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We will be offering 2 tours at 1:00 p.m. and 3 tours at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday.


    Golden County Foods—When you’re shopping in the frozen food section of your grocery store, you may be purchasing Golden County Foods products. Among the fastest-growing

    privately-held companies in Wisconsin, Golden County Foods, Inc., prepares potato,

    vegetable and other foods for retail, food service, and private label. Learn about this

    Central Wisconsin business, the types of employees they are seeking, and sample of the

    Golden County Foods products.

    Stevens Point BreweryVisit one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in the country. Experience for yourself this Central Wisconsin business. Come feel the malted

    barley! Look in the brew kettle! Watch the yeast being “pitched” into the cooling wort,

    and get up close and personal to those dancing bottles and cans. Be a part of the

    brewing process, as you experience the quality and tradition of the Stevens Point

    Brewery. The tour consists of a detailed history of the Stevens Point Brewery and a

    walking tour of the brewing, aging, packaging and warehouse facilities.


    Worzalla PublishingVisit one of the state-of-the-art employee-owned printing and binding companies in the State. In this 30,000 square foot facility, children’s, coffee

    table, medical and directories are printed. Come learn about the publishing business,

    tour and talk with the employees who work in the business.

    The Wellness Spa—Over 40,000 customers have “Relaxed . . . And Enjoyed Life” at this spa facility located in a historical century old home on eight acres of naturally beautiful

    property. Massage Therapy, Camp Goddess, Tai Chi and Qigong are all part of The

    Wellness Spa’s offerings. Owner Deborah Adams received the “Entrepreneur of the Year”

    award, and she will be sharing a tour of the Spa facilities, a history of her business, and

    tips on staying healthy. WBEA members who attend this tour can also receive a discount

    on spa services during the WBEA weekend.

    Sentry InsuranceThis company is one of the largest and strongest mutual insurance companies in the United States. Throughout its more than 100-year history, businesses,

    families and individuals have been protected with Sentry’s “Strength, Proctection and

    Vigilance.” Sentry Insurance is rated A+ by A.M. Best, the industry’s leading rating

    authority. Tour the business facilities, listen to the discussion of what this company

    looks for in employees and tour the fitness facilities and the public theater.


We will be offering 3 workshops on Thursday afternoon and 3 workshops on

    Friday morning right at the Convention Center.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign Kathy Ritchie

    An introduction to Adobe InDesign desktop publishing software. InDesign is used to

    create newsletters, letterheads, business cards, flyers and other publications. This

    session is suitable for beginning users. Textbooks will be provided at the session.

    Creating Classroom Podcasts Dr. Elizabeth Alderton UW-Oshkosh, Malia Rousseau & Robert Wagner Marian University Educational Technology Program

Learn how to make an audio Podcast for your classroom. For teachers, Podcasting

    extends teaching and learning beyond the normal classroom hours. Students are able to

    easily and continuously learn as well as share their creations with Podcasts. This will be a

    hands-on session using free software called Audacity. Bring your iPod or your USB jump

    drive for saving. Using Podcast websites and information will also be presented. Come

    have fun while learning about Podcasts!

Digital Scrapbooking with an Educational Twist - Danyell Franti

    Prior Adobe Photoshop knowledge would be beneficial. This class will allow you to

    create a bulletin board about yourself to display to your students. The idea comes from

    the book “Classroom Management” by Harry Wong.

By attending this hands-on class, you will discover the magic of digital imaging.

    Participants will collect photos and then use PhotoShop to edit photos and create layouts.

    Once you are comfortable using Photoshop, you will find that you will be able to work

    more efficiently, explore new creative options, and produce the highest quality images

    for print, the Web, and anywhere else. Participants will also get a look at several

    internet sites with Digital Downloads.

Accounting Done Online

Top 10 eLearning Tools for 2009

    Office 2007 Intermediate Sharon Fisher-Larson

This hands-on workshop will be designed to give those of you who are already using

    Office 2007 some advance tips on what this software can do. Sharon, our current NBEA

President, brings her skills with this program and will show you many tricks and quick

skills you can bring to your classroom.


