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Elemis Deep Tissue

    A specific technique using dynamic essential oils, releasing tension in the body.

Full Body 60 minutes R430

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 Minutes R220

Swedish Massage

    A medium pressured massage that relieves muscles tension and increases blood circulation.

    Umhlonyana Massage using Artemesia Afra based oils by Tr Dr Ndlovu Stimulating the circulation and respiratory system and helps release any "built up" tension

    Utshwala beNyoni Massage using Leonotis Leonorus based oils by Tr Dr Ndlovu hydrating the skin.

Full Body 60 minutes R380

    Back of the Body 45 Minutes R310

    Aromatherapy Massage 1 Hour R380 Using essential oil blends to enhance balance & harmony in the Body

Hotstone Massage 1 Hour R420

    Granite rocks are incorporated in this massage to warm the muscles, increase circulation

    in assisting the body and mind to ease into pure relaxation

    Phumuza iKhanda Massage (Refreshing head massage) - 25 minutes R150 Concentrating on the neck, head and scalp using particular pressure points aiding in

    stress and tension relief

Nduku Nduku Massage - 45 minutes R330

A unique experience making use of the traditional Zulu Knobkierie sticks concentrating on the

    back of the body.

Mother-to-be Massage - 2 Hours R700

    A very special massage pampering to the delicate needs of a mom-to be, ensuring she is

    totally comfortable and relieved of all aches and pains that baby brings along


Elemis Frangipani Body Wrap 1 Hour

    An exotic blend of Coconut Coprah Oil and Frangipani flowers, engulfing the skin with moisture R600

    leaving it hydrated for hours after.

Inkomfe Herbal Wrap (African Potato) 1 Hour

    An exotic blend of African essences, rich with hydration and anti-aging properties R480

    Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Cleansing Therapy (Ladies Only) - 1 Hour R700 A 3-in-1 complete body detox

    1 - Sea Fennel and Brown Algae used to help inhibit fat storage

    2 - Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage with micro circulation

    3 - Smoothes, tones and redefines body contours

Fordoun African Earth Experience 1 Hour R550

    A stimulating and cleansing body wrap using Dr Ndovu’s unique Ingredients.


Africology Facial 1Hour R430

    A South African produced product rich with anti - oxidants and essential oils. Hydrating, anti-aging

    and incredibly nourishing

Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial - 75 minutes R650

    Anti-ageing, rehydrating, desensitizing and nourishing with immediate results.

    Exceptional facial and perfect for special occasions

Elemis Skin Specifics (Unisex) 1 Hour R390

    Caring for each individual skin type: Herbal Lavender Repair - Problematic/ Combination skin

    Fruit Active Rejuvenating - Dehydrated/Dull or tired skin; Exotic Cream - Dry/Mature skin.

Elemis Mens Urban Cleanse Facial - 75 minutes R650

    Specifically designed using products for men. To treat their skin's individually - rehydrating

    anti-ageing and super nourishing

Tri - Enzyme Resurfacing Facial - 75 minutes R650

    Anti-aging, rehydrating and concentrating on renewing the skin's surface - giving an exceptional

    exfoliation leaving the skin with a healthy glow and absolute radiance


    Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath - 30 minutes R320 Incredibly nourishing. Specially designed for sensitive and excessively dry skin

Royal Zulu Bath - 30 minutes R180

    A soothing bath soak experience filled with the healing properties of the African potato and

    wonderful aromas of lavender and Rooibos blend. Rich with anti-oxidants, soothing for the mind

    body and soul.

Detox Bath - 30 minutes R320

    Remineralising, detoxifying and assists with your metabolism.

    NOT suitable for iodine allergies

Specialised Treatments

Mcako Lungisa R180 Individual

    Rasul Clay and Steam treatment - 40 minutes R300 Couple

    A stimulating ceremony of Traditional beauty care using African clay and the R400 3-4people

    invigorating effects of steam.

Salt Glow Body Scrub - 20 minutes R180

    A vigorous salt polish to exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and re nourished.

Ceremony of the Sun R280

    Self Tanning Treatment

    Deep Cleanse Back Massage - 45 minutes R300 Using the magnificent Africology Essence of Africa products to cleanse and exfoliate

    the back, followed by a relaxing massage.

