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The Life Fertility Clinic ...

The Life FertilityCare


Statement of


    January 2008

The Life Fertility Clinic


? Aims, objectives and philosophy of care

    ? Name and address, relevant qualifications and experience of the

    registered provider and registered manager

    ? Number, relevant qualifications and experience of staff

? Organisational structure

    ? Kinds of treatments and services provided, range of needs which those

    services are intended to meet, and the facilities which are available for

    the benefit of patient

? Respect for privacy and dignity

? Consultation arrangements

    ? Admission criteria for sub-fertility - client suitability

? Contact with the Life FertilityCare Team

    ? Arrangements for respecting the privacy and dignity of patients

? Fire safety

? Complaints procedure

? Monitoring and Quality Assurance

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 2 Review date 09/09

Aims and Objectives


To offer a medically based approach to reproductive health in line with the

    LIFE pro-life ethos.


    ? To respect the dignity and welfare of each individual with whom we associate in

    the practice of our work,

    ? To display a respect for the value and dignity of human life from fertilization

    (conception) through to natural death

    ? To educate on the natural cycle and fertility using the Creighton Model

    FertilityCare system through a network of specially trained teacher/practitioners.

    ? To provide Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro, NPT) treatment by specially

    trained medical physicians to clients with reproductive health problems.

    ? For all FertilityCare qualified staff and trainees to adhere to the AAFCP code of


    Philosophy of Care

    We believe in and offer a pro-life approach to reproductive health.

We offer a caring and safe environment for clients and their families.

We provide, by trained and experienced staff using evidence-based practice, information

    to enable clients to make health and reproductive choices.

    We aim to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the needs of each couple/client and work

    with them/her to fulfil their/her expectations.

Where this is not possible we will offer support to enable clients to consider the issues

    of reproductive health and medicine for their situation and to re-evaluate their/her

    needs for the future.

We appreciate that all our clients have the right to dignity, confidentiality, empathy and

    respect for their customs, values and beliefs.

We provide a holistic approach to client care.

We maintain high standards of care by continually reassessing and auditing the services

    we provide.

    By updating our professional skills and with on-going professional development, we are

    able to offer our clients the very best care.

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 3 Review date 09/09

Name and address, relevant qualifications and experience of the

    registered provider and registered manager

Registered Provider:


    Life House

    1 Mill Street

    Leamington Spa

    Warwickshire CV31 4ES

    Tel: 01926 421 587


    Registered charity which has 30 years experience in supporting women and children,

    including 10 years Life FertilityCare work with sister charity Life Hospital Trust.

Manager (registered manager)

    Ira Winter

    National Fertility Co-ordinator

    Life Fertility Programme

    Address: (currently; expected to relocate once clinic opens in Leamington Spa)

    15 Yew Tree Lane


    Liverpool L12 9HG

    Tel: 0151 259 5890

    Qualifications Registered Nurse

    Fertility Care Practitioner


    BSc in Complementary Therapies

    MSc in Medical Informatics


    20 years work within the NHS including 7 years as ward sister and 4 years as nursing

    research coordinator for an NHS Trust.

Correspondent address

    Life Health Centre

    Yew Tree Lane

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 4 Review date 09/09

West Derby


    L12 9HH

Tel: 0151 220 9495

    Fax: 0151 220 9497


    Margaret Parsons

Number, relevant qualifications and experience of staff working in the


The staff in attendance at the Leamington Spa Clinic are:

    ? Dr Anne Carus, MB, BS, FCP, CFCMC

    Dr. Anne Carus qualified as a physician in 1979 from University College Hospital

    Medical School and achieved full medical registration with the General Medical Council

    in 1980. She has been working as a NaProTechnology physician since March 2002 and

    took over as the LIFE physician in August 2002.

    ? Ms Ira Winter, RN, BSc, MSc, FCP, (experience see above)

    ? Mrs Margaret Parsons, RN, RM, FCP

    ? One PA/administrative assistant, enthusiasm for this work, ability to type >100

    strokes/min, good standard of general education, experience of office

    administration, experience of dealing with members of the public in person and via

    telephone, computer literate.

All staff teaching the Creighton Model FertilityCare Natural Family Planning system are

    required to be registered with the American Association of FertilityCare Professionals

    (AAFCP) FCP or FCP intern.

All staff adhere to the Life Fertility Programme policies and protocols and have copies of

    ? Practitioner Responsibilities

    ? Confidentiality

    ? Health and Safety

    ? Quality Assurance

    ? Complaints Procedure

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 5 Review date 09/09

Staff are required to attend physician led meetings for the purpose of discussion,

    updating and auditing. Relevant research-based information is distributed to all staff as

    it becomes available. Staff are encouraged to attend external training and information

    days which are relevant to this Programme.

    Life FertilityCare Organisational Chart

    Responsible Individual / Chief Executive

    Registered Manager / National FertilityCare Co-ordinator


    FertilityCareDeputy FertilityFertilityCare Care Co-ordinatorPractitioners Educator

    PA / Administration

    No clinic involvementFertilityCare Chart teaching onlyPractitioners (Intern)

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 6 Review date 09/09

Services and Treatments

The Life FertilityCare Programme is based on the Creighton Model FertilityCare charting

    system, and the use of NaPro Technology for the treatment of sub-fertility and women’s

    health problems.

Those involved in providing the Life FertilityCare Programme as Practitioners and

    Physicians have been fully trained and accredited by the FertilityCare and NaPro

    Technology Programme directed by Dr Thomas Hilgers MD, Consultant Obstetrician and

    Gynaecologist at the Pope Paul VI Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Services are provided in such a way that facilitates access by people of different

    cultural and ethnic backgrounds and those with physical disabilities, sensory disabilities

    and learning disabilities.

