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University of Wisconsin System

    University of Wisconsin System

    2010 President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

    Thursday, April 29-Saturday, May 1, 2010Madison Concourse Hotel

    Tentative Program Agenda (Draft: 2/26/10)


     nd?12 noon: Conference Registration and Coffee(2 Floor Lobby)

? 1:00-2:00 p.m.: SESSION 1 -- (8 concurrent workshops)

     Session 1-A: (2 Presentations)(Room 629)

     --“Interdisciplinary Color” (Proposal #83):

     Jada Schumacher, Assistant Professor, Art and Design, UW-Stout

     --“Engaging Students in an Undergraduate Music and Culture Course”

     Julia J. Chybowski, Lecturer, Music, UW-Oshkosh

     Session 1-B: “The Writing Matters Initiative at UW-Whitewater(University Rm. A)

     Elizabeth Hachten, Assistant Dean, Letters and Sciences; and Marilyn Durham,

     Associate Professor, English, UW-Whitewater

     Session 1-C: “Closing the Achievement Gap with an Emerging Hybrid Classroom Model”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Aaron Brower, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning; and Kathy Christoph, Director,

     Academic Technologies, UW-Madison

     Session 1-D: “A Case Study in Using „Whole-to-Part‟: Internet-Based Apperception Models”

     (Room 623)

     Kevin McDonald, Professor, Marketing, UW-Stout

     Session 1-E: “Linking the Equity Scorecard to Inclusive Pedagogy”(Conference Rm. V)

     Eri Fujieda, Associate Professor, Social Inquiry, UW-Superior; Greg Lampe, Provost, UW

     Colleges; David Shih, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Fellow, UW-Eau Claire; and

     Carmen Wilson, Special Asst. to the Chancellor and Affirmative Action Officer, UW-La Crosse

     Session 1-F: “At the Crossroads: Action Inquiry, Pedagogy, and the MultiCultural Center”

     (Room 638)

     Donte Hilliard, Assistant Director; Cynthia Lin, Social Justice Education Specialist;

     Hazel Symonette, Program Development and Assessment Specialist; and Gia Mason, Advisor,

     Multicultural Student Center, UW-Madison

     Session 1-G: Constituency Group Meeting: “Give Students a Compass”—(Senate Rm. A)

     Facilitator: Rebecca Karoff, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Academic

     Affairs, UW System Administration

     Session 1-H: “Making the Transition to Hybrid Delivery: Sharing Lessons Learned”

     (Conference Rm. IV)

     Patricia L. Bromley, Professor, Psychology; Theron Parsons, Professor, Psychology; Alison

     Bunte, Professor, Education; and Daniel Leitch, Assistant Professor, Education, UW-Platteville

    Thursday, April 29 (cont.)

? 2:15-3:30 p.m.: SESSION 2 -- (8 concurrent workshops)

     Session 2-A: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. III)

     --“Using Emerging Technologies to Create Effective Online Learning Environments”

     Tanya Joosten, Interim Associate Director; Amy Mangrich and Matthew Russell,

     Instructional Design Consultants, Learning Technology Center, UW-Milwaukee

     --“Real Success with a Virtual Exchange”

     Jonathan Olsen, Professor, Political Science, and Co-Director, Center for International

     Studies, UW-Parkside

     Session 2-B: “Innovation: A Prerequisite for Excellence”(Room 623)

     Lori Carrell, Director, Center for Scholarly Teaching, UW-Oshkosh

     Session 2-C: “A STEM-Friendly Learning Community Engaging Instructors in Scholarly

     Teaching(Room 634)

     Don Gillian-Daniel, Associate Director, Delta Program, UW-Madison; and

     Barbara Anderegg, Instructor, Madison Area Technical CollegeTruax Campus

     Session 2-D: (3 Presentations)(University Rm. A)

     --“Blended Delivery: Three Models of Instruction Used Simultaneously”

     Megan Mullen, Associate Professor, Communication, UW-Parkside

     --“Clickers: It‟s the Questions, Not the Technology, That Matters

     Jeffrey Henriques, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, UW-Madison

     --“An Easy Way to Record On-Screen Presentations Using Camtasia Software”

