HaiNan University

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HaiNan University

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HaiNan University

    In the most south of our motherland lies the HaiNan Island. And in the south of Hainan island lies our beautiful Hainan university .As we all know ,Hainan university is a state key university ,as well as a multiple university .It was founded in 1958 and has a relatively short history .Today ,it has three campus , such as Haidian campus , Chengxi campus and Danzhou campus ,among which Haidian campus is the principal campus .The area of Haida is beyond 5030 acre .It has more than 37000 students . The School badge of Hainan university consists of coconut , sea , the deters , HN, the time when the school was set up , the blue background that stand for the tropical region.

The North Gate and teaching buildings

    This is the biggest and the most beautiful school gate ----the North gate where there is many cultural columns.And there are over ten big buildings for teaching in our Haidian campus , where teachers give lessons to students . Teachers teach students how to learn and lead students to success .Besides many activities be held there.

The school library

    The library of Haidian campus consists of south story and north story . The area of the library has 32889 square meters in total . There are more than 3300000 volume in the library , including ahout 2000000 volume paper books andahout1000000 volume electrical books. There are all kinds of lastest sources and news .We can read and learn many kinds of books. These books can not only expand our field of vision but also mould our temperament . There are many quite places for us to study by oneself in schedulcal time or free time . We can sit there to study and go to the computer room to look for news and sources we need online.And we can also play there when we want to relax ourselves or when we are tired after heavy schoolwork. Our library has a peaceful atmosphere where we can be devoted to the world of books .

The stadium

     Then , let us take a look at Haidian campus sports field .

    Haidian campus has gym , track and field court ,swimming pool , basketball courts,volleyball courts , tennis courts and so on.Because there are so many sports equipment ,students Haidian campus can exercise and play sports there whenever they want . For example , we can run in the

    track and field court ,play basketball ,tennis and volleyball no matter when we like .Also they can go swimming in swimming pool anytime . We should take more exercise and take part in sports events actively. In this way can we keep in good health .

Our school life

    This is our canteen .There are many delicious repasts which are ready for us everyday. We can taste different special flavours.We can feel the warm of home in the canteen.And aunts and uncles in the canteen all care for us when we go there to have meals.This is a busy street belonging to Hainan University.We can buy all kinds of necessities, snacks and fruits there.Its our favourite place! Many associations make

    our college life colourful,such as the Literature Association,the Dancing Association,the Cartoon Association and the English Association.All of those can improve our knowledge and ability.We believe our four-year college life will be wonderful!

The beautiful scenery

    Haidian campus is really beautiful. There are all kinds of trees ,most of which are coconut trees seen everywhere there . Whats

    more ,as for many trees ,we cannot speak out their names. Every kind of trees has its unique style and different trees give us different feelings . The side walks are shaded by trees . You can find gardens and lawns anywhere along the roads . With fragrant flowers,green grass and fresh air . We can happily read books there every morning. Besides those , there is a very beautiful and large lake in the east of our campus . We students in Haidian campus call it Dongpo lake . The lake has life , it can flow up and domn everyday. When we walk by it , soft winds touch our face slowly , which we really enjoy. We are always deeply moved by the beautiful scenery . There exist many mystery green plants in the middle of the lake .

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