The SPA Hotel Recreation

By Larry Phillips,2014-06-28 11:04
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The SPA Hotel Recreation ...

The SPA Hotel Recreation

    Conceptually New Recreation Center near Moscow

Foresta Tropicana Hotel is situated 20 km from Moscow down

    Pyatnitskoye highway. This is a luxury hotel. The interior is designed in the

    “Tropicana” style. It features a unique set of facilities: SPA novelties, a

    conceptually modern cuisine, a great entertainment team, shows for adults and


    The best venue for corporate parties!

1. Reception

2. Conference hall (300 seats)

3. Restaurants

    ? Restaurant ?Fiesta? & ?The Hawaiian bar ? - in these two restaurants you

    can feel a real ?fiesta?: shows every evening and discos every night…..

    ? Restaurant ?Olmeka?, its specialty is the conceptually new cuisine ?cuisine

    do march? and a very stylish interior.

    ? Bar ?Seven Feet? - the grill-menu, satellite TV, and a shooting gallery is on

    the projecting screen

    ? Conference-hall: ?Meridian? (150 seats)

    ? 2 negotiation rooms (25 and 45 seats)

    ? Banquet hall

4. Sport Grounds

    ? Stadium with stands (400 seats)

    ? Football, volleyball, basketball

    ? Ground for teambuilding

    ? Ground for paintball

5. Sports Centre

    ? Swimming pool with water slides (25 х 10 meters)

    ? Swimming pool for babies

    ? Multi-purpose gymnasium (basketball, volleyball, tennis, mini-football) ? Fitness room

    ? Massage room

    ? Turbo solarium

    ? Bar ?Pelican?

? Sports equipment rent

    ? Shop ?Tropical things ?

6. Car Park

7. Amusement Centre ?Nautilus?

    ? Bowling (4 lines - Brunswick)

    ? Strip Bar ?Levo Rulya?

    ? American pool and Russian billiards ? Internet-cafe

    ? Slot machines

8. Comfortable stylish rooms: 230 rooms.

    ? Standard doubles

    ? Standard triples

    ? Two-level and two-room suites and family rooms ? The pride of the hotel is Executive Suites, 12 rooms, differ in their unique

    deluxe interior. These rooms are designed in different styles: ?Marco Polo?,

    ?Wild Orchid?, ?Wedding?, ?Coral Reef?, ?Tropicana?, etc…

9. Children Play Grounds

10. Barbeque area

    ? car park (the big one is up to 150 spaces and the small one is up to 50 spaces)

11. Beach

12. The Bath Center

13. SPA

    New beautiful tan within a few minutes with solarium ?Tropical Attack?

    Mio stimulation

    New a “capsule of health”

    Infrared cabin

    Injection-free Mesa Therapy

    Brand new cosmetology

    Stone therapy, massage

    Manicure and pedicure

    Hairdressing salon

Modern professional equipment.

    Highly qualified specialists’ services.

    Health Centre:

    Hydro massage swimming pool for 4 people

    Turkish bath, steam rooms and shower cabins

    hydro massage cabins

    New ?Tropical heavy shower?!

14. Administrative building

    For children:


    Play room mini-club ?Maugli?

    Tutors, supervisors


    Entertainment Programs:

    Every day show programs with a large entertainment team: shows; cheerful holidays; fests; discos; corporate parties.

    Standard room (148 rooms):

    A single room.

    In the hall: a cupboard, hall-stand, and a mirror.

    In the room: a dressing table, an armchair, mini-bar, TV, telephone, internet, a bed, and bedside tables.

    There are rooms with one king size bed and two twin beds.

    There are 48 triple rooms (euro folding bed and a children’s bed).

    In the bathroom: a shower cabin, toiletry (shampoo, liquid soap), a towel set. Each room has a balcony.


    Shower hydro massage cabins;

    Steam cabins for treatment (steam, hydro massage, chromo therapy, music); Exotic treatment: real shower buckets with ice for the ones with strong spirit!

    Hamam (Turkish bath);

    Mini swimming pool

    "Tropical heavy shower" for those who are not afraid of a storm!

    Beauty and Health Centre:

    3 cosmetology rooms (face and body), equipped with modern devices which guarantee the immediate effect after the first treatment.