Prior to a client/couple registering for the Life FertilityCare Programme the service user

    or the physician may request a consultation to establish how the programme can be of

    benefit. This consultation is arranged by the Fertility Co-ordinator. Once registered

    with the programme the Client/couple will be assigned a Practitioner.

A teacher of the charting system is called a Practitioner. She will work closely with the

    client/couple to help them to achieve accurate charting and a full understand of the

    fertility cycle. A link is provided by the Practitioner to the medical applications of the

    programme. Medical consultations are arranged by the clinic staff for those clients

    accessing treatment for women’s health or sub-fertility. Clients are able to contact the staff readily to discuss any queries or problems regarding treatment or charting. This

    ensures maximum benefits to the users of the Life FertilityCare Programme and

    continuity of services and care.

The key services available to the client or couple accessing the Life FertilityCare


    ? Natural Fertility Awareness and Management for women who want to understand

    their fertility cycle and for couples who wish to use the method to avoid or achieve

    a pregnancy.

    ? A women’s health treatment programme is available when conditions such as PMS,

    dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, unusual bleeding and irregular menstrual cycles occur.

    The co-operative nature of the treatment can overcome or reduce the clinical

    symptoms presented.

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 7 Review date 09/09

    ? Infertility this symptom based approach to sub- fertility tackles, where possible,

    the underlying cause of the problem and restores health.

Patient information leaflets are available on request.

    ? Natural Family Planning using the Creighton Model System

    ? NaProTechnology

    ? Information on counselling/support services are available to all who register for

    the Life FertilityCare Programme.

    ? Referral to other agencies and services, such as adoption.


The Life FertilityCare Clinic in Leamington Spa uses 3 rooms

    ? Office

    ? Two Consulting rooms with examination couch

    ? Scanning facilities in one of the consultation rooms

All rooms have windows offering natural light, and appropriate heating and electric

    lighting for the needs of the clinical session. The scanning/examination area can be

    screened off.

A waiting area and toilet facilities are available for use by clients and staff. There are

    facilities to make hot and cold drinks.

Smoking is not allowed in any of these areas.

Consultation arrangements

All prospective clients enter the programme by filling in a questionnaire either on paper

    (obtained by contacting the clinic) or via the website. Suitability for the programme is

    assessed by the physician or the coordinator and the couple are informed in writing

    (email or letter) of the outcome.

Subsequently couples wishing to pursue an appointment with the physician (whether or

    not we have deemed them suitable) can do so by contacting the clinic.

Subsequent consultations are arranged according to clinical need, generally every 3-4


    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 8 Review date 09/09

    Policy for client suitability

     for LFP-Infertility.

Policy Statement

    This policy outlines how interested couples can access the Life FertilityCare


Related policies/procedures

    Information and assessment documents located on the web site.

Criteria for suitability

    ? Married couples (married to each other)

    ? Physically there should be no significant obstacle to natural conception, either in

    the male or female

    ? Hormone results obtained within three months of enquiry indicate that the

    woman’s body would be receptive to natural conception.

    ? Couples who have previously had IVF treatment and have frozen embryos are not

    able to access the Life FertilityCare Programme.

    ? The client’s ability to pay for this treatment.

    ? The Life FertilityCare Programme shows no discrimination on the grounds of colour,

    culture, religion or politics. However the programme is based on a very clear pro-

    life ethos regarding antenatal screening (with a view to abortion), abortion,

    selective reduction; clients wishing to pursue any of the former will not be eligible

    for the Life FertilityCare Programme


    National Fertility Co-ordinator and her deputy

Policy Monitoring and Review

    This policy is reviewed annually unless evidence indicates sooner

Compliance with Statutory Requirements

    The Healthcare Commission, minimum standards.


    Life FertilityCare staff.

Staff training requirements

    All staff are suitably trained and skilled in the roles for which they are employed

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 9 Review date 09/09

Contact with the Life FertilityCare Team

A client/couple are assigned a FertilityCare Practitioner who teaches the Creighton

    Model System of fertility charting. The client/couple will continue to liaise with their Practitioner on an agreed schedule. (Couples who are being treated for infertility are required to liaise with their Practitioner every menstrual cycle in order to collate information for the Physician to enable treatment to be reviewed).

    The client/couple have access to the National FertilityCare Co-ordinator, or her deputy, via telephone, fax and email. In an emergency situation this facility is available outside normal working hours.

    Medical consultations are arranged according to the treatment plan discussed with the client/couple. Medical reviews are usually every 3-4 cycles of treatment unless indicated otherwise. Client/Couples have access to the Life FertilityCare Programme Physician, via the National Co-ordinator or her deputy, between medical consultations as required.

    Couples registered with the Life FertilityCare Programme receive a patient guide book including information on: Contact information, mission statement, programme information, policy for client suitability for LFP infertility; Down’s Syndrome, Admission procedure,

    fees, Over-reading lubrication, mucus cycle scoring; effective cycles of treatment, general information for couples aiming to achieve a pregnancy; instructions for seminal fluid collection; co-operative progesterone replacement therapy; HCG injections; medication used in the LFP; the use of progesterone in Pregnancy; Peak+17 Protocol; You have had a positive pregnancy test; complaints procedure; Healthcare Commission contact details.

Privacy and Dignity

    Staff are trained to maintain the dignity and privacy of all who contact The Life FertilityCare Clinic. Good communication and listening skills is paramount to the care we provide. We address and resolve all concerns expressed by those enquiring about or those using our services.

    Communication to health professionals or others about a client will only be made with her/his consent.

    Clients are made aware of the examination procedures which may be appropriate at medical consultations. During these procedures the dignity and privacy of the client is ensured.

    MP/IGW/LFC Issue date 09/07 10 Review date 09/09

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