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Hello Mr Chris,

    My computer has some problems AGAIN, and I have to restore the system again. So I’m now in a very bad mood now, maybe my sentences will be bad too. Beg your pardon if so.

Here are my sentences:

    Art---I don’t like art very much, because I can’t draw well.

    Critic---At their age around twelve, every boy should be a good critic of his mother’s dressing.

    Paint---The painter painted the wall at my home white, and I don’t like it because I like to press my hand on the wall.

    Pretend---When I arrive at home, I like to ring the doorbell after I open the door, to pretend that I hasnt

    got the key.

    Pattern---I like patterns with the colour blue.

    Curtain---I have two pieces of dirty curtain in my bed-room. Thats great!

    Material---Iron is an important kind of material. It is made from ferrum oxide and carbon oxide.

    Appreciate---I have enough abilities to appre-ciate peoples characteristics.

    Notice--- I notice that my deskmate is wearing a dress. However, he is a BOY.

    Whether---We are often puzzled by that we should use whether whether or weather.

    Hang---Chris likes to hang Timson on the top of his room. That is good to both of them.

Critically---You shouldnt write FOOL on your

    deskmate Chris s paper. said my teacher criti-


    Upside down---When human beings are ashamed with somebody, they often put the book upside down when the person is near them.

    Resemble---After cutting their hair, the twins are really similar with Lucy, especially Angel.

    Flat---Chris lives in a small but expensive flat.

    Estimate---The estimate of Timson is about a cent, in the girls eyes.

    Esteem---We should esteem our parents.

    Those are Lesson 26 words. And these are 27.

    Tent---Id like to live in a tent in a park one day.

    Field---In fact, there is NO real field in the countryside of Wujiang City.

    Smell---Chris not only smells bad, but also looks like a woman. And, he likes to put his foot on the TABLE.

    Wonderful---To kill TT is a very wonderful thing.

    Campfire---Ive not seen a campfire yet. What a pity!

    Creep---In the old days, the soldiers have to learn creeping quietly on the earth.

    Sleeping bag---I dont have a sleeping bag, but a sleeping pillow.

    Comfortable---I often imagine what comfortable life is, but the answer never comes.

    Soundly---Im sure that my father sleeps soundly every night, because he makes a big SOUND every night.

Leap---Leap equals jump.

Heavily---It rains heavily. I cant go out to my

    classmates home because of the rain.

    Stream---Womens stream is another kind of sweet sound in our life.

    Form---Form is one of the most important orders in the HTML language.

    Wind---When the wind blows, I can feel that all the happiness comes through my body.

Right---You are right, the teacher says,Chris

    IS A BAD-SMELL MAN.And so is Timson.

    Postpone---The snow came and the sports meeting had to be postponed.

    Divorce---Nowadays, the husband can easily di-vorce with his wife.

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