     Dean Wirtanen, P.E. and Assistant Professor, Construction, UW-Stout

     Session 2-E: “Act 31 and Instructional Pedagogy: An Inclusionary Model(Room 638)

     Cary Miller, Assistant Professor, History, UW-Milwaukee; Hope Longwell-Grice, Associate

     Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, UW-Milwaukee; J. P. Leary, Consultant, Wisconsin

     Department of Public Instruction; and Mark Denning, Community Member

     Session 2-F: “Resources for Universal Design in Higher Education Including All Students”

     (Conference Rm. IV)

     Aura M. Hirschman, Outreach and Training Coordinator; and Melissa R. Lemke, Senior

     Research Specialist and Associate Lecturer, Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability

     Center, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 2-G: “Understanding White Privilege: The Elephant in the Room”(Room 629)

     Damian Evans, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs; and Roseann Mason, Lecturer,

     Sociology/Anthropology, UW-Parkside

     Session 2-H: (3 Presentations)(Conference Rm. V)

     --“Introduction of Diversity into Organic Chemistry Curriculum”

     Vera Kolb, Professor, Chemistry, UW-Parkside

     --“Teaching Graduate Level Child Development Courses with a Strong Diversity Perspective”

     Susie Lamborn, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology, UW-Milwaukee

     --“Evaluating Student Outcomes in a Diversity and Ethnic Studies Course”

     Erica Siegel, Lecturer/Graduate Student; and Kimberly J. Turner, Graduate Student,

     Sociology, UW-Madison

    Thursday, April 29 (cont.)

? 3:45-4:45 p.m.: SESSION 3 -- (8 concurrent workshops)

     Session 3-A: “Learning Communities for Native English Speakers and English Language Learners”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Beth Kozbial Ernst, ESL Coordinator; Julie Adler, ESL Instructor; and Kelly Wonder, Lecturer,

     English, UW-Eau Claire

     Session 3-B: “UWM‟s U-Pace Instructional Approach Leads to Significant Gains for Students”

     (Room 638)

     Diane M. Reddy, Professor, Psychology; Raymond Fleming, Professor, Psychology;

     Katie Ports, U-Pace Teaching Assistant; and Laura Pedrick, Special Asst. to the Provost

     for Strategic Initiatives, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 3-C: “Closing the Achievement Gap through Course Reform in Introductory Chemistry”

     (Conference Rm. V)

     Aaron Brower, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning; and Shusaku Horibe, Project

     Assistant and Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction, UW-Madison

     Session 3-D: “Collaborative Conundrum: What We Know about Group Work and Technology, but

     Often Forget(University Rm. B)

     Timmo Dugdale; Lindsey Schmidt; Doug Worsham, and Ron Cramer, Division of Information

     Technology (DoIT), UW-Madison

     Session 3-E: “Developing Students As Researchers to Impact Learning”(University Rm. A)

     Renee Meyers, Professor, Communication; David Nowacek, Assistant Professor, Sociology;

     Jerry Kaster, Senior Scientist, Biological Sciences; Prasenjit Guptasarma, Associate Professor,

     Physics; Kathryn Dindia, Professor Communication; and David Pate, Assistant Professor,

     Social Work, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 3-F: “Evaluating the Impact of a University-Based Multicultural Service Learning

     Program(Conference Rm. IV)

     Michael I. Axelrod, Director, Human Development Center; Erin Liffrig, Student; Joseph

     Morin, Associate Professor, Special Education; and Jeffrey Wright, Clinical Instructor,

     Social Work, UW-Eau Claire

     Session 3-G: (2 Presentations)(Room 629)

     --“Engaging First-Year Students in Large Lectures”

     Wren Singer, Director, Center for the First-Year Experience; and Geoffrey Mamerow,

     Graduate Student, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, UW-Madison

     --“Freshman Seminars at UW-Milwaukee”

     Jeffrey Merrick, Professor, History, and Associate Dean, Humanities; and Anthony Ciccone,

     Director, Center for Instructional and Professional Development, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 3-H: “Collaborative Approach to Infusing Technology”(Room 619)

     Pam Scheibel, Clinical Professor, Nursing, UW-Madison; Debra Jansen, Professor,

     Nursing, UW-Eau Claire; and Chere Gibson, Professor Emerita, Human Ecology and

     Administration, UW-Madison

? 5:00-6:00 p.m.: Reception and Poster Session by Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars

     (Capitol Ballroom A & B)

    Thursday, April 29 (cont.)

