How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent

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How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent

    Besides,____________________________________________________________________How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent




    Nowadays, the number of single-child family is increasingly growing under the Family

    Today in China, many families have only one child. So the children usually doted upon Policy. It’s not surprising that the child, viewed as (被看作) the apple of the parents’ eye, get

    by all family members. Gradually some of them get used to depending on their parents and so much attention that there is a lack of independence in the life. While the parents are eager

    family members, as a result they lack the ability to face their lives by themselves. to make a fuss over their child, they must be aware?意识到, that it is their too much love

    There are some ways to help children to be independent. First, the child should have a that make the children’s inability?无能, to overcome the difficulties from the life.

    chance to see the world around him individually to understand that there are various people

    It is necessary for parents to provide love for their child in a right way. Firstthey are and competitions in their lives, and learn to find his right position in the society only by supposed not to pray for (恳求) an easy life for their child. Children should be exposed to individual efforts. Second, it is impossible to ask a child not to depend on parents at the real world, and with parents’ help they will make it clear that life is filled with ups and once.The parents may give the child enough help and space to make him feel comfortable. A downs. Second, parents do as a leader to give children a right direction and other things are

    child needs help from their families. Because without any help, the child may lose his faith. left to children. Last but not least, parents should support the right decision from children Thirdly, parents can help their children make their own decisions, which can challenge his and give encouragement to children when they fail, it is the strength of the growth for

    ability to deal with problems. A child should be praised when he is successful or encouraged children. Sharing children’s success with them and helping them when necessary is more when he fails.

    important than too much love.

    To be independent is vital for the children, because no parents can go with their children

    If parents can realize the importance of helping their children as independent as for the whole life. Only an independent person can live and enjoy a full and meaningful life. possible , they will find a real key to a happy life for their children. 1. Why cant students be independent?

     How should parents help children to be independent ?(参考课文尽量用写作文的

    2. How many ways are there to help children to be independent? What are they? 语句回答)

    __________________________________________________________________________First,______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________Second,________________________________________________________ _________ __________________________________________________________________________Last but not least, __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________3. To be independent is good for the children,


    2. Wang Hua can be a key university student through _________ ________ _________ , so because____________________________________________________________________

    __________________________________________________________________________ he will __________ _____ _____ ______ ______ ______ _______.

    3. Wang Hua wants to to be an independent youth because the social situation ___________ (3)

    ________ ________ __________ _______ ____________ , so he will Dear Mum and Dad,

    ________________________________________________________________________ How are you doing ? Im writing to you of my gratitude for your having brought me up

    第二节 写作 ?满分30分, and my future plan.


     Dear Mum and Dad, I am already 18 years old, which shows that I have grown up. We Want to Be Independent为题!用英语写一篇短文。

    Whenever I am thinking of this, I can’t help feeling grateful to you . It is you who first give 1,描述这一现象及其弊端;

    me encoutagement when I meet with difficulties, especially when I am not getting along well 2,你认为父母应该……

    3,孩子应该,。 with my studies. Indeed, your inspiration seems to be a lamp, which offers me light of hope,

    注意(1,词数(120-150 courage and confidence. And more importantly, you are always teaching me to be good to

    2,可适当增加细节。 others, and try to contribute to our society.

     Dear Mum and Dad, I an now a senior three student, who is facing the competitive

     national college entrance examinations. So first of all, I ought to try my best to pass the

     exams. I am sure that through my great efforts I can and will be able to realize my beautiful

     dream of being a key university student. Then, I will strive to be an independent youth. The

     social situation I will be facing must be more competitive, so I will develop and prepare

     myself to be a youth with a strong sense of cooperation and competition. Believe in me,

     Mum and Dad, I will make a difference.

     Best regards to you.

     Yours sincerely,

     Wang Hua

     1. Wang Hua is thankful to his parents because



     Third__________________________________________________________________ _


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