Utah State Library Board

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Utah State Library Board



    Friday, March 21, 2008

    11:00 AM to 3:30 PM

    Logan Library

    255 North Main

    Northeast Meeting Room

    Logan, Utah 84321



    State Library Board Members: Terry Ann Harward, Chair; Jessica Van Buren, Vice Chair; Kevin Ash, Shelley Day, Michael Freeman and Lee Robinson

    USL Staff: Donna Jones Morris, State Librarian; Cheryl Mansen, Deputy Director/Library Development Program Manager; Craig Neilson,

    Library Resources Program Manager; Bessie Oakes, Blind and Disabled Program Manager; Béla Vastag, Financial Manager; Jeri Openshaw, Information Specialist; and MaryEllen Hunt, Executive Secretary

    Invited Guests: Scott Jones, IT Director and Assistant Library Director, Weber County Library; Ron Jenkins, Logan Library Director; and Dr.

    Susan Kadlec, Chair, Logan Library Board

    State Library Board Members and USL Staff Members Not in Attendance: Brenda Hales, Carolyn Bessey and Dr. Charles Swallow

Call to Order and Introductions

    Utah State Library Board Meeting was called to order at 11:17 AM by Terry Ann Harward, Chair

Recent Reads (Attendees share “a good book”)

    o Founding of Google - Kevin Ash

    o Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber Bessie Oakes

    o Deep Storm by Lincoln Child Cheryl Mansen

    o Turning the Page from Gates Convention Donna Jones Morris

    o Blue Hat Green Hat by Sandra Boynton; Nothing to Do by Douglas Wood and Wendy Halperin; and Stranger than Fiction card

    deck Terry Ann Harward

    o Vietnam Travel Guide by DK Publishing Jessica Van Buren

    o Remembering Joseph: Personal Recollections of Those Who Knew the Prophet Joseph Smith by Mark L. McConkie Ron Jenkins

    o Living with Low Vision and Blindness by John M. Crandell, Jr., Ph. D. and Lee W. Robinson, Ed.D. - Lee Robinson

    o Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks;The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks - Shelley Day

    o Iran Awakening by Shirin Ebadi Mike Freeman

    o Marly and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan Scott Jones

    o I Know this Much is True by Wally Lamb MaryEllen Hunt

    o Blink by Malcom Gladwell Craig Neilson

    o Marly and Me: Life and Love with the Word’s Worst Dog by John Grogan Jeri Openshaw

    o Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer Béla Vastag

Board Activities and Meeting Items on behalf of USL

    Donna Jones Morris thanked Terry Ann Harward for being the leader of the efforts to get the “Love Your Libraryday passed in the


Donna showed a newspaper article featuring Board Member Shelley Day who designed the architecture of the Legislative website

Jeri Openshaw distributed a packet to all Board Members containing literature and explained contents of the packet that she handed out to

    the State Board. It contained items on Love Your Library week and other public relations information. Michael Freeman invited the State Board members to the July 1, 2008 dedication of the new Utah Valley University (UVU) Library, now

    Utah Valley State College (UVSC) Library.

     thBoard Member Dr. Charles Swallow officially submitted his resignation to Donna Jones Morris on March 18. Due to Dr. Swallow’s travels in

    France, his attendance was excused for this Board meeting. Terry Ann asked that Donna start working on replacing the vacant seat on the

    Board. Terry Ann would also like to put together some sort of thank-you to express gratitude for his service on the Utah State Library Board.

Agenda Review (handout #1)

    No agenda items needed to be changed or rearranged.

    State Library Board Minutes of January 25, 2008 (handout #2) Lee Robinson moved to approve minutes. Motion was seconded, passed and approved.

Outstanding Library Award Committee Meeting Minutes of January 25, 2008 (handout #3)

    Kevin Ash moved to approve minutes. Motion was seconded, passed and approved.


    MaryEllen Hunt read a thank-you note from:

    ; Adrian Juarez, Emporia - grateful for the opportunity to attend Mountain Plains Library Association, Leadership Training at Ghost

     Ranch in New Mexico

    Outstanding Library Award Committee Recommendations The nomination process is not yet solidified for the Outstanding Library Award. Donna Jones Morris asked who the State Board would like to be able to make a nomination and Kevin Ash replied that library citizens should be making the nominations and decisions. Mike Freeman said on nominating form, people should give explicit description as to why they are nominating a library. The nomination form should be written to ask specific questions. Kevin said the nominations should be opened up to all the libraries (academic, law, etc.). It was agreed that the award should be open to all libraries.

    Shelley Day suggested that on the Outstanding Library form handed out by Cheryl Mansen, the verbiage “Demonstrated by” should be changed to Examples include.” After some discussion, it was realized that asking for “examples” sounds like the award would be too data-driven and that the wording will stay as is.

    The award will be announced this year at ULA/MPLA conference and awarded next year at the same conference. USL Staff will work on the form and let the Board know when it is complete and ready for distribution. Cheryl will work on getting the draft application form ready for the next Board meeting May 30, 2008.

    Kevin Ash moved that the award would be announced at ULA/MPLA conference. Motion was seconded, passed and approved.

11:53 AM adjourned for lunch

    12:35 PM meeting reconvened


    Weber County Library Pleasant Valley Branch Library Building Plans (handout #4)

    Scott Jones, IT Director and Assistant Director, Weber County Library, presented information about the new library building. He distributed their fundraising brochure and detailed some of the building plans. The Pleasant Valley Branch Library will be a full-scale library with an area for teens and a separate area for pre-teens. There will be a Da Vinci flying machine with camera controls; a coffee shop; and their

    proudest feature, the library will be the first county building with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. It will be a highly efficient building where 75% of the materials are recycled. The county approved a tax increase for the bricks and mortar; a $1.5M pledge.

    Scott said LSTA funding is important because RFID material handling and self check-outs will free-up staff to help with the community health information center. Mike Freeman noted that rewarding innovation to Weber County library meets with the LSTA goals. The community health information center is supported by Regence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield which will be staffed by a Medical Librarian. Terry Ann asked how many people would be staffed as a result of this project. Scott replied there will be three full time employees and two part-time employees. He also added that Envisionware is the main software company they are working with unofficially as no contract has been signed as of this meeting.

    Terry Ann asked Scott how long the library has been in the process of being built and securing funding. Scott replied that he has worked with the Weber County Library for over ten years and that this project was started about four or five years ago. The County Commission raised the property tax rate through Friends of the Library group, who canvassed the area, and spoke to the community about the benefits of building this new library. Scott also said this is needed because in the last few years, the county has grown in population by 30,000-40,000.

    Lee Robinson asked about accessibility by those who have low vision problems and Scott answered that the issue is being looked at. However, the library is already compliant with ADA requirements.

    2 Meeting is open to the public

    There will be a digital audio recording of the meeting.

Construction started in earnest in September 2007. To view renderings and construction photos, weekly or bi-weekly, go to the Weber

    County Public Library website at

    Shelley asked where Pleasant Valley is located and Scott replied it is in the Washington Terrace City area.

Béla asked what the hardest part of construction was in order to become LEED certified. Scott replied that buy-in from contractors is

    difficult, because it is non-negotiable. The new library is working towards being LEED Gold Certified by January 2009.

Terry Ann asked that Mike Freeman bring materials to the next Board Meeting to show off the new library being built at Utah Valley State

    College (soon to be Utah Valley University). Dedication will be July 1, 2008.

    LSTA Advisory Council Report Council Member Recommendations ndJon Ostler, Library Director, Snow College, Small Academic Library Representative, 2 Term, 6/30/11 ndAndy Yergensen, Wasatch County Library, Public Library Trustee Representative, 2 Term, 6/30/11 stLinda Fields, Richfield Public Library, Small Public Library Director, 1 Term, 6/30/11 (replacing Ron Jenkins) stKim Fong, Salt Lake County Jail Librarian, Special Library Representative, 1 Term, 6/30/11 (replacing Linda Thatcher) who retired from her position stRay Martin, Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Library Services for Disabled Persons,1 Term, 6/30/09 (completion of term vacated by Everette Bacon)

    Lee Robinson moved to accept recommendations. Motion was seconded, passed and approved.

LSTA Grants - Spring 2008

    Ron Jenkins reviewed the spring 2008 Grants that were recently approved by the LSTA Advisory Council

    Grant Approvals totaling $300,000:

    o Bridgerland Literacy Logan Library

    o Brigham City Brigham City Library

    o Cache County School District Providence Elementary School Library Media Center

    o Cache County School District White Pine Middle School Library

    o Logan School District Logan High School

    o Newton Newton Town Library

    o Weber School District Weber High School Library Media Center

    o Weber State University Stewart Library

    o Jordan School District Midvale Middle School LMC

    o Utah State Prison Utah State Prison Libraries

    o Granite School District Parents Program Library

    o Jordan School District Bingham High School Media Center

    o Manti City Manti Public Library

    o Millard School District Eleven Millard County School Library Media Centers

    o North Sanpete School District Mount Pleasant Elementary

    o North Sanpete School District Central Utah High School Media Centers

    o Richfield Library

    o Utah State Hospital Patient Library

    One grant for $100,000 - submitted to the State Library Board for consideration

    o Weber County Library Pleasant Valley Branch

    Shelley Day moved to approve the $300,000 for LSTA grants listed above. Motion was seconded, passed and approved.

Ron Jenkins discussed how LSTA Advisory Council is trying to determine whether or not to allow branches and each library to apply for

    grants. There are so many school libraries in need of funding and the majority of applications for the spring 2008 grant round were from

    public schools. Shelley Day said she liked the shift from public libraries to school libraries. Mike Freeman said that it will never be

    distributed evenly to schools because, for example; one Superintendent of a school district might allow funding towards the media center

    and one might not, but there is no way to be sure that funding will be available continuously or evenly. Ron said if a school district library

    applies for a grant, they must have a certified person.

Cheryl Mansen added that some parts of the grants are given numerical value as part of the scoring process.

Action Item: Terry Ann Harward would like the topic of school library grant applications be on next Board Meeting’s agenda. And, to ensure

    Board Member Brenda Hales from Department of Education can attend to talk about funding and LSTA Council grants and Advisory


    3 Meeting is open to the public

    There will be a digital audio recording of the meeting.

    Mike Freeman added that since most libraries use Horizon, and Horizon is becoming obsolete, the next wave of applicants will most likely be trying to apply for LSTA funding to replace software.

    A new subcommittee will be created per Terry Ann, joined by Donna and Cheryl, to determine future use of LSTA funding. Terry Ann invited Mike to explore this with Donna and Cheryl for discussion point. Terry Ann Harward will be the Chair and Mike Freeman will be the Vice Chair of the newly formed subcommittee.

    Terry Ann thanked the LSTA Board for making such a serious commitment to funding grants. Donna added USL staff appreciates what they do as well. Terry Ann expressed thanks to Donna for all the hard work with the grants.

    Craig Neilson will add Terry Ann to the LSTA listserv forum for further discussion regarding LSTA funding and future requirements.

2:00 PM Terry Ann dismissed for short break

    2:14 PM meeting reconvened

Logan Library

    Dr. Susan Kadlec described building plans for the new Logan Library. The current building is one story, and the future building will be two and a half stories. An attainable goal with the new building will be to have added visual control with limited personnel. There is a need for more display space because currently there is no way to house mobile displays. There will be no corners in the future building. The lower floor will be brick and the second floor will be glass. She explained their new building will be LEED certified which is a government requirement of all new buildings. It will be approximately 68,000 square feet total. The project is estimated to be somewhere around $20M because of the underground parking.

Consideration of Cache County Library

    Ron Jenkins explained there are two Logan City Council members, three Cache Valley Council members, and Ron himself serving on a committee working to get funding for a county-wide library system. The Councils have met four times thus far. A survey was sent out recently to mayors and council members asking for their opinion on whether or not to fund a Cache County Library. Ron read comments from some of those surveys. There was a very broad array of comments which displayed the challenges set forth for this committee. Some smaller cities are against any type of library and some cities are for a library system if their taxes are not increased, etc. Some cities said they were open-minded and welcomed the chance to sit down and discuss the potential for such a system. Of the seven libraries in the county, two are on a dedicated tax whilst the others use a general fund. Ron explained the need is around $3M to run a county library system.

    Ron gave details of Logan Library tour which would start at the west end, go through the library and curve back to the northeast meeting room. He also added that the library moved to the current location twenty-two years ago. The building once was a Sears store, and the building still uses the original freight elevator.

Facility Tour 2:51 PM

    3:20 PM returned from tour of Logan Library

    Next State Library Board Meeting thDonna Jones Morris discussed the next Board meeting date and location. After discussion it was determined that the May 30 meeting will be held at the South Jordan Public Library. Jim Cooper, Salt Lake County Library Director has reserved a meeting room. The South Jordan Public Library is LEED certified and has been open for nearly three years. The Board had considered going to Washington County for their next Board meeting, however, Donna researched the policy and confirmed that overnight travel is only allowed every two years. The Board traveled to Moab, Utah in September 2007 where an overnight stay was required. She also added that Certification Standards for public thlibraries will be discussed at the May 30 Board meeting.

Staff Reports (handout #5)

    Director’s Report: Donna Jones Morris

     Deputy Director’s Report: Cheryl Mansen

     Library Development: Cheryl Mansen

     Blind and Disabled: Bessie Oakes, Program Manager

    ; Bessie added one item not included in the written report. The next Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be held April 16, 2008 in the

    newly renovated State Capitol building. The guest speaker is David Hart, the Architect who oversaw the renovation project.

     Library Resources: Craig Neilson, Program Manager

     Public Relations: Jeri Openshaw, Information Specialist

     Financial: Béla Vastag, Financial Manager

     4 Meeting is open to the public

    There will be a digital audio recording of the meeting.

Donna added that the three candidates being considered for the Salt Lake City Public (SLCPL) Library Director are; Beth Elder from Denver

    Public Library; Britton Lund who is interim Director for the Salt Lake City Public Library; and Cathleen Ray from American University. In

    attendance and participants in the interviews were SLCPL staff and administrators, the Director of the Weber County Library, and a panel

    from the public.


    Terry Ann Harward asked for any other items to review before adjournment to which there were no other items.

    Kevin Ash moved to adjourn meeting at 4:03 PM. The motion was seconded, passed and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryEllen Hunt

    Executive Secretary

    5 Meeting is open to the public

    There will be a digital audio recording of the meeting.

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