As graduation day approach

By Carolyn Ortiz,2014-09-11 17:39
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feeling about graduation

As graduation day approach, excitement increased. Were going to leave our beloved alma mater.

    At this time, were full filled with gratitude to our teachers and lingering feelings, however tongue is excellent, it cant express my appreciation.

    How time flies! Looking back on the past several years-the fine time, everything seems fresh and new. I always cant forget your kindness. I hang on your every word and relish our conversation. Your remark filled with affinity is clearly in my head.

    It was you who taught us many senses about behave which will continue benefit us in future; It was you who told never to give in when we failed; It was you who told us not to pride when we succeed in one match; It was you who stayed up late in order to make our performance wonderful; It was you who cared for our daily life; It was you who gave us a great surprise when New Years

    Day is coming……

    We appreciate you, my dear teacher. Thank you for your educating and hard work; Thank you for your patience and tolerance; Thank you for your care and love.

    How can we reciprocate you, my dear teacher? I always wonder

    Now, however gallant it is, language seems very pallid.

    Leave you, we have extremely unwilling.

    Goodbye, my dear teacher, in spite of millions of linger in my heart!

    Hope you will be happy and healthy forever!

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