Reflexology - 45 minutes R310

    Balancing the body by working on reflex/pressure points on the soles of the feet

Elemis Cooling Hotstone and Facial Treatment 1 Hour

    Indulgent, relaxing body massage and facial combination.

    Includes a choice of either the Elemis Visible Brilliance or the Men’s Urban Cleanse Facial.

    Experience the new ‘ice-cool thermal muscle massage’ to ease stressed, aching muscles. R990


Traditional Healing Consultations

    Tr Dr. Elliot Ndlovu R250

    Consult with Tr Dr Elliot for half and hour to bring clarity to life situations Bookings for consultations with Dr Ndlovu need to be made 24 hours in advance and all bookings are subject to his availability and confirmation

Fordoun Bio Energy

    Creating a sense of harmony in mind, body and spirit through balancing of the energy system

Bio Energy Rebalancing - 1 hour R300

    A gentle hands-on treatment activating and balancing all aspect of the energy system leaving one feeling relaxed and more in harmony with oneself and with life. Very good for stress release

Bio Energy Rebalancing Intensive - 1.5 hours R365

    An energy rebalancing, working with specific issues ranging from stress related illnesses, clearing the self energetically, healing wounds, limiting beliefs to relationship issues.

Reiki - 1 hr (45 minutes + 15 minutes rest) R300

    A non intrusive hands-on treatment, using universal energy which creates greater energy flow within the body enabling appropriate healing to take place.

Kinesiology - 1 hr R300

    A holistic, integrative, empowering, bio-energetic set of protocols, using muscle testing/ monitoring to identify energy imbalances in the body in order to facilitate homeostasis. Through this monitoring, one may pin point causes of stress in the body, mind and spirit.

One can also incorporate

    : Emotional Kinesiology

    : Touch for Health

    : Meridian Balance

    All available at the same price as above.

Body Talk - Anna Bruce - 1 hr R300

    A non invasive and amazingly effective therapy that encourages the body's energy and communication systems to be resynchronised enabling the body to function at optimum level. This exciting and revolutionary healthcare system encompasses Western Medical expertise; the energy dynamics of Acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic philosophy, the clinical findings of Kinesiology - all put together under one hat. Body Talk is achieving brilliant results.

Hand and Feet Treatments

Spa Manicure - 45 minutes R220

    A relaxing hand ritual performed to ensure the hands appear super nourished, renewed and well groomed.

Spa Pedicure 1 Hour R250

    A nourishing relaxation treatment for your feet leaving them exfoliated and highly nourished.

Herbal Wax Manicure - 60 minutes (Excludes Varnish) R200

    Applying scented heated wax to the hands, enhancing hydration and circulation

Herbal Wax Pedicure - 60 minutes (Excludes Varnish) R230

Pregnancy Pedicure - 60 minutes R250

    Milk Solutions pedicure including increased circulation with a relaxing foot and ankle massage

    Milk Solutions Pedicure Treatment - 45 minutes, excludes Varnish R230 Excessive moisturisation supplying super nourishment to the feet

Re-varnish only (20 mins) R 50

Waxing and Tinting

Full Leg Wax R160

    ? Leg wax R120

    Half Leg Wax R 80

    Bikini Wax R 60

    Brazilian Wax R150

    Under-arm wax) R 50

    Lip, Chin, Brow wax R 40

    Chest Wax R 80

    Back Wax R 80

    Full Arm Wax R 60

Lash Tint R 40

    Brow Tint R 30


    Booking in advance is essential.

    Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment(s)

    Kindly ensure mobile phones are switched off when entering the Spa.

    Please bring bathing suits.

    Please alert your therapist for the following contra-indications:

    ? High blood pressure or heart conditions

    ? Muscle or joint injuries

    ? Allergy to iodine, or product allergies

    ? Pregnancy, Epilepsy and Diabetes

    ? Fordoun Spa is not responsible for any theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may occur whilst on our



     24 hours advance notice is required for cancellations and rescheduling, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

    Late arrival will result in a reduction of time whilst the full treatment fee will apply.

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Gift Vouchers

    Gift vouchers are available from the Spa Reception. These are valid from date of purchase for 6 months and are not

    redeemable for cash.

    Operating Hours

    The Spa opens at 8am and closes at 7pm.

    We operate as a day Spa from Monday to Friday and as a Hotel Spa from Friday to Sunday.

    We are open on Public Holidays unless otherwise stated.

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