Handout for Macs - Clemson University

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Handout for Macs - Clemson University

Clemson University Orientation

    Macintosh Workshop

    When You First Arrive

    ; Find a seat at an empty desk. Plug your laptop into a power source and plug in the Ethernet cable at

    your seat into your Mac. Please do NOT attempt to connect to tigernet wireless at this time.

    ; If this is your first time starting your Mac you will need to go through the Apple registration screens.

    When asked to submit the information make sure you select that you are not currently connected to

    the internet.

    Software Installation

    ; These instructions are provided to assist you with installing software on your Mac. However, it is

    very important that youkeep pace with the instructor.They will provide additional instruction

    regarding each of the following steps. If at any time you get stuck or have a question, feel free to

    ask an instructor.

    Network Registration

    ; Make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into your Mac. Open Safari (looks like a compass on your

    dock). The network registration page should open automatically. Select “go” and log in with your

    username and password.

    ; Scroll down to the bottom of the Agreement Page and put in your username in the field marked

    “Description”. Select next and the next page will ask you to restart your computer, DO NOT RESTART.

    Unplug your Ethernet cable, count to 20, then plug the cable back into your computer. Apple Software Updates

    ; Open Safari and type in the link

    ; If necessary, click on the first available option, which is for the Mac OS X Update. The updater

    package should download and launch automatically. Select continue on the updater package

    screens until you get the option to install. Select install.

    ; The installer will ask you to restart. Select the option to restart. If you are not plugged in it will also

    warn you that you are running on battery and are not plugged into a power source. This is ok

    provided you have enough battery power and you should just continue the update process.

Clemson Software Package

    ; Open Safari and return to

    ; Click on the link that says “Clemson University Wireless Installer for Mac” midway down the page.

    The installer package should download and launch automatically. Select continue on the installation

    package screen until you get the option to install. Select install.

    ; The installer will begin loading some files. For the wireless setup a box will prompt you for your Mac

    password followed by your Clemson username and then Clemson password. Make sure you enter

    this information correctly, the Clemson password is case-sensitive for tigernet. If you do not enter

    your Clemson username or password correctly the first time, the installer will prompt you to enter

    them again. If several attempts are unsuccessful the installer will prompt you to reset your Clemson

    password and try the installer again.

    ; Click on the link that says “Mac OSX Software Installer” at the top of the page. The installer package

    should download and launch automatically. Select continue on the installation package screen until

    you get the option to install. Select install.

    ; Let the installer run on its own, it may appear to stop a few times but give it several minutes and it

    should continue. The installer takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete doing a full

    installation. When the installer pops up “Clemson University Wireless setup is complete!” the

    installer will continue to install the remainder of your software. When the installation process is

    complete, you may close the installation package.

    Google Apps

    Google Apps for Education accounts includes email, Google Talk, Google Docs and Spreadsheets,

    and a Calendar service for students and employees. Other services may be added in the future as

    they are available and appropriate. You already have a Google account created for you.

    ; To log in to the Clemson Google Apps page for the first time, go to the URL

    ; The username is the same as your Clemson username. The default password if you’ve never

    logged into Google Apps before is the letters “cu” the pound sign “#” followed by the last four

    digits of your social security number. So if the last four digits of your social security number are

    1234, the default password for your Google Apps account is “cu#1234” without the quotation


    ; Once logged in, click in the top right of the page on the link marked “Settings” and select the

    “Accounts” tab. Towards the bottom of this page, click on the link marked “Change Password”

    and change your Google Apps password to something new.

    ; NOTE: Your Google Apps password is always separate from your Clemson University password.

    Therefore, if you want these two passwords to be the same, you must change your Google

    Apps password manually when you change your Clemson University password.

Tips & Tricks

Right Clicking

    ; 2 ways to right click on a Mac

    1. Hold the control (ctrl) button and click the primary button.

    2. Two Finger Clicking

    a. This is not enabled by default

    b. Select “System Preferences” either from the dock or from clicking on the Apple logo in

    the top left corner of the screen.

    c. Select “Keyboard & Mouse” from the Hardware category on the System Preferences


    d. Select the “Trackpad” tab and put a check in for “Clicking” and “Tap trackpad using two

    fingers for secondary click”

    e. Now you can right click by placing two fingers on the trackpad and clicking the main

    button. Additionally, you may tap two fingers on the trackpad to right click.

Closing Applications

    ; For the most part, if you click on the red circle in the upper left corner of programs, it simply

    minimizes the program and does not close the program completely.

    ; To completely close an application, click and hold the command key (the button that looks like a ?

    to the left and right of the spacebar) and hit the “Q” key. Think of this as command-quit.

Selecting Amongst Applications

    ; Exposé

    a. Select “System Preferences” either from the dock or from clicking on the Apple logo in the

    top left corner of the screen.

    b. Select “Exposé & Spaces” from the Personal category.

    c. Select the “Exposé” tab.

    d. Here you can select which corner to move your curser into to enable Exposé. For example, if

    you select “All Windows” from the drop down that represents the bottom left corner of the

    screen, moving the curser into this corner will activate Exposé.

    ; Spaces

    1. Spaces allows you to have multiple virtual desktops open at once. For example, you can

    have a word document open on one desktop and an internet browser open on another.

    2. In the “Exposé & Spaces” section under System Preferences select the Spaces tab.

    3. Check the box that says “Enable Spaces”.

    4. You can add or remove additional desktops using the + and buttons.

    5. By default, you can move amongst the active desktops by holding the “ctrl” button and the

    arrow keys.

    ; To find more features on the Mac, make sure you go into your System Preferences and go through

    each category individually to customize your Mac how you want it.

Connecting to the Software Drive on a Mac

    If you have a Mac and wish to connect to the Software Drive (R Drive) to download and install Clemson software, you must be on campus or connected via VPN.

    This method will allow you to install any of the following programs: Audacity, AutoCad 2009 SketchBookPro, Blender, Browsers (Firefox and Safari), Fetch, GIMP, Kurzweil 3000, LyX, Maple (, MATLAB, McAfee VirusScan, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage), OpenOffice, POV-Ray, QuickTime, R, Scribus, Tn3270, VLC Player, VPN

    There are a handful of other programs on the Software Drive available to students, but those programs require Windows. Additionally, there are programs specific to certain majors or departments, which must either be installed by a CCIT Laptop Technician or someone in the department.

1. First, go to the

    Finder and click on Go >

    Connect to Server as

    shown to the right.

2. In the server

    address prompt, type

    smb://software.clemson.esmb:// du/software then click on

    the “+” button to add it to

    your favorites (This will

    add it to the list of your

    favorite servers so that

    you do not have to

    remember the address in

    the future.)

3. Press the connect

    button. You will see a

    window that says

    “connecting to server” for

    a short time. Then, a

    window will appear

    asking you to enter your

    username and password

    to connect to the server.

    Be sure that Registered

    User is selected then

    enter your Clemson

    username and Clemson

    password and click


    4. It may take a minute, but a folder will open called When this occurs, you are connected to the Software drive and have access to the above-mentioned software. You will see many programs listed that you do not have access to! You can only install the programs listed at the beginning of this guide.

    In order to install any of the programs on the Software Drive, click on the program’s folder then

    the Mac folder. Now, select the most recent version of the program. Before you install the

    software, please read the readme.txt file in the program folder!!! This readme.txt file

    contains instructions to install the program. Some programs on the Software Drive have

    specials steps that you need to take in order to get them working properly so it is very

    important to read the read

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