Lora Leigh - Wizard Twins 02 - When Wizards Rule

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Lora Leigh - Wizard Twins 02 - When Wizards Rule


     An Ellora‘s Cave Publication, August 2005

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     This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. They are productions of the authors‘ imagination and used fictitiously.

     Edited by Sue-Ellen Gower.

     Cover art by Syneca .


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     Lora Leigh


     Once, so very long ago, there was peace in the lands of Sentmar. A time when Cauldaran and Covenan did not exist. A time when it was only the land of Magick, ruled by the Wizard Twins and their Consorts.

     But in the forgetfulness of the ages, and a search for power and standing, Wizard Twins and Sorceress Consorts forgot the first and foremost role of their hierarchy and that of their Joinings. That love must conquer the heart, that power meets and tender hearts mold, and in the joining, a union is born.

     Power cannot be decided by the minds of men. Even men who hold all power at their fingertips. Power will dim and eventually cease when love does not heat the embers of lust and create a fire of endurance and compassion.

     And so did this day come. A day when Joinings were decided by the depth of power gauged. Wizard Twins to Sorceress Consort, alliances built not on the tender emotions or the compassionate hearts, but on the less merciful basis of what can and must be gained.

     And what had once been pleasure became pain. What had once been seen as a mating of hearts, souls and minds became but endurance, a basis for hatred and the chill of ice. And so this time continued, until both Wizards and Sorceresses no longer remembered why they strived to live within the same lands, or that their disharmony flowed from within.

     Sorceresses whispered of love. Wizards dreamed of power. Daughters were contracted into Joining before birth, sons ordered to choose on basis of the material rather than of the heart.

     And the magick began to falter, violence began to fill the castles. In one last desperate effort to force those who were blind to see, the Sentinel Select separated their children. To the land of Covenan, the Sorceress Select drew her daughters, women of great intuitive magick, of compassion and strength. Bequeathed to the Wizard Twins by the Wizard Select were the lands of Cauldaran, those lands which once held harmony, but were now torn with strife. For the Select believed their children to be wise, compassionate and would in time see the errors of their


     Instead the Cauldaran warred against Covenan, further dividing their races until finally there was no hope, no chance to realign the magick of their kinds. And the land settled, weeping for its lost children, as the humans of Secular grew in abundance.

     And it was said the magick of the twin moons of the Select would weaken. That discord would result. That death and war would come to the lands as magick gave way beneath the hands of a darker alliance.

     The alliance of Secular and the building tendrils of dark hatred.

     And so this time has come. Violence builds as the humans strike. Betrayal, death and blood began to fill the lands that once knew only peace, only compassion.

     The time has come to reunite. Wizard Twins to Sorceress Consort. Mercy, compassion and love to that of arrogance, power and strength. A gentling. A building of the foundations of harmony.

     But the Seculars have found also an alliance of power. A dark strength that had built as the strength of Twins and Consort waned. And now shall it strike…

     Chapter One

     There was such magick on Sentmar. The twin moons blazed overhead, the rings of power surrounding them casting a perfect illusion of serenity and peace above the land Marina so cherished. She leaned against the window, her hands pressed against the warm glass, her gaze trained on the rings, wondering if they appeared brighter, stronger than they had in the past. For so many years they had seemed so dim, just as the magick that flowed rich and hot in her veins had felt further out of reach than she knew it should have been.

     Was it true that the magick increased from the bondings of Wizards and Sorceresses? That the mating of Wizard Twins to one magick female could truly heal the ills of their land?

     If this were true, then her own future would be far more precarious than she had ever imagined it to be. Already the Priestess Select, the

    elders of feminine magick and truth were gathering together to discuss this matter. Her mother had been called away just this past night to attend yet another meeting called by the austere wise women.

     Marina clenched her teeth in anger at the thought of such meetings. That so few would make decisions which would so affect so many of the sorceresses within their land. Already word had gone out that no bondings of Covenan Sorceresses and Sorcerers could be performed, that any promises of such pairing would be withheld until the meetings of the Coven were completed.

     Her fists clenched as she pushed herself from the window, stomping across her bedchamber in a fit of pique.

     ―‘Tis not fair,‖ she charged, her fury rising swift and hot inside her as she pushed her fingers restlessly through the red-gold curls that fell about her face. ―I will not heed their demands. My future is my own.‖ She snarled the words, but in her soul she feared there was no chance of such an outcome. She was being waylaid at every turn, pushed back, hemmed in by the very fact that she was a sorceress, a daughter of the Ruling House of Sellane, and as such, possessing the promise of great power. Power which could be harnessed, could be used to strengthen the land against those who would destroy the magick forever.

     Even now, within her home Wizards gathered, paying court to both her and her sister, Serena. Serena she could well understand. The heir to the throne of Sellane possessed great power. The strength of her magick, even in its immaturity, was often remarked upon. She was considered not just the heiress to the throne, but also the heiress of a power prophesied for centuries.

