The 8th Fair of Rehabilitation and Spa Medical Care REHMED-EXPO

By Kelly Foster,2014-06-28 10:58
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The 8th Fair of Rehabilitation and Spa Medical Care REHMED-EXPO ...

    The 8th Fair of Rehabilitation and Spa Medical Care REHMED-EXPO was held on 2-4 April 2008.

    The scale of this fair event is annually increasing. This year, the number of exhibitors was larger by over 20% as compared with the previous year, while the rented

    exhibition space increased by 30%. The number of visitors increased more than twofold.

    REXMED-EXPO is Poland's second largest fair dedicated to this industry. Kielce, where

    the fair REHMED EXPO 2008 was held, drew exhibitors not only from Poland, but also

    from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, and Sweden.

    The range of products and services put on show during the 8th Fair of Rehabilitation and Spa Medical Care REHMED-EXPO is first and foremost aimed at all

    those interested in rehabilitation equipment and medical treatments, as well as to owners

    of spas, rehabilitation centres and rejuvenation salons. This fair provides an opportunity to

    compare offers presented by manufacturers and distributors of state-of-the-art

    rehabilitation equipment, spas and sanatoria, local authorities of regions in which health

    resorts are located; producers of equipment for spas, mineral water bottling plants,

    protected work enterprises, as well as dealers of vehicles for transporting disabled people.

    The same as in previous years, REHMED-EXPO was accompanied by a large number of seminars, conferences and specialist training sessions. There were also -

    organized in co-operation with Kielce Trade Fairs - scientific sessions, which were held as

    part of the Świętokrzyskie Days of Physiotherapy and the World Autism Awareness Day.

    REHMED EXPO also featured therapeutic and training workshops organized by the

    Psychological Assistance Clinic, which is part of the Świętokrzyskie Oncology Centre. In

    addition, the conference in Kielce brought together dog therapy specialists from the Czech

    Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, and Poland.

     REHMED-EXPO 2008 also offered numerous sporting events. The participants were children and adults using services of Educational Centres, Special Schools,

    Occupational Therapy Workshops, as well as organizations associating disabled people.

    The largest attendance was recorded by the 2nd Street Run, which attracted more than

    100 participants. The route lead across the area of Kielce Trade Fairs and along streets

    located near its premises about 200 metres in total. There was also a Boccia

    Tournament, first and foremost intended for people suffering from cerebral palsy, and a

    demonstration of sitting volleyball.

    The infrastructure of the Kielce trade fair centre has been specially designed for disabled people, who in their everyday lives have to face considerable obstacles in

    collecting adequate information about useful products and services. All these factors

    contribute to the annually growing number of disabled people interested in this fair event.


Kielce Trade Fairs, Poland’s second largest exhibition company with 100,000 m? of external exhibition area. The total space of its 6 exhibition halls amounts to 30,000 m?. In addition to having many car parks, Kielce Trade Fairs is Poland’s only trade fair centre being in possession of a special outdoor demonstration area for displaying equipment in operation. The Company annually organizes almost 40 trade fairs, e.g. the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO, which is recognized worldwide; the International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA POLSKA, the International Construction Equipment and Special Vehicles Fair MASZBUD; the International Fair of Plastics Processing PLASTPOL a European fair event of considerable significance; and the International Fair of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO. The Kielce Trade Fairs company has been honoured with numerous awards and distinctions, such as a Gold Statuette of the Polish Business Leader, an award of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for promoting Poland internationally, “Business Cheetah”, „Business Gazelle”, “First and Second Diamonds to the Gold Statuette of the Polish Business Leader”.

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