    ?Capsule of health? - alpha-capsule with a lot of extra facilities. 4 massage rooms, 2 stone therapy rooms. Stone therapy is an ancient treatment by means of hot stones. The harmonic use of different massage techniques and hot stones helps your body to relax, stimulates the inflow of positive energy, and puts you into balance with yourself.

    The relaxing massage with the use of hot stones guarantees their positive influence on your body on both physical and emotional levels. It stimulates the immune

    system, blood circulation and metabolism processes, and harmonizes the inflow of positive energy.

    Injection-free Meza Therapy Room. This modern method of treatment will help you to easily get rid of cellulite and extra fat; early aging, mimicry wrinkles, double chin, and shapeless face; lymphatic pathology; vitamin related health problems and skin changes connected with it; hair losing; photo hair removing, etc.

    Mio stimulation room. Simple and available way of solving lots of problems: obesity and cellulite after giving your body shape correction or grafting your muscle bulk, face oval correction, wrinkles reduce, double chin correction, breast shape correction, metabolism stimulation, body building (for sportsmen). Manicure and pedicure room;

    Hairdressing salon (2 seats);

    Recreation room with comfortable furniture, TV, sauna or infra red cabin, Jacuzzi, restroom;

    Physiotherapy room;

    Medical treatment room;

    Vertical solarium.

    Special attention is paid to New Facilities and the latest SPA developments: The latest Alpha-capsule with numerous extra facilities: steam, infra red heating, vibrating massage, colour therapy, aroma therapy, vitamins and minerals providing system, Vichy shower, shower, sprayers for foot massage, hydro massage bath. Luxury design, entertainment facilities: 5.6 inches colour LCD screen, DVD with stereo sound you can enjoy treatment and watch your favorite film!

    Mio stimulation. The effect after using this new generation device is striking: after the first treatment the body shape reduces by 2 - 5 cm. After receiving the whole course of treatment it reduces by 1.5 or 2 sizes (though, some people even become 4 or 5 sizes smaller). No other treatment gives such a good result. Finally, you not only lose your extra fat but you also get the overall rehabilitation of your organism: blood circulation stimulation, lymphatic system and muscle tonus stimulation, complete purification of your body from slag and excess liquid. This modern equipment also helps you to enhance your breast muscles tonus, recovers its shape, and helps you to avoid early skin aging and get rid of any kind of cellulite. This equipment is also used to solve your face cosmetology problems and provides “double” chin correction by stimulating facial and neck muscles. The result is the same as after the face lifting cosmetic surgery.

    Injection-free mesa therapy. This is a modern alternative to mesa therapy without any complications and side effects. This method has been used in medicine for more than 30 years for vaccination and insulin injections. By means of oxygen pressure the cosmetic medication is placed into the deep skin layers. The result is fantastic! Long effect! (more than 6 months).

    ?Tropical attack? - An ideal sun tan (it takes just a few minutes to get it). Your body is equally sprayed over. You can choose any from a variety of tans from

    ?coffee with milk? to bronze! The effect lasts over 2 weeks!

The temporary body tattoo. Stunning ornament for the ultra short period of time.

    Any ornaments from small and uncolored to very complicated bright, 3D,

    multicolored ones.

    Body Tattoo. Stylish and modern, from simple ones (stars, flowers, hearts,

    butterflies, etc.) to complicated, abstract images (e.g. the eastern symbols).

    Hair design. The hair dye is put on your hair, and in a couple of minutes you can

    amaze your friends and relatives with the unusual hair colour. A wide range of

    colours. You can also get any hairstyle.

    Make-up simple and easy! The technology that has been used in the film industry,

    on TV and in the professional photography for many years is now available for you!

    So, after a short period of time, you will feel completely relaxed, rehabilitated and

    happy, as if you had just come back from a long vocation or from the most stylish

    and expensive beauty salon.

    We have prepared one more surprise for our guests… Have you ever been to the tropics? Have you ever been caught in the tropical

    heavy shower? No? You should try… ?Tropical heavy shower?. We guarantee

    you will get lots and lots of positive emotions!

    Don’t wait, come and visit our “SPA Centre”!

     A tour price per person is 120 euro per person

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