Unit Five Nelson Mandela

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Unit Five Nelson Mandela

Unit Five Nelson Mandela---a modern hero


    1. mean P33 Warming up

    adj (1) be mean to sb (2) be mean with money

    verb 注意区分 mean doing/ mean to do

    1. The new order will mean working overtime.

    2. He didnt mean to do any harm.

    同时需要区分的如(forget doing/ forget to do remember doing/ remember to do regret doing/ regret to do stop doing/ stop to do等等

    此外需重点掌握“本打算做”had meant to do=meant to have done

    类似表达有 had intended to do had planned to do had hoped to do I had meant to attend the meeting, but I had an unexpected guest. 请注意以下mean表“重要”意义的搭配(

    mean a great deal/a lot/the world/something/everything/nothing to sb He claims that money means nothing to him.

    Her family mean the world to her.

    2. devoted

    搭配 be devoted to sth/doing sth devote oneself to sth/ doing sth 同义词组表达有( dedicate oneself to sth/ be dedicated to sth

    apply oneself to sth immerse oneself in sth/ be immersed in sth

     bury oneself in sth/ be buried in sth lose oneself in sth/ be lost in sth

     be absorbed in

    Lost/ Absorbed in his work, he didnt hear what I said.(注意不要加being)

    3. He is the first man to land on the moon in July 1969 P33 Pre-reading 仔细分析以下句子(

    The Maori were the earliest people to come to New Zealand.

    You are the right person to do the job.

    She was the only one to survive the crash.

    China is far from the first country to take measures to protect local languages. 完成 Who is the first ____________? (arrive)

    思考: (2008浙江) It is one of the funniest things ________ on the Internet so far this year. A. finding B. being found C. to find D. found


    4. I had to leave because my family could not continue to pay the school fees and the bus fare.

     fare 车费,船费 bus/ taxi/train/ rail/ air fares

     fee 专业服务的费用 doctors / legal fees

    5. until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no right at all. P34 L20 6. we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important or

    fight the government.

    当先行词为situation point case stage position circumstance定语从句由where 引导

    Can you think of some cases where people may tell lies?

    Mother suggest you should find out the point where you failure lies. Sometimes we can get into such an situation where we have to turn to others. 思考: (2009北京) What do you think of teaching, Bob?

    --I find it fun and challenging. It is a job _______ you are doing something serious but interesting.

    A. where B. which C. when D. that

    (2009重庆) Life is like a long race______ we compete with others to go beyond ourselves. A. why B. what C. that D. where

    Nursing is a career ________ patience and love matter.

    体会用where 的规律


    2008 山东!Occasions are quite rare_______ I have the time to send a day with my kids. A. who B. which C. why D. when

7. We chose to attack the laws. P34L26

     attack/ hit/ strike

    Our plan is to hit/ attack/ strike the enemy before they can hit us. The virus attacks the bodys immune system.

    The study has been attacked as unscientific.

    A powerful earthquake hit/ struck the city.

    It hit/struck me that I was doing something wrong. They expect the temperature to hit 90 this afternoon. The flu strikes millions of people every year./ He was stricken with a high fever.


    8. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.



    Only when you are 16 are you able to drive yourself.

    Only by bringing in new management, I guess, __________________(我们才能阻止) our

    hotel from bad to worse.(prevent)

    Only in that way____________________(我们才能准备好)the challenges and opportunities

    in life. (ready)

    9. I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal

    equal adj

    These issues are of equal importance.

    be equal to= be capable of

    My grandfather is too old to be equal to walking.

    I hope you can prove equal to the job.

     verb 1) Three plus two equals five.

     2) No one can equal him in chess./ No one can match him in chess

    noun have no equal / without equal

    同义词组be no match for sb/ be a match for sb

    He has no equal at chess.= He is without equal at chess.

    I am no match for him at chess

    10. as a matter of fact in fact

     Do you know her personally? As a matter of fact, I do.”

     注意in fact在句子中得具体用法

    1. I used to live in France; in fact, not far from where you are going. 2. They know each other; in fact, they are close friends. 在以上两句中in fact用于补充细节,翻译为确切地说

    3. I thought the work would be difficult. In fact, its very easy.

    4. He claimed that he supported the bill, but in fact he voted against it. 此处in fact用于强调与事实相反, 翻译为事实上

    10. but in 1963 I helped him blow up some government buildings.

    blow up

    1. 充气 blow up a balloon/ blow up a tire

    2. 爆炸,使爆炸 The bomb blew up. / The soldiers blew up the bridge with a bomb.

    3. 爆发 A storm blew up suddenly./ A crisis has blown up over the Presidents latest


    4. 发火 The boss blew up when the shipment arrived late.

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