The ROB Update

By Carlos Weaver,2014-06-28 11:03
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The ROB Update ...

The Nepal Update

JUNE 28, 2010 VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1

    Namaste Everyone!

    I would just like to share what we have been working on in the past few months. A “Never Doubt lot of energy is circulating around Matraiya Gardens, and we look forward to our

    first fundraisers in L.A. and Ojai later this summer. That A Small Group of Along the way, we’ve have had several victories raising money for projects for

    Nepal Direct Effects, and garnering more supporters. Thoughtful, Committed The level of sincere support, excitement, and interested involvement from Citizens Can Nepali's and Nepali organizations in particular is of note, and speaks

    volumes for the spirit of our project, and it's likely long-term, positive Change The impact and success. World Indeed,

    We are moving forward in motivating, effective ways towards building a It’s The Only

    long-term, positive vehicle for community development within Nepal, and Things That Ever are grateful for the interest and support expressed so far by everyone Has.” involved.

    I feel extremely lucky to have made the connections we have been able to make so far with such like-minded, positive, passionate, motivating people, and would like say “Thank You!” to everyone involved in our group efforts.

     IN THIS ISSUE: We have many motivating, challenging, rewarding years ahead, and are MAITRAYA definitely on track for accomplishing a great deal. I look forward to sharing GARDENS Fundraisers, them with each of you! Grant writers and Board of Director’s formed, May You Find What You Seek - May You Seek What Is True. First corporate Health, Happiness, and Peace, sponsor! UNDER Rob CONSTRUCTION: See what we are working on! NEPAL DIRECT NEW DEVELOPMENT EFFECTS Mesa State raises $$$! MATRAIYA GARDENS MOVES AHEAD We now have both a professional fundraiser, Brian Murphy, LAUGHING and also a grant writer, Aaron T., on our team, and have BUDDHA CARPETS also formed our first official Board of Directors. Juanita Finds a new home in Ojai! Miura and Jennifer Anderson, founders of SEED Interiors,, Sharmila Mali, HOW YOU CAN Rob Buckley, and Brian Murphy make up our first Board. HELP! We will be forming an Advisory Board on an on-going basis, creating a team of committed, influential advisors with specialized experience in each particular field of our work. If you are interested or have recommendations, please let us know - we greatly value your experience, your knowledge, and your passion, and look forward to

    working with you, and learning from you.

    In particular, we are in need of advisors in relation to the set up of our massage

    therapy school and spa, and advisors to assist in our financial set up. “Those Who Say It Establishing corporate connections for sponsorship and funding is also an area in

    which we could use further assistance. Cannot Be Done We have been working on our first official fundraiser for Matraiya Gardens in LA, Should Not and are aiming for late summer, depending on the venue selected. This will be our


    Those Who

    Are Doing

first major promotions push, to be followed by a secondary fundraiser and publicity

    event in Ojai.


    After hosting an informal presentation and talk to recruit supporters and assistance

    for organizing a fundraiser in Ojai, John Roulac, founder of Nutiva offered to sponsor our project.

As a result, we will be listed in Nutiva’s upcoming newsletter, linked to their

    webpage, and 1% of the following term’s sales will be donated to Matraiya Gardens. Our first sponsor, and a sign of things to come!


    We have filed our official paperwork as a non-profit in the States, and are preparing

    a finalized business plan to present potential donors, investors, and media.

Our research of potential funding agencies has begun, and we will begin submitting

    proposals for grant support in the months ahead.


    We are working to foster new relationships that will

     bring us closer to our goals for Nepal Direct Effects and Matraiya Gardens. TEAMBUILDING FOR MATRAIYA GARDENS Many friends have expressed a great deal of interest and offered their assistance. They all have great contributions to offer and we hope to

    work together in the future.

    Bijay Niraula continues to be a strong supporter and facilitator of our efforts in many ways, and has helped arrange connections with Nepali performers for our fundraisers, and architects and designers for our efforts in Nepal. “Many friends

     have Nishan Pradhan is currently living in Kathmandu and working for Save the expressed Children. He has been conducting an extensive study and survey of the Untouchable

    a great community in Nepal the past few months, and has offered his assistance in

    connecting with the Untouchable community as well as international aid agencies. deal of interest…” Premu of Kathmandu Kitchen, is likely to provide delicious Nepali cuisine for the

    L.A. fundraiser and has helped connect us with Nepali musicians and dancers, and

    also with the local Nepali community and organizations in LA.

    Yogi and Bindu Shakya of Hotel Ambassador continue to be strong supporters, and very interested in our project. Their assistance with local negotiations, management, training, and oversight will be major aspects to our community

    success in Nepal.

Deepak Man Scherchan of CBC Construction in Nepal is also very interested in

    assisting our construction efforts in Nepal, and with the track record and experience of his organization, can provide a great deal of world-class assistance in the actual

    construction of Matraiya Gardens.

    Govinda Chipalu of Kathmandu Midtown Rotary Club has expressed strong interest in connecting his Rotary Club with our efforts.

    Santosh Gyawali, computer guru of USAID/Nepal is also very supportive and interested, and would like to connect his Kathmandu Metro Rotary Club with our efforts, and has offered to assist in efforts to mobilize our Nepal team.

Ricci Gautum of CLP-Nepal, a non-profit founded by former Peace Corps cultural

    and language instructors in Nepal, is ready to assist our project's efforts at

    community mobilization, outreach, and awareness.