    ? 6:00-9:00 p.m.: Banquet, Presidential Address, and Cultural Performance

     (Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms)

     6:00-6:30 p.m.: Banquet

     6:30-7:30 p.m.: Address by Kevin P. Reilly, President, University of Wisconsin System

     7:45-9:00 p.m.: Cultural Performance by First Wave Spoken Word and Hip Hop Arts Learning

     Community, Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives, UW-Madison


     nd? 7:30 a.m.: Conference Registration and Continental Breakfast(2 Floor Lobby)

? 8:30-9:30 a.m.: SESSION 4 -- (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 4-A: “If Students Won‟t Read, How Can They Learn?”(Conference Rm. IV)

     Jan Larson, Associate Professor, Communication/Journalism; Amy Young, Lecturer, Foreign

     Languages; and Mary Beth Leibham, Assistant Professor, Psychology, UW-Eau Claire

     Session 4-B: (To Be Announced)

     Session 4-C: “Expanding the Portals of Discovery for STEM Education”(University Rm. D)

     Rebecca Abler, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, UW-Manitowoc; Kitrina Carlson,

     Associate Professor, Biology, UW-Stout; Rick Hein, Associate Professor, Biological

     Sciences, UW-Manitowoc; and Michael Pickart, Assistant Professor, Biology, UW-Stout

     Session 4-D: “Challenging Students through Digital Storytelling”(University Rm. A)

     Margaret Nellis, Manager, Academic Partnerships, University Health Services; Caton

     Roberts, Professor, Psychology, and Faculty Director, Chadbourne Residential College;

     and Cheryl Diermyer, Senior Learning Technology Consultant, UW-Madison

     Session 4-E: “Learning How Students Learn: Lesson Study of Second Language Learning”

     (Conference Rm. I)

     Kathleen Wheatley, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese; Ester Suarez-Felipe,

     Senior Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese; and Magaly Zeise, Lecturer, Spanish and

     Portuguese, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 4-F: (2 Presentations)--(Conference Rm. II)

     --“A Campus Social Justice Series: How Does It Affect Students?”

     Cyndi Kernahan, Professor, Psychology, UW-River Falls

     --“Advocacy for Children as an Avenue toward Service Learning”

     Lisa Caya, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, UW-La Crosse

     Session 4-G: “Interdisciplinary Courses to Teach Inclusive Design for People with Disabilities”

     (University Rm. B)

     Rochelle Mendonca, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow; Aura M. Hirschman, Outreach and

     Training Coordinator; and Melissa Lemke, Senior Research Specialist and Associate Lecturer,

     Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability Center, UW-Milwaukee

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

     Session 4-H: “Facilitating and Assessing Cultural Competence Across the Curriculum”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Kristin M. Vespia, Associate Professor, Human Development and Psychology; Angela Bauer-

     Dantoin, Associate Professor, Human Biology and Women’s Studies; and Jolanda Sallmann,

     Associate Professor, Social Work Professional Programs, UW-Green Bay

     Session 4-I: “Teaching and Learning Center Directors‟ Dialogue”(Senate Room A)

     (Constituency Group Meeting: OPID and Center Directors)

     Lori Carrell, Director, Center for Scholarly Teaching, UW-Oshkosh; and Patricia Ploetz,

     Interim Director, Center for Academic Excellence and Student Engagement,

     UW-Stevens Point

     nd? 9:30-9:45 a.m.: Coffee and Refreshment Break(2 Floor Lobby)

? 9:45-10:30 a.m.: SESSION 5 -- (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 5-A: “Piloting Permanent Curricular Change in First-Year Composition-(Conference Rm. V)

     Andrea Muldoon, Associate Professor, English, UW-Stout

     Session 5-B: “Defying Expectations: The Risks and Rewards of Going All In”(University Rm. D)

