Can we conquer over nature

By Bill Hunter,2014-04-14 10:25
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Can we conquer over nature

Can we conquer over nature?

     Long long ago, in the archaic Japan, people of the Smeltery Town cut down morn and more trees in the forest to smelt iron, in which many Deities were living. The forest was on the brink of disappearing. Princess Mononoke, San, the forest??s defender, was a girl who was fed up by the Wolf Deity. She tried her best to protect the forest together with a mysterious youngster Ashitaka, and even fought a large battle against the human beings. At last, the forest god appeared, saved Princess Mononoke, and destroyed the Smeltery Town as the punishment for hurting nature.

     That is the plot of the famous movie Princess Mononoke, made by Hayao Miyazaki ten years ago. It tells us that human has asked for too much form nature and harmed the environment deeply. Human will be punished if we destroy the living lands any further.

     Great master Hayao Miyazaki, is the most famous cartoon movie maker in Japan. His works are very impressive because of the common topic appeared in the movies that human should keep balance with nature in their daily life. For example, Hayao??s first masterpiece, Nausica? of the Valley of Wind, is telling a story that one thousand years later, the living environment around us is destroyed by human beings completely and human are living a hard life. But the stupid people neglect the forests and insects?? recovering function and keep fighting a war against nature. In Hayao??s work, there is always a eco-defender appearing and helping protect the environment. It may be the symbolize of the human??s awaking to nature in Hayao??s hope. Hayao want to tell a truth that we can not conquer over nature.

     After world-war II, Japan developed its economy at very fast speed. But as the industry growing up, Japan??s environment became more and more terrible. Some serious environmental accidents were happened in Japan. But now, Japanese public sense is very good. Streets are very clean all the time although there is few dustbin. They don??t think that human can beat nature. To the contrary, they learn how to live a happy life with taking care about the living environment.

     But there is just one Hayao in the world. Many people still don??t understand the principle between human and nature. During 1958 to 1960, Great Leap Forward happened in China. People thought that they can conquer over nature in order to have a great harvest. But the truth told us that the economy depression was the result of harming nature. Nature is the foundation of human beings. People live in nature and

    use the resources of nature. Sunlight, earth, rain, nature gives a lot of factors to us living things. If we harm the environment seriously, nature will revenge on us and destroy all the things we own. We can??t conquer over nature, but just keep balance between nature and us.

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