Report on Osama Bin Laden

By Dorothy James,2014-09-08 16:05
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Report on Osama Bin Laden

    News Report on Osama Bin Laden Death

    On May 2, 2011, during a live nationwide television address at the White House, the U.S. president Barack Obama announced that the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, head of the militant Islamic group al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan shortly after 1 a.m. local time by a United States special forces military unit. American officials were in possession of his body.

    Bin Laden’s death will almost certainly serve as a symbolic bookend to the decade-long struggle against terrorism that began with the attacks against New York City, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001.

    Let’s date back to the 9/11 Event, an eternal scar engraved on all Americans’ minds. It was a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States. On that miserable day, nineteen terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Each team of hijackers included a trained pilot. The hijackers crashed two of the airliners (United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11) into the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane into each tower (1 WTC and 2 WTC), resulting in the collapse of both buildings soon afterward. A nearby church and the rest of the World Trade Center complex's 7 buildings were also destroyed or damaged beyond repair. A third airliner (American Airlines Flight 77) was crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. Passengers and members of the flight crew on the fourth aircraft (United Airlines Flight 93) attempted to retake control of their plane from the hijackers; that plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the 19 hijackers, 2,973 people died; another 24 are missing and presumed dead.

     The killing ended a 10-year manhunt in which Mr. Bin Laden repeatedly eluded his pursuers, deeply frustrating the Bush administration and counterterrorism officials. The president called the killing of bin Laden one of the most successful intelligence and military operations in America’s history. He

    also regarded it as a step toward ridding the United States and the world of the threat al-Qaeda poses. "Most of all, we are making progress in our major goal, our central goal in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that is disrupting and dismantling, and we are going to ultimately defeat al-Qaeda," he said.

    The news of the death of the leader of al-Qaeda electrified the world

    crowds gathered outside the White House, cheering, as they waited for the president to confirm the news. From Times Square to Ground Zero to the White House, the familiar chant of "USA , USA" resonated as citizens learned that the Osama bin Laden was dead. The announcement sparked immediate jubilation. In Time Square, people gathered around giant news tickers to see the latest updates. Besides, many world leaders are praising the achievement of U.S. military forces Sunday in Pakistan, who killed Osama bin Laden, captured his

    body and buried it at sea. Bin Laden's killing was favorably received by U.S. public opinion; was welcomed by the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, and a large number of governments.

    However, the killing of Osama bin Laden a strategic blow to al-Qaeda, but not a fatal blow. The war against al-Qaeda and terrorism in general continues. The leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has warned the United States of more attacks in retaliation for last week's killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In a statement posted on the Internet Wednesday, Yemen-based Nasser al-Wahishi told Americans not to fool themselves that the "matter will be over" with Bin Laden's killing. He said the "ember of jihad is glowing brighter" and that "what is coming is greater and worse." So the U.S. may be confronted with more tougher challenges in the future.

    In my point of view, the effect of the death of Osama Bin Laden can be analyzed from two angles. The first is to the American people and government, the other is to the world.

    For a long time, most Americans have feared their country was headed in the wrong direction. They felt a sense of decline and saw a future less than their past. Nothing seemed to be going right. However, the death of the al-Qaeda leader changed the gloomy situation radically. It is the compensation to the families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 Event; it is the encouragement and inspiration to all the American people; it is the relief to the atmosphere of terror which has been lasting for almost a decade; it is a impulsive force not only to the depressed economy but also exports, imports, cutting energy and even lessening world trade imbalances. It may strengthen peoples confidence

    to the Obama Administration and help to foster a positive image of him. It firms the determination that America will always fight against the terrorism for the country and peoples safety. It proceeds American's conviction that justice is existent. It marks the opportunity to reach for a new birth of freedom for An Americans.

    As for the whole world, it means a victory of anti-terrorism movement which heightens peoples faith in combating terrorism. It heartens people all over the world who love peace and development. It brings together countries who share the same aim to crack down the terrorists. It strengthens the communication and cooperation between different kinds of organizations.

    However, the al-Qaeda members may take revenge because of the killing of Bin Laden, so they may launch some serious attacks against America. It could pose threaten to the benefits of all human. The Americans should never take this lightly but get fully prepared. Once the war is erupted, they should unite as one to fight with their intelligence and courage. I believe that the Americans understand the costs of war. As a country, they will never tolerate

    their security being threatened, nor stand idly by when their people have been killed. They will be relentless in defense of our citizens and their friends and allies. They will be true to the values that make them who they are.

    In a word, the death of Bin Laden is really such a cheerful thing that makes people throughout the world joyful. I really hope the world can develop in a balanced way for that wars resulted from inequality may not happen again. The developed countries are willingly to give assistance to the developing countries without exploitation, discrimination. Thus, the whole world may be in perfect harmony. We will never worry about next Bin Laden will unleash a devastating war and destroy our country and we will never pleased to hear the death of next Bin Laden.

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