     Grace Lim, Lecturer, Journalism, UW-Oshkosh

     Session 5-C: “Engaging Children in Science through Service Learning(University Rm. A)

     Dolly Ledin and Sarah Wright, Outreach Coordinators, Center for Biology Education,


     Session 5-D: “Scaffolding Small Group Projects to Support Online Undergraduate Ethnographic

     Research(University Rm. B)

     Alan Aycock, Acting Director, Learning Technology Center, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 5-E: “How Do We Assess LEAP‟s Essential Learning Outcomes?”(Conference Rm. II)

     Nancy Westphal-Johnson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, College of Letters

     and Science; Elaine Klein, Assistant Dean, Academic Planning, Program Review, and

     Assessment; and Maureen Noonan Bischof, Assistant Vice Provost, UW-Madison

     Session 5-F: (To Be Announced)

     Session 5-G: “High-Impact Practices (HIPs) and Campus Inquiry: A Campus Journey”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Carleen Vande Zande, Assistant Vice Chancellor; and Perry Rettig, Associate Vice Chancellor,


     Session 5-H: “Navigating College Math without a GPS”(Conference Rm. IV)

     Petre Ghenciu, Associate Professor, and Joy Becker, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics

     and Computer Science, UW-Stout

     Session 5-I: “Engaging Our Interdisciplinary Mission: First-Year Seminar Program Successes”

     (Conference Rm. I)

     Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Chair, Psychology; Denise Bartell, Associate Professor, Human

     Development; Brenda Amenson-Hill, Interim Dean of Students; and Donna Ritch, Associate

     Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences, UW-Green Bay

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

? 10:45-11:45 a.m.: SESSION 6 -- (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 6-A: “Lessons from Freshmen”(Conference Rm. II)

     Monica Roth Day, Assistant Professor, Social Work; Shevaun Stocker, Assistant Professor,

     Psychology; and Jennifer Christensen, Assistant Professor, Special Education, UW-Superior

     Session 6-B: “Real Numbers and Implications for Interventions: The Prevalence of Disability

     on Campus(University Rm. B)

     Aura M. Hirschman, Outreach and Training Coordinator; and Melissa R. Lemke, Senior

     Research Specialist and Associate Lecturer, Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability

     Center, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 6-C: “Creating Responsive Learning Objects to Enhance Student Learning”

     (Conference Rm. IV)

     Jennifer Kosiak, Associate Professor; and Bob Hoar, Professor, Mathematics, UW-La Crosse

     Session 6-D: “Innovative Ways to Engage Learners through Rich Media”(University Rm. B)

     Jim A. Jorstad, Director, Educational Technologies, UW-La Crosse

     Session 6-E: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. III)

     --“Student Development: Applying the Perry Model to Thailand Study Abroad”

     Bruce Pamperin, Professor, Social Science, UW-Stout

     --“Community Engagement in Zapatista Territory”

     Peggy Ann James, Associate Professor, Political Science and Law, UW-Parkside

     Session 6-F: “Pedagogical Approaches to Integrate Diversity Studies across the Curriculum”

     (Conference Rm. I)

     Kate Thomas, Associate Professor, Social Science; Hollace Anne Teuber, Associate Professor,

     Speech; Susan Wolfgram, Associate Professor, Human Development; and Julie Miller, LGBTQ

     Coordinator, UW-Stout

     Session 6-G: “Fostering Peer Communities of Active Learners through Blended Course Design”

     (University Rm. A)

     Alan Aycock, Acting Director, Learning Technology Center, Gerry Bergtrom, Professor,

     Biological Sciences; Tanya Joosten, Matt Russell, and Amy Mangrich, Learning Technology

     Center, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 6-H: “Infusing Diversity into Curricular and Pedagogical Practices: An Emergent Process”

     (University Rm. C)

     Roseann Mason, Lecturer, Sociology; Dean Yohnk, Professor, Theatre Arts; Maria Martinez,

     Assistant Professor, English; and She Hae Kim, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education,


     Session 6-I: “Cutting Edge Faculty Development Initiatives to Enhance Teaching and Learning”