    Thanks to Jenny Anderson, The Daywalka Foundation, an INGO in Nepal, is very supportive of our efforts. Their deputy director, Deepak Maskey, has offered to assist us on an independent basis in the process of registering and establishing

    ourselves as an official organization in Nepal.

    Daywalka is a legal organization similar to LegalAid, with a primary focus on anti-corruption, anti-prostitution, and anti-girl-trafficking.

The Ojai Foundation has expressed enthusiasm at the potential of assisting in

    community outreach in Nepal, specializing in building effective community methods

    of communication and interconnection, and also community council.

Sister-City Project: The city of Ojai has many strong similarities to our community

    project in Nepal, on many levels. Ojai is world-known as a healing center, spa

    center, and community of peace, and has been referred to as "Shangri-La". It is also where Krishna Murti lived for many years, and achieved enlightenment.

It seems a natural fit to our project efforts at Matraiya Gardens, and as a result we

    are pursuing sister-city relationships between the city of Ojai and our village in Nepal. We have had several very positive meetings with Mayor Hahnstad in these regards, and are fairly certain of eventual approval.

The US Embassy in Kathmandu continues to be incredibly supportive and

    responsive, and we look forward to many years of effective community development

    efforts in Nepal together.


     MATRAIYA GARDEN CLOTHING LINE Another exciting development is our efforts at establishing our own line of hemp and organic-cotton yoga and spa-

     related clothing from Nepal.

     “…we are all As our publicity and media will be focused on yoga excited about centers, massage therapy schools, and spas, the likelihood getting back of interest in our clothing is very strong, and the home to Nepal to interconnection of media attention and our project's efforts is a natural fit. We envision a women's collective in Nepal to produce film footage of

    our clothing line, paying them extremely well, with a large portion of the work…” proceeds directly supporting Matraiya Gardens.


    Beth Cloutier is working on filming a documentary on our project, which is

    motivating to us all. She has organized independent fundraising efforts in

    New York City, and networked a great deal.

She is set to film our first fundraiser in LA, with a film crew and team

    already in place, and we are all excited about getting back home to Nepal to

    film footage of the work achieved so far, and the potential construction

    sites. This will provide further funding of the film, and will also be of use as a “footprint” for the design team to start mapping out a 3-Dimensional model of the actual Matraiya Garden's project, school, resort, and grounds.

Beth is set to release another of her documentary films via


    Ken of SEED Interiors Group has been working hard the past several

    weeks at building our first basic website, and once up and running the publicity and media attention is certain to begin.


    James Sorenson and Theresa Kennedy (co-founders), and friends at IT Magazine ( *beautiful, incredible organization*) are

    gearing up for their official launch, and continue to be excited about working

    together to promote and support our efforts.


Our logo design is near completion, and we have received a great deal of

    design assistance from both Ranendra Mali in Kathmandu, and Ali-sun Parker, an artist at "Beulah's Collective" in Nepal.


    Direct Relief

     At Nepal Direct Effects we had several positive meetings with Direct Relief International, a non- profit that focuses on providing medical supplies “Money raised and support to health clinics overseas. We are

    from Mesa State hopeful that this will lead to future support for the

    Chhatrapati Free Clinic in Kathmandu in their College will be

    search for new equipment, and funding to used to fund a provide a new roof. benefit concert in Nepal.” MESA STATE RAISES MONEY FOR BENEFIT CONCERT IN NEPAL

     For the third year in a row, Jim Buckley, Mesa State Nepali students, and

    faculty successfully raised money for our community development projects

    at Nepal Direct Effects.

We were able to give the go ahead for a benefit concert in Nepal for the

    drug drop-in centers. Robin Tamang of “Robin and the Revolution has offered to play a benefit concert, with all of the proceeds going directly to support the programs, and the YCC Team in Birgunj is currently making


    Jason Oleskevich also conducted a fundraiser at the middle-school he teaches at in Colorado, raising $500 in funds for Nepal Direct Effects.

Thanks to these efforts several more rickshaw’s will be purchased as part of

    the rickshaw micro-credit project in Birgunj, Nepal.


    We have set up shop at a (formerly women's) artist's collective in Ojai

    ("Beulah's Collective"). It is an eclectic collection of local artisans, and

    Fair Trade world products, and I feel very lucky to share space with them.

    We have a basic selection of Tibetan carpets from the community workshop in Sundarijal, along with jewelry and some other goods from Nepal. The

    vision is to at one point have a "Himalayan Arts Gallery" in Ojai where we

    can offer Fair Trade, quality, spiritual products from Nepal and Tibet, with a

    good portion of proceeds going directly in support of Matraiya Gardens and

    Nepal Direct Effects.

    Our first real efforts are in promotion and establishment of our community-based Tibetan carpet workshop: we make everything by hand, from the

    start, including our own in-house 100% organic dyes. Any size, color, or

    design of Tibetan carpet can be made.



    We are seeking endorsement letters and

    recommendations from the various individuals and

    organizations involved or supportive of our efforts for

    Matraiya Gardens.

    Matraiya Garden Foundation 2723 Dashwood St.

If you feel yourself, or the organization you are involved with, would be

    interested in providing a letter of endorsement for our project, we would

    appreciate it greatly.


    Lastly, there are several specific areas we are looking for further assistance

    in our efforts at Matraiya Gardens:

    ? Connections for potential In-kind donations for our upcoming fundraisers

    ? Contacts for likely Corporate Support

    ? Media connections where you live

    ? Assistance in building a web page for our Fair Trade Tibetan Carpet



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