Valida on mitme erineva hinnaklassi vahel

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Valida on mitme erineva hinnaklassi vahel ...

The client can choose between several price levels.

The joint stock company Kuressaare Sanatoorium meets the new season with a

    new brand Saaremaa SPA Hotels.

    We asked Aare Pihelgas, the Chairman of the Board of Kuressaare Sanatoorium,

    why the new name?

In Western Europe the word “sanatorium” is regarded specifically and is used to refer

    to specific medical institutions. Our development has been broader and we decided to

    introduce the word “SPA”, which is an abbreviation from a Latin expression: salus

    per aqua health through water. The new term Saaremaa SPA Hotels - comprises all our three bigger hotels: the Saaremaa Valss, the Meri and the Rüütli. The

    guesthouse Merineitsi is for accommodation only. In addition, at the beginning of the

    season we opened the Valss Hostel, targeted to students and people who are interested

    in low-cost accommodation.

     Despite their common name, do your hotels have certain characteristics of their


    Yes, that is true. The Saaremaa Valss has long-term traditions in treating people and a permanent clientele. Kuressaare Hospital is located nearby, in case somebody needs

    extra observation or analysis.

The Meri is a modern SPA hotel, where all traditional treatment facilities are available,

    including the mud bath. We have tried to attach additional value to the Meri Hotel by

    installing three conference halls. In the former Sky Bar our customers can now hold meetings and arrange business lunches for 50 people.

The Rüütli is very popular among people with an active lifestyle. One finds weight

    rooms and squash, a water centre and some totally new treatment facilities there. The

    Rüütli is unquestionably one of the most modern SPAs in Estonia. Our target group is

    the family. In the Rüütli we have special a playroom for children, where a baby-sitter

takes care of the kids while the parents undergo treatment procedures. There are

    swimming pools and saunas, including steam baths, in every SPA.

    There are different treatment facilities in the SPAs: the infrared sauna in the

    Saaremaa Valss and the Rüütli, steam baths in the Meri and the Rüütli. The Meri and the Saaremaa Valss offer mud baths, the salt-chambers are in the Rüütli and the Meri, but the energy cocoon and the music chair are only in the Rüütli.

    In the Rüütli there is a unique relaxation-room, which is not available in any other

    SPA in Estonia. There you can withdraw from everyday life for 30 minutes with autosuggestion, music, a sea movie, and a big aquarium with fish. People usually do

    not perceive the end of the procedure, because they just fall asleep.

    In the Rüütli there are facilities for weight training and squash; in the Saaremaa Valss and the Meri you can go bowling.

    There are beauty parlours in every hotel, solariums in the Meri and the Rüütli. You can enjoy, massage and water treatment in every SPA mentioned.

    In every hotel you will find restaurants, but if you wish to enjoy a really luxurious

    meal, you have to visit the Nautica a restaurant in the Rüütli. In addition to the big dining-hall, there is an antique room and a cigar parlour.

    The restaurant Marine in the Meri has also a renewed menu this year.

Different houses, different services: is all this reflected in the prices?

The prices are really different and naturally they depend on the season. Generally the

    price level in the Meri is 15% higher than in the Saaremaa Valss. And the prices in the Rüütli are 15% higher than in the Meri.

This summer we opened a hostel at the Saaremaa Valss. It is simply furnished, prices

    are favourable, and at the same time one can have all the different kinds of treatments

    and order all the meals. One night in the hostel costs 150 EEKs and includes using the

    sauna and the swimming pool.

    While living in one of the hotel is it possible to choose treatment in the other SPAs?

    Doctors decide and discuss the treatment procedures with the patients. All information is saved in a unified computer system and one may order procedures in each of the other hotels as well. Information about sporting facilities in all the hotels is available at your present hotel.

For how long do people come and stay here?

    Estonians usually come on weekends and weekends tend to be problematic as far as accommodation is concerned. In order to ease the pressure, we have been offering special rates on weekdays. The Finnish and Swedish people come to stay for a week, but the Russian clients, who are not so rare any more, come to stay for 2-3 weeks. It is possible to get any treatment even if you`re not a guest at your hotels?

    Naturally. If anyone needs some treatment, you are very welcome to step into our SPAs and express your wish. It is a very good idea to take the so-called “Islander’s

    treatment package”, which includes three procedures. There are special rooms for people, who do not live in the hotels but enjoy the treatment and want to take a little rest between the procedures.

    Is there any special telephone number to remember, if you want to enquire for some information before choosing one of your Saaremaa SPA hotels?

    The telephone number 45 22 100 is available 24 hours a day. It gives you all the necessary information about our services.

Heli Salong

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