     (University Rm. D)

     Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and

     Professor, Legal Studies, UW-Superior

    ? 11:50 a.m-1:30 p.m.: Lunch and Keynote Speaker: (Madison and Wisconsin Ballrooms)

     Chris Walker, Assistant Professor of Dance and Artistic Director, “First Wave

     Learning Community, Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives, UW-Madison

     “The Power of Youth Poetry: Pedagogical Tools in the Personal Narrative”

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

? 1:45-2:45 p.m.: SESSION 7 -- (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 7-A: “Lesson Study: Evaluating a Tutorial-Hybrid Method for Peer Review”

     (Conference Rm. V)

     Katie Kalish, Assistant Professor, English, UW-Marshfield/Wood County; Jennifer Heinert,

     Assistant Professor, English, UW-Washington County; and Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier,

     Assistant Professor, English, UW-Sheboygan

     Session 7-B: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. IV)

     --“Using Problem-Based Learning Approaches in the Teaching of Silviculture”

     Michael Demchik, Associate Professor, Forestry, UW-Stevens Point

     --“A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Land Diversity at the Mead Wildlife Area”

     Malcolm Gold, Assistant Professor, Business/Economics, UW-Marshfield/Wood County

     (May also involve student presenters.)

     Session 7-C: “Measuring More Than Right or Wrong in Chemistry(University Rm. D)

     Kristen Murphy, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, UW-Milwaukee; Erin O’Connell, Graduate

     Student, Chemistry, UW-Milwaukee; and Karen Knaus, Assistant Professor, Chemistry,

     University of Colorado-Denver

     Session 7-D: “Technology with Tutoring: The Springboard Program for Closing the Math

     Achievement Gap(University Rm. B)

     Jeanne Foley, Assoc. Prof., Mathematics; and Tim Zick, Lecturer, Mathematics, UW-Stout

     Session 7-E: “Business Writing Challenge: Bridging the Academic and Professional Worlds”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Mariann Maris, Senior Academic Staff; Nancy Nygaard, Senior Lecturer; Sonia

     Khatchadourian, Senior Lecturer; and Sally Stanton, Lecturer, English, UW-Milwaukee

     Session 7-F: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. II)

     --“Community-Based Capstone Service Learning: Project Guidelines”

     Swaminathan Balachandran, Professor, Industrial Engineering, UW-Platteville

     --“Information Security Planning: HIPAA Case Study and Service Learning”

     Susan J. Lincke, Associate Professor, Computer Science, UW-Parkside

     Session 7-G: (2 Presentations)(University Rm. A)

     --“Undergraduate Research: Digital Archives and the Writing Classroom”

     Joan Navarre, Lecturer, English and Philosophy, UW-Stout

     --“The Transformative Power of Undergraduate Research”

     Susan Wolfgram, Associate Professor; and Jeanne Rothaupt, Assistant Professor, Human

     Development, UW-Stout

     Session 7-H: “Formative Evaluation of Reasoned Judgment in the General Education Curriculum”

     (University Rm. C)

     James Robinson, Director, Teaching and Learning Center; Patricia Cleary, Assistant Professor,

     Geosciences; Theresa Castor, Associate Professor, Communication, Peggy Ann James,

     Associate Professor, Political Science; Traci Lee, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences; and

     Joe Pearson, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy, UW-Parkside

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

     Session 7-I: “Improving Student Learning within Departments through a Systematic Assessment

     Framework(Conference Rm. I)

     Dev Venugopalan, Associate Vice Chancellor; William Keith, Professor, Communication;

     Jeff Merrick, Associate Dean, Humanities, College of Letters and Science; and Anthony

     Ciccone, Director, Center for Instructional and Professional Development, UW-Milwaukee

? 3:00-4:00 p.m.: SESSION 8 (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 8-A: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. I)

     --“Collaborative Learning and Testing: Teaching Creativity and Critical Thinking”

     E. Nicole Meyer, Professor, French, Humanistic Studies, and Women’s and Gender

     Studies,UW-Green Bay

     --“Integrating Creativity into the Curriculum”

