Remote Access Helpsheet - Heanor Gate Science College

By Yolanda Sims,2014-05-28 14:10
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Remote Access Helpsheet - Heanor Gate Science College

Heanor Gate Science College

    Remote Access

    Logging on to the Remote Access portal

Select the „Remote Access‟ button, halfway down the right hand column of the website

    Depending on the browser you are using you will see one of the following screens.

Internet Explorer


    This message has appeared due to the fact that you are about to enter a “secure” system for the first time

    To remove these “errors” a certificate needs to be downloaded to your system. thAt present time (4 Dec) we don’t have the certificate available so until that time comes, you will experience these screens every time you connect to the Remote

    Access portal.

    If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 continue to

    page 2

    If you are using Firefox jump to page 3

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Internet Explorer 7 / 8

Click the “Continue to this website (not recommended)” link

    You should now go through to the main logon page which will show the following box

    At the top however, you should see that the address bar is pink, and in the small box next to it, it says “Certificate Error” (again in pink). Don‟t worry about this as the system will still work.

….now jump to page 4

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Mozilla Firefox

    ; Click the “I Understand the Risks” link

    ; Click the Add Exception button that appears underneath

    ; Click the Confirm Security Exception button

    You should now go through to the main logon page which will show the following box

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Logging On

    The remote access system links directly into the school network system which means that to log on, all you need is your school username and password.

    The logon box is fairly self explanatory, but before clicking the LOGIN button change the domain to HEANOR (if it isn‟t already there by default)

    Upon successful logon you will be greeted with the main portal page, which looks something like this:

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    The main sections of the portal provide access to your home drive and shared area.


    „Home Area‟ will take you to your own work


    „Shared Area‟ will take you to folders and files that teachers have uploaded for students to work on. Select the „Work at Home‟ folder to find the work that has been set for student whilst they are off school due to the fire.

    To reach the work packs set for students who are off due to the fire.

; Click on shared area

    ; Click on ‘Work at Home’

    ; Click on your Year Group

    ; Select a subject folder to see the work for that subject. ; To download a piece of work click on the title of the work (not the

    folder image). This will open the work

    ; Next select ‘File’ – ‘Save As’ and use the dropdown menu to find your

    ‘My documents’ folder on your home computer.

    ; Once you have saved the documents you want to work on log out of

    Remote Access.

    To load your finished work back into your school work space

; Choose ‘Home Area’

    ; Select the folder you would like to put your work into ; Click on ‘Upload a file’ then ‘Browse’

    ; Use the drop down menu to find the file on your home computer. ; Choose ‘Open’ – the name of the file will appear in the ‘Upload a file’


    ; Click ‘Submit’ and your file will be added.

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