     Marina‘s lip curled at the thought of the procession, which met her sister within the receiving rooms on a nightly basis. Wizard Twins by the dozens, declaring their suit, eager to test their powers to those of the regal princess, to see if they, through Rite of Reception, or Courtship, could claim her for their own. It was said Wizards and Consorts were chosen by the gods themselves, but Wizards had learned centuries ago, that alignments could be forced, no matter the will of the gods. They weren‘t as powerful, nor were the matches ones that the Sorceresses found harmony within. But those earlier Wizards had disregarded such warnings, just as they would now, Marina feared.

     There had been no such gathering for her, though, and she knew well

    the reason why. Caise and Kai‘el Sashtain. Damn their magick and their arrogance, they followed at her heels like great stalking beasts, growling and snarling at any other male who would dare to come to near her.

     They gave her no peace. They gave her no chance to still the fears rising inside her, merely running over her objections, determined in their male superiority to claim her. And she could do nothing to fight them. That irked at her greatly. That there was nothing, no way to counter their suit for her body. And her magick had betrayed her the moment they had stepped forth.

     Even now she could feel the crystalline spores of power surging through her blood, heating her body, and this was only at the thought of them. ‗Twas worse when they were near, she could feel the heat pooling in her lower stomach, attempting to steal her breath as the harsh spasms tore through her abdomen. ‗Twasn‘t painful, though the uncomfortable sensations were highly irritating. What truly enraged her was that only when those hateful Sashtain Twins were near, did this occur.

     On the basis of this reaction, the Queen Mother and the Matriarch‘s Priestess assigned to the castle had suggested, rather forcibly, that she give the Wizards a chance to prove their suit, to determine if their male and her female magick could meld.

     ―I will not.‖ She fought to push the heaviness in her limbs aside, to still the heat growing between her thighs, dampening the swollen lips of her pussy, sensitizing the once silent bundle of nerves hidden within her folds.

     She paced her room, aware that the nervousness building inside her owed much to the determination of the wicked Twins. She found no ease, even within her dreams, there was no peace. There was only Caise and Kai‘el. There was only the hunger that brought twisting shadows and memories of fear and of pain.

     She pressed her palms to her stomach, fighting to hold back the fear churning within her. The long folds of her gown rasped against her flesh with each movement, raking her hardened nipples, wringing a gasp from her lips.

     ―I will not allow this thing to happen,‖ she swore, her breathing ragged, her voice rough as she fought for control.

     She could feel them. Bastards that they were, she was certain they were using their magick to draw her to them. No desire this heated, this uncontrollable could possibly be anything but of an evil design. Somehow, the Twins had learned the secret of control, of possessing another‘s thoughts and minds and forcing their wishes to be heeded.

    Such magick went against all the mandates of all magick holders. It was forbidden. It was punishable by death. Why, it was said there were wizards trained to search out such perverted users of power and destroy them on sight.

     And yet, what other answer could there be? Her body and her magick reached out to the Wizards, despite her own wishes. They were stealing her mind, stealing her will. She would not allow it. She had fought back her fears for years, forcing herself to be the warrior she had always dreamed of being. She fought the Seculars, she defeated them, all male, and she laughed in the face of their cruel smiles and twisted confidence. Her blade tasted their blood and her vengeance found strength in their deaths.

     She was no wanton harlot to be so easily manipulated. She was a Princess of the Ruling House of Sellane. Her magick was powerful. It was a part of her, and it would forever belong to her. Not to the likes of them.

     She flung open her bedroom door, the fires of anger burning through her mind as she felt the heated surge of magick rising inside her, filling her mind, her soul as she stalked, she did not walk. She did nothing so weak as to move unhurriedly, she stalked through the silent halls, making her way about the castle until she moved into the neighboring wing that the Wizards had taken for their stay. She would tell them now, she would show them, she was no weak-kneed female to bow at their feet and worship the cocks they believed were so all-powerful.

     She halted just before their door, enraged, the fiery sensations of her fury churning through her, making her feel flushed, powerful, confident. They were no more, no less than the hated Seculars. They would not control her.

     Her fist pounded on the heavy door, striking it in demand as she ignored the harsh sting the motion brought. She cared not for the pain. She had endured worse. She would deliver worse before this week was finished.

     The wide double doors were thrown wide by an unseen hand, magick pulsing in the action as her eyes narrowed in contempt at such laziness. She stomped into the room, enraged at the small slight. A real man, a true

    wizard would use no such displays. He would present himself accordingly, by welcoming his guests face-to-face and presenting them

     Sweet Merciful Matriarchs!

     She heard the doors slam closed behind her, felt her breath lodge in her throat and her clitoris scream in excitement.

     They were all but naked, wearing naught but snug loincloths as they battled in the center of the room. Naked, darkly tanned flesh gleamed beneath the glow of a hundred candles blazing from the walls as they stared back at her from their locked stance.

