ? Policies (Department, University, HCS) ? E-Mail (SOM, HCS, Onyen) ? Supplies ? Listserv ? Tax Forms (W-4 and NC-4) ? System (Department, University, HCS) ? Temporary Acceptance Form

    ? Timesheet Training ? Travel Agreement ? HIPAA Training ? Health & Safety Training Supervisor Training (UNC-HCS) ? Research Training (see guidelines on reverse side) ? Kronos Training

    ? Prep Training

    ? STAR Training

    ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Employee’s Signature Date C:\convert\temp\61694862.doc

Revised 12-01-03

_______________________________________________ _____________________________________ Supervisor’s Signature Date


    Revised 12-01-03

    UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

    Guidelines for Operating Unit HR Facilitator When Orienting SPA Employees

Advise employee that due to the volume of new information covered the first few days of employment, the supervisor will

    make an appointment within three months for a follow-up session regarding this checklist. At that time, the new

    employee will be responsible for having completed and for reviewing the checklist with the supervisor.

Give directions to Planning (425 MacNider) for departmental photo or SOM identification badge. UNC-Hospitals

    identification badge for UNC HCS employees should be obtained from UNC Hospitals Public Safety Department. UNC

    One card can be obtained at Student Stores. Give directions to Health Sciences Library, how to use the copy card and

    where to obtain the card. Give directions to Health Affairs Bookstore with explanation of charges and receipt returns.

Parking permits are issued by the department if there are permits available. If the department does not have any, the

    employee may be issued one from the Transportation and Parking Department if permits are available. It can be paid for

    through payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card.

The UNC HCS confidentiality statement serves as a reminder to employees to respect and preserve the privacy and

    confidentiality of patient and personnel information. Present a copy of the confidentiality statement and its attachments, obtain the employee’s signature.

Pay day is every 2 weeks. Timesheets must be turned in by Friday at 3:00pm unless there is an overtime issue at hand,

    then it must be turned in by Monday at 9:30am. Otherwise, the employee may not be paid correctly. Special instructions

    will be given during holiday periods. Give instructions for completing timesheets. Present a copy of payday schedule

    and timesheet (either the non-exempt or exempt type).

Lunch and break periods are for every employee. Lunch can be for at least 30 minutes but not more than 1 hour. There

    are two 15-minute break periods per day--one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Breaks are not to be used for

    leaving early, coming in late, or lengthening lunch periods.

Employees earn vacation and sick leave each month based on total state service. Vacation leave is earned as follows:

    0-2 years, the employee earns 7:50 per month; 2-5 years, 9:10 per month; 5-10 years, 11:10 per month; 10-15 years,

    13:10 per month; 15-20 years, 15:10 per month; 20+ years, 17:10 per month. Sick leave earned is 8 hours per month.

    There are no deficit situations allowed for either category. Only 240 hours of vacation leave can be carried over from

    year to year. Anything over 240 hours is converted to sick leave. Sick leave can accrue indefinitely.

Supervisor or: (1) explain the departmental procedure for staff vacation and sick leave requests and travel


    HR Facilitator will (2) discuss job description.

    (2) discuss official work plan (must be completed and signed within 30 days of entry date.)

    (3) discuss performance evaluation procedure and advise new employee of 90 day probationary

    period (transfers not included), which can be extended according to HR policy. First evaluation

    to be completed at the end of four months

UNC Hospitals and UNC provide guidelines for employee safety. Provide the applicable copy of the safety information

    provided by UNC Hospitals and UNC. Instruct employee to complete the information on the JCAHO/OSHA

    Requirements form (front and back), fold, and put in the Campus Mail. Further instruct employee to review the General

    Safety Information, go to UNC’s Health and Safety web site at look under Self Study Safety

    Training Units and take the Tuberculosis test and, if applicable (determined by how he/she answered questions on the

    JCAHO/OSHA Requirements form), the Bloodborne Pathogens test. Present a copy of Fire Drill Procedures.

An Employee Occupational Health Clinic is located on the first floor of the ACC. All employees who work in a clinical

    setting must contact Employee Occupational Health at the ACC (6-9119) and schedule an appointment to get a TB test

    and an immunization review. Request a copy of the TB Screening form from Employee Health. Present a copy of the

    pamphlet from the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic.

Research Training: Inform the employee of training prerequisites for research involving human subjects, animals

    radiation or laboratory work. Direct them to the University’s research web site

    or have them contact the Office of Human Research Ethics (IRB) (966-1344), the Institutional Animal Care and Use

    Committee (843-9258), the Office of Environment, Health and Safety (962-5507) or the university’s Research

    Compliance Officer (962-0338) or for further information.

Direct employee to departmental web site and departmental directory.

If employee is engaged in clinical operations, direct him/her to Hospital Disaster Plan.


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