     Tom Eggert, Co-Director, Business, Environment and Social Responsibility Program,

     School of Business, UW-Madison

     Session 8-B: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. II)

     --“Journal Club to Promote Understanding in a Community Pediatric Clinical”

     Susan A. Bonis, Assistant Professor, Nursing, UW-Oshkosh

     --“Students Find Their Political Voice through Collaboration”

     Mary Hoeft, Professor, Communication Arts; and Eric Kasper, Assistant Professor,

     Political Science, UW-Barron County

     Session 8-C: “Civic Engagement in STEM across the UW System”(University Rm. D)

     Patricia Cleary, Assistant Professor, Geosciences, UW-Parkside; Lisa Riedle, Associate Dean,

     College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, UW-Platteville; Prajukti Bhattacharyya,

     Assistant Professor, Geography and Geology, UW-Whitewater; and Tim Krause, Assistant

     Professor, Computing and New Media Technologies, UW-Stevens Point

     Session 8-D: “Engaging to Learn: Simulations and Games(University Rm. A)

     David Gagnon, ENGAGE Program, Division of Information Technology (DoIT);

     Teri Balser, Professor, Soil Science; and Jamie Henke, Faculty Associate, Liberal

     Studies and the Arts, UW-Madison

     Session 8-E: “How Does Student Teaching in Ecuador Impact Future Educators‟

     Cross-Cultural Competency?(Room 607)

     Simone DeVore, Associate Professor, Special Education; and Susan Wildermuth,

     Associate Professor, Communication, UW-Whitewater

     Session 8-F: “Implementing Universal Design Principles in First-Year Courses

     (University Room B)

     Christine M. Tutlewski, Director, and Angela Bickham, Lecturer, Learning Assistance; Renee’

     Sartin Kirby, Coordinator, Disability Services; Adrienne Viramontes, Assistant Professor,

     Communication; and James Robinson, Director, Teaching and Learning Center, UW-Parkside

     Session 8-G: “Ways to Implement Service Learning With or Without Formal Campus Support”

     (Conference Rm. III)

     Jeana L. Magyar-Moe, Associate Professor, Psychology, UW-Stevens Point; Debbie Palmer,

     Associate Professor, Psychology, UW-Stevens Point; Helen Rosenberg, Associate Professor,

     Sociology, and Faculty Director, Community-Based Learning and Research, UW-Parkside;

     and Jenice Kienzle, Coordinator, Center for Academic Service-Learning, UW-Superior

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

     Session 8-H: “Practical Approaches to Infusing Issues of Gender and Sexuality into the Curriculum”

     (Conference Rm. IV)

     Dean Yohnk, Associate Professor and Chair, Theatre Arts; Lisa Kornetsky, Associate Professor,

     Theatre Arts; and Joe Bergeron, Assistant Professor, Political Science, UW-Parkside

     Session 8-I: “Addressing Diversity in the STEM Classroom with Case Studies”(University Rm. C)

     Megan M. Anderson and Jen S. Schoepke, Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching;

     UW-Madison; and Jo Handelsman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Department of

     Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University

     Session 8-J: “Envisioning Inclusive Excellence”(Room 638)

     Rebecca Karoff, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs, UW System

     Administration; Christine Navia, Equity and Diversity Planner, EDI, UW System Administration;

     David Shih, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Fellow, UW-Eau Claire; Tom Rios, Assistant

     Chancellor, Student Affairs, UW-Whitewater; and Susan Wolfgram, Associate Professor,

     Human Development, UW-Stout

? 4:15-5:15 p.m.: SESSION 9 (9 concurrent workshops)

     Session 9-A: “The Poster Project: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration”(Conference Rm. I)

     Berel Lutsky, Associate Professor, Art; Rick Hein, Associate Professor, Biology; and

     Brian Murphy, Associate Professor, Mathematics, UW-Manitowoc

     Session 9-B: “Mentoring for Teaching and Learning Excellence”(University Rm. D)

     Karen Gibson, Assistant Professor, Education and Human Services; Marguerite Parks,

     Dean’s Office, Education and Human Services; and Judy Lambert, Professor, Education

     and Human Services, UW-Oshkosh

     Session 9-C: “How Can Podcasting Effectively Change Learning and Teaching?

