human organisation

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human organisation

    1. An organisation is a group of individuals operating together in a systematic way to achieve a

    set of objectives. (SQA P15)

    The common factors that exist in business organisations include people, objectives, and structure Here is the example in the cases.

    people;Jack and James, Neil Brown, David

    objectives;The main management is civil engineering business


    A formally structured organization is one where the reporting structure is defined. There may be written procedures providing formal support to the structure covering rules for behavior and such areas as grievance and discipline. (SQA P17)

    An informal organization could be a group of people who lunch together or travel together. The group does not have any formal goals or structure and is not controlled in any way by management but is still an organization as such.

    There groups meet social needs of workers, providing a sense of camaraderie, but they are not part of the formal organization and are not included by management in an organizational chart Although the informal organization is not directly seen as a structural element it is in fact remarkably powerful in terms of influencing behaviors and attitudes towards the work environment. (SQA P19)

    The difference between formally organization and informal organization:

    1) formal organization have a purpose. Informal organization doesnt have formal purpose

    but it will meet social needs of members.

    2) Formal organization has defined reporting structure. Informal organization doesnt have


    3) Formal organization’s rules may exist. Informal organization doesnt have formal rules

    influencing behaviors

    4) Formal organization will be controlled. Informal organization doesnt have it.

    Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd is formal organization. Because it has a clear purpose, defined reporting structure and exist rules. It is controlled.

    3. Open systems diagram describe the interaction between organization and external


    The environment: The private housing construction developed very fast. Barbour Brown

    Engineering and John Colbert companies became interdependent partner

    In one hand, organization needs to get different kinds of inputs from outside environment. In the other hand, with internal processing, the organization makes inputs from the outside become outputs, and services are provided to the external environment.


     Equipment: Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd bought one of the Floyd and Fleming Ltd

    offices to be its office

     Finance: the way of Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd getting capital is Bank loans and a request to the Scottish Development Agency funding

    Qualified employees: In 2004, Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd employs two engineers, four technicians and four apprentices.

Processes: Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd concentrated on promoting the business and setting

    up contracts,

    Outputs: Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd shows the best service to customers.

    4. A stakeholder is any person or organization likely to be affected directly or indirectly by a change in an organization.

    The stakeholders in this case include Jack and James, John Colbert Civil Engineering Contractors, Neil Brown, customers who asked Barbour Brown Engineering work for them. Jack and James are employees, because they work for Barbour Brown Engineering, Jack and James can get money and improve their experience. Jack and James use their technology to create profit for Barbour Brown Engineering. Barbour Brown Engineering shows a site to achieve them and give them money.

    John Colbert Civil Engineering Contractors is supplier, because it can provide service. John Colbert Civil Engineering Contractors can get engineering. John Colbert Civil Engineering

    Contractors use their high quality of service to help Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd get

    contracts. Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd support John Colbert Civil Engineering Contractors.

    Neil brown and David is shareholder, directors and managers. Because they set up Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd and they lead Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd. They

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