There will be 24 different sectionals with a repeat of 12 being offered on Thursday afternoon and


    Hot Technologies 2009 - Corrine Hoisington Warning: Only engaging and positive instructors of any course need to attend this high energy

    presentation. Take a front row seat to see what is earth-shaking in the Technology World! It is time

    that we engage our students with the tools that surround them - and of course engaging

    them is critical to maintaining their interest and ultimately helping them achieve. See

    over 20 new ways to connect your students through technology to the world around

    them such as CatchVideo, ChaCha, Cuil, PollEverywhere, and many more that are all FREE!

    Light your fire all over again for teaching! Expand the boundaries of learning!

Microsoft Expression Studio: Web Design on Steroids! - Corrine Hoisington

    Watch out Dreamweaver Expression Studio is taking over! Come get a front row seat to see the new Expression Studio, the new Microsoft product that you can use to

    create professional web sites. Expression Web is part of a family of software applications

    called the Expression Studio, which includes four programs named Expression Web,

    Expression Blend, Expression Design, and Expression Media. Wait until you see how

    Expression Web can help you make your vision a reality, with tools for developing web

    sites that include CSS style sheets, ASP web developer tools, and web reports. Microsoft

    is giving away to every school in the country a full version of Expression Studio as part of

    the Academic Alliance and here’s the great part – every student can have a free copy for

    their home!

Celebrate Visual Basic 2008 and soon 2010 - Corrine Hoisington

    Get ready to be impressed! Visual Studio 2008 delivers new and easy ways for powerful

    program development. Now developers can build smart clients like cell phones and PDA’s

    easier than ever. Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is now fully integrated into Visual

    Basic 2008 enabling developers to customize various Office applications, such as Word,

    Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook including the Ribbon Bar, Ribbon Status Bar, and Mini-

    toolbar. Developers will be able to easily leverage the new Vista Windows Presentation

    Foundation features into Windows forms. Even if you are not a programmer, you need to

    see what VB can do you for today!

Why is a Smartboard Just so Smart? Jessica Brogley

    This presentation will introduce you to some of the features a Smartboard has to offer

    for you. You’ll see examples of how to use the Notebook and Recording software and also

    how to use the online tools that accompany the board. You’ll leave the presentation

    ready to apply these tools to your own classroom or maybe you’ll be excited to pursue

    getting one for your own room.

Business Teacher Preparation Trends & Changes Lila Waldman & Denise Schulz

    The traditional model for preparing business education teachers is changing. Learn about

    alternative licensure programs throughout the United States. Are these programs

    effective? Results of a survey of new Business Education teachers in the eight states of

    the North-Central region will be presented.

    WHAT’S UP IN FINANCIAL LITERACY? Kristin Legler Discover high-quality financial literacy resources from the Educational Communications

    Board available to Wisconsin educators at no-cost! Find out how What’s Up In Finance?

    can help your students make connections between financial matters, real life and job

    opportunities. Learn how Biz Kid$ can help capture, nurture, and develop the innovative

    and entrepreneurial spirit in your students. Check out Financial Literacy TEACH IT!,

    professional development resource for educators that models effective instruction!

Soft-Skills: We Know They Need Them, But How to Teach Them? Trish Bobst

    Think about the role you play as an educator in preparing your students to be both tech-

    savvy and work ready. Is it your job to teach soft skills such as oral and written

    communications, teamwork, and interviewing skills? With today’s employers assuming

    students have the requisite basic technical skills to begin their careers when they

    graduate, how do we enhance our current classroom approaches to address both

    instructional outcomes and students’ needs for workplace preparedness?

    Making it Personal: Personal Financial Literacy Trish Bobst Start now to teach students the value of a dollar. Personal Finance has emerged as one of

    the hottest courses in business education, and it’s never too early to get students on the

    path to financial responsibility. We’ll explore the topics and trends in Personal Finance

    and why it’s more important than ever to students’ long-term personal success.

    Speed networking: Accounting and Beyond - The Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Learn what the future holds for your students if they choose accounting as a career. In

    eight minute rotations, you will meet a variety of accounting professionals. CPAs, a

    professor and a college accounting student will visit your table to talk about

    opportunities in accounting, the future of the profession and college accounting. Receive

    valuable real-world information to take back to your classroom.

    Reality Store--Quadrant D--Financial Literacy Simulation Kristine Labbus & Fox Valley Workforce Development Center

    Looking for an extension of your financial literacy course, except with more rigor and

    relevance...the quadrant D rigor and relevance?! Host a Reality Store. Find out what it

    takes to host this worth-while financial simulation. Examples of various tools will be

    shared in order to organize this event.

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