Torf Krasno Balneo Peat, also known as moor mud, is imported

By Evelyn Phillips,2014-06-28 11:08
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Torf Krasno Balneo Peat, also known as moor mud, is imported ...

Torf Krasno Balneo Peat, also

    known as moor mud, is

    imported directly from the

    Czech Republic.

    ? Non-Pasteurized

    ? Non-Dehydrated

    ? No Preservatives

     ? No Additives

    ? 100% Natural

    ? Laboratory Tested

    ? European Balneo Grade

    ? Preferred by


     ? View Moor Mud


    Wholesale contact information for Torf Krasno moor

    mud products:

    ? Phone (425) 354-4662

    ? Email your contact information to receive wholesale pricing and samples

    ? Please provide a phone number and a good time to reach you.

    ? Alternative contact information for us:

    o yahoo ID: supsep2000

    o skype ID: naturopathic_doc

    Moor Mud Products:

    ? 1 liter tube

    ? Does 2-3 baths Moor Mud Bath & ? Does 4-5 body wraps Body Wrap ? Storage life: 1 year

    ? local application of moor


    ? fast to set up Single Foment System ? no need for equipment

    ? no mess

    ? made with raw moor mud

    ? shea butter

    ? two strengths - sensitive Moor Mud Masks and strong

    ? tingling sensation

    ? facial moisturizer

    ? balanced pH Moor Mud Moisturizer ? made with moor mud


We are a member of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and

    Climatology. Being a member of the ISMH has brought in communications and

    knowledge from international balneotherapy experts such as Dr Milada Sarova, Dr Yuko

    Agishi and Dr Andre Beer. This information is passed on to our wholesale clients as a

    service. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau. Our European moor mud products are shipped fresh each quarter and stored in a

    temperature controlled warehouse. The products are then sent out to the distributors in

    small batches as needed to ensure freshness.

    Based in the Czech Republic for nearly 20 years, Torf Krasno is in the birthplace of

    traditional medical spa therapy. Some famous spa resort towns are among Torf Krasno's

    numerous customers:

Grand hotel Pupp and Harfa Spa in Karlovy Vary

Imperial is one of many exclusive spas that use Torf Balneo Spa products

    Torf Spa is furthering the introduction of European balneotherapy to the United States. Peat therapy in the US is a foreign concept, literally. HealthE Goods, Inc and Torf Spa are joining together in an attempt to educate medical doctors, physical therapists, medical professionals and spa goers the benefits of proper balneotherapy.

    What is proper balneotherapy? Proper balneotherapy is the trained application of unaltered fresh natural peat. Using other forms of peat - such as dehydrated, pasteurized, additives - are not recommended by experts in the field. Peat, in its natural state, retains all healing properties and is how it is used in Europe today and has been for 100's of years.

    Torf Balneo Peat is harvested in an area bordering National Preserve and Krasno peatbog is declared a "National Healing Resource". Torf Krasno provides a natural balneo peat in patented packaging to ensure freshness and stability. Torf Krasno's ability to package a living product without additives, spoilage or alteration is due to various factors. These factors can be explained in detail upon request

    Initial Sampling of Torf Products: HealthE Goods charges wholesale cost for product

    samples. Shipping is free.

    Ordering of Torf Krasno products: Upon approval of your application, order forms

    can be faxed and shipments are same day via FedEx. Shipping charged at cost. We ship all across the US and BC.

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