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    Ljubljanska 14, pp 269, SI-3000 Celje

    Tel 00386 3 544 21 11, fax 00386 3 544 28 19




According to the number of healing springs for a country its size, Slovenia, with its 87

    thermal springs, is among the richest countries in the world. This is reflected in the structural

    characteristics of spa tourism in Slovenia, as this type of tourism creates the largest share of

    overnight stays, as well as in how quickly numerous new features are introduced into the

    offers of spa tourism. A few years ago, the Slovenian spas were building mainly thermal-

    entertainment complexes; consequently, the combined area of thermal swimming pools

    (38,000 square metres) has practically doubled, while the number of recorded admissions into

    the thermal swimming pools is triple the total number of inhabitants in Slovenia. Recently, the

    spas have been devoting special attention to new trends brought into European tourism by the

    philosophy of a healthy lifestyle - wellness. Modernisation or expansion of the so-called

    thermal offer is thus supplemented with novelties from the field of modern medicine. At the

    same time, consideration is given to the tradition of thermalism in Europe and somewhat to

    the holistic approach as well, as preserved in traditional eastern medicine.

Out of approximately 25 Slovenian thermal-health resorts, 18 of them have obtained the status

    of health resorts verified by the state, and this year the state has awarded different treatment

    activities at three locations the status of natural healing treatment. Fifteen of the most

    marketing orientated health resorts, within the framework of the Slovenian Spas Community,

    have been working towards the development of a single protected collective brand in

    Slovenian tourism - “Slovenian Spas”. With that, the Slovenian spas wish to emphasise their unique approach of linking medicine and tradition in the face of an avalanche of different

    vendors in the field of health or wellness tourism. The 5 % growth of guests this year, out of

    which 7.3 % were foreigners, indicates that up to this time the development orientations of the

    spas, which are displayed in more detail in individual members of the Slovenian Spas

    Community, are correct.


    (;; Contact person: Marjanka Bužančič, tel. 00386 7 493 67 24)

Terme Čateţ, the largest thermal health resort in Slovenia, offers visitors a rich selection of

    programmes for maintaining and improving their health, for spending their free time actively,

    for hosting social and business events, and for aquatic pleasures in the Thermal Riviera, with

    more than 12,000 square metres of water surface and a sauna park with eight different kinds

    of saunas.

    This year's new offer is the ČATEŢ HOTEL *** with two indoor and