     (University Rm. B)

     Jan Cheetham, Senior Research and Learning Technologies Consultant; Randy Durham,

     Professor, School of Business; and John Parrish, Professor, Animal Science, UW-Madison

     Session 9-D: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. II)

     --“Continuing e-Book Use

     Gaurav Bansal, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, UW-Green Bay

     --“Using Screencasts to Better Utilize Classroom Time”

     Warner Smidt, Associate Professor, Industrial Studies, UW-Platteville

     Session 9-E: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. III)

     --“Team Teaching Business Management and Environmental Studies”

     Anne Kelly Hoel, Associate Professor, Business Management; and Mandy Little,

     Assistant Professor, Biology, UW-Stout

     --“Team-Teaching to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in the Basis Speech Course”

     Susan Wildermuth, Associate Professor, Communication; Tammy French, Lecturer/Basic

     Course Coordinator, Communication; and Kathy Brady, Assistant Professor, Communication,


     Session 9-F: “Teaching Gay and Lesbian Literature in the Spirit of Inclusive Excellence”

     (Constituency Group Meeting: Teaching of LGBTQ Issues)--(Room 638)

     Dejan Kuzmanovic, Associate Professor, English, UW-Stevens Point

    Friday, April 30 (cont.)

     Session 9-G: (2 Presentations)(Conference Rm. IV)

     --“Teaching Business Writers to Write for a Global Audience”

     Nancy Madden Walczyk, Senior Lecturer; Sonia Khatchadourian, Senior Lecturer;

     Tatiana Batova, Teaching Assistant; and Dave Clark, Professor, English, UW-Milwaukee

     --“Reflecting on Reflective Writing in Service Learning Composition Courses”

     Dave Stock, Graduate Teaching Assistant, English, UW-Madison

     Session 9-H: (2 Presentations)(University Rm. A)

     --“Teaching Global Citizenship through a Global Summit on Sustainability”

     Katia Levintova, Assistant Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs, UW-Green Bay

     --“Bringing Sustainability to the Classroom at UW-Oshkosh”

     Stephanie Spehar, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Anthropology; Jim Feldman,

     Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies; Christine Roth, Associate Professor, English;

     and James Frey, Assistant Professor, History, UW-Oshkosh

     Session 9-I: Constituency Group Meeting: System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts (SAGLA)

     (Senate Room B)

     Facilitators: Rebecca Karoff, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President; and Carmen

     Faymonville, Academic Planner, Academic Affairs, UW System Administration

    ? 5:15-6:15 p.m.: SESSION 10: Poster Presentations and Reception

     (All to be displayed in Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Poster 1: “Service Learning in Accounting Information Systems”(Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Christine Schalow, Assistant Professor, Business and Economics, UW-Stevens Point

     Poster 2: Creating Service Learning Opportunities for Students through a University and Community

     Partnership(Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Giuliana Miolo, Lecturer, Communication Sciences and Disorders,

     UW-Whitewater; Jodie Parys, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Languages and Literature,

     UW-Whitewater; and Jeanne Raub, Director of Education, Jefferson County Literacy Council

     Poster 3: “Effects of Service Learning on Well-Being and Learning Outcomes”

     (Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Jeana L. Magyar-Moe, Associate Professor, Psychology, UW-Stevens Point

     Poster 4: “Effectiveness of Clicker Classroom Response Systems in Small College Courses”

     (Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Jeana L. Magyar-Moe, Associate Professor, Psychology, UW-Stevens Point

     Poster 5: “Outcomes for College Students Participating in Mandatory Team Testing”

     (Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Jeana L. Magyar-Moe, Associate Professor, Psychology, UW-Stevens Point

     Poster 6: “Collaborative Learning Time Machine”(Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Jamie Henke, Faculty Associate, Liberal Studies and the Arts, UW-Madison

     Poster 7: “Writing Winogradsky and Wikis: Collaborative Writing in a Research Laboratory”

     (Capitol Ballroom A & B)

     Timothy Paustian, Faculty Associate, Bacteriology, UW-Madison

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