     Thick muscles bulged in their arms and legs as they battled both physically as well as magickally. Gold and blue whipping strands of power pulsed around them, snapping, crackling small demons intent on destruction. Gold and blue eyes watched her with amused indulgence as hard, bare buttocks clenched as each fought to maintain their positions despite her presence.

     ―We should greet her,‖ Caise, his golden eyes filled with laughter, taunted his brother as he strained within the grip each man had on the other‘s forearm.

     ―Why? She never greets us,‖ Kai‘el growled as he moved suddenly, his

    ankle hooking around his brother‘s quickly as he moved to flip him to the floor.

     Caise countered in a surge of strength, flipping from his hold as his magick moved to block his brother, weaving quickly through the strands Kai‘el sent to trip him up to strike against his powerful leg.

     Kai‘el moved not a moment too soon, jumping back and to the side as he sent his own magick to counter it.

     Like lightning flipping across the sky in an age-old battle, one with the other, the powerful arcs of brightly colored power snapped and sizzled before the brothers were at it once again.

     Such strength. Marina could only stare in wide-eyed amazement as they battled not just as Wizards, but as warriors. Powerful, magickal warriors, as timeless as the land itself, as strong as the mountain that birthed them. She could feel her own magick rising within her, streaking to her already hardened nipples, engorging her clitoris

    further, sending the hated, silky heat spilling from between her thighs as her pussy clenched in an instinctive response.


     Nay, she could feel no desire for such creatures. Surely, even amidst their battle, they were performing their dark magick against her.

     ―She could have changed her mind regarding our suit,‖ Caise pointed

    out as he zapped his brother with a particularly strong bolt of golden power.

     Kai‘el grunted mockingly. ―And the Seculars will lay down their weapons on the morrow.‖

     Marina snorted silently. At least he was not a stupid Wizard. It was her greatest fear that his arrogance would be but misplaced ignorance. Which wasn‘t necessarily a good thing, she told herself with a spurt of concern.

     ―I don‘t know, Kai‘el.‖ Caise flipped out of the way as his brother‘s foot nearly connected with his chin. ―It seems a bit impolite to ignore

    her. She is waiting patiently, after all.‖

     Marina could no more than stare in bemusement at the impressive bulge riding between his spread thighs for the brief moment she was given the chance to glimpse it. Aye, she had been smart to refuse their suit, hadn‘t she? After all, that was no puny male, either in strength or in manly parts.

     ―Let her wait. We have waited weeks. And I will not…allow you…to distract me. Damned cheat.‖ Kai‘el cursed as Caise winked back at her

    audaciously a second before his brother‘s magick took supreme advantage of his distraction and snaked furiously around him.

     Surprise and chagrin flashed across his face before he chuckled heartily as his own magick confined Kai‘el as well.

     ―I believe we have once again ended this battle in a draw.‖ Kai‘el‘s voice was now amused as he stood still before his brother. ―One day, Caise, you will falter in the face of your fascination for the wench and lose entirely.‖

     Marina‘s lips opened as the insulting words left the Wizard‘s lips.

    Her arms crossed over her breasts as she glared back at them, no longer bothering to stem the rising ire filling her or the magick pulsing in her center.

     ―Princess Sellane.‖ Caise bowed majestically, his arm sweeping before

    him in a completely mocking display of respect. ―To what do we owe the pleasure of your fair visit. Dressed in naught but your nightrail and your beautiful, furious violet eyes.‖ He straightened arrogantly. But at least he deemed her worthy of a greeting. His brother, the irritant that he was, merely laughed in the face of her displeasure as he moved across the room to the pitcher and glasses on the smooth, dark wood of the bar at the other side of the room, and poured himself a drink.

     So why had she come to their room? She glared at Kai‘el, her gaze slipping once again to his wide, glistening shoulders, the perfection of his muscular chest and tight, contoured abdomen.

     ―You are unnatural.‖ She stomped her foot, her rage rising faster, hotter, searing her within its power as she felt her magick whipping through her.

     It happened each time they were near. The weakness in her stomach, her thighs, the surge of power that left her shaking, unable to find the control which had once come to her as naturally as her own breath. It was insanity.

     ―Unnatural?‖ Kai‘el lifted a brow in infuriating mockery as his lips curved upwards. Strong, full lips. Lips that touched her in her dreams…

     ―Think I know not what you are attempting?‖ she bit out, suddenly

    terrified of the power they were wielding against her. If she could not control something as simple as her own inherent gifts, then how could she ever escape their clutches? ―I know you for what you are,‖ she sneered. ―You are using the dark gifts against me, stealing my mind

    and my soul. I will not allow such an atrocity. It is forbidden. It is beneath contempt, even for a Wizard Twin.‖

     They stared at her now with twin expressions of shock.

     ―By all that is sacred.‖ Kai‘el slammed his goblet to the bar as he

    frowned at her darkly. ―I knew not to open that door. I knew it was insanity.‖ He cast an accusing glare at his brother. ―Are you happy now? Now we are demons from the very Pits attempting to steal her soul. Shall we be stealing sweets from babes next?‖

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