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     Item 18

TO: Surrey Police Authority

FROM: Sue Martin, Chief Executive

     th February 2009 DATE: 9



Purpose of the report

    To inform Members of the proposed expenditure of the Surrey Police Authority 2009/2010. The Police Authority has reviewed its budget for the next financial year and the following budget is put forward for Members’ approval.


    The Secretariat has continued to review its budget during the year to ensure that the allocations against budget headings are accurate and realistic; and that the Authority is as efficient and as cost-effective as possible.

    Out of a budget in 2008/09 of ?1.24m, the most significant items of Authority expenditure are staff salaries and Member allowances. The Authority’s expenditure on staff reduced during the current year because of several vacancies which it was carrying. Some staff have now been recruited but a cost saving through a part-time staff vacancy will be carried into the current year. The % increase applied to staff salaries for 2009/2010 is 2.5%. The budget provision for Members allowances for 2009/2010 has increased in line with the rise in the Consumer Price Index, to which Members’ allowances are

    linked, which is expected to be around 4% on April 1. The increase in Members’ allowances will be put to Members for formal approval at the end of March and Members may wish to consider whether they wish the full increase to be implemented. The budget for travel for Members has also increased to reflect the increased travel costs incurred.

    The Authority has continued to make strenuous attempts to reduce the level of expenditure on items over which it has some control, such as printing, postage and catering. Internal audit costs have been reduced through a re-tendering exercise. The costs of external audit are, however, set by the Audit

    th 29 January 2009


    Commission. There has been some realignment of costs within the

    Consultation and Communications budget, including proper provision for the

    Authority’s share of the Local Policing Summaries.

?50k has been set aside for legal expenses. This is an increase from last year

    and is a reflection of the expected rise in the number of Investigations,

    Misconduct Hearings, Tribunals and medical appeals for which the Authority

    is responsible. Previously the costs of some of these matters have been met

    from the Force budget. There will be transfer of some funds from the Force in

    respect of these.

For capital, the main item of expenditure will be for a disabled ramp to be

    installed to the emergency exit of the SPA Conference Room. A small amount

    of internal renovation needs to be carried out during the year. These

    improvements, total cost ?4k, will complete the planned work programme for

    the SPA house.

The projected budget is as follows:

    Costs 2008/09 2009/10 Funds to be Budget

    transferred Increase /

    from Force decrease Including staff & admin

    costs, Precept leaflet,

    Legal fees etc 817,100.00 947,550.00 65,000.00 65,450.00 IAG & Custody Visitor 36,700.00 37,950.00

    expenditure (includes

    some Communication &

    Consultation budget) 1,250.00 Consultation &

    Communication 88,000.00 88,500.00 15,000.00 -14,500.00 Member expenditure 293,000.00 316,300.00 23,300.00 Community engagement 10,000.00 43,000.00 33,000.00

    Total 1,244,800.00 1,433,300.00 80,000.00 108,500.00


Members are asked to approve the proposed budget for Surrey Police

    Authority for 09/10.


    th 29 January 2009


    Attachments SPA Budget 09/10

    Background papers - Communication & Consultation Budget ______________________________________________________________

    Contact details

    Name: Sue Martin

    Job Title: Chief Executive

    Telephone number: 01483 482151

    Email address:


    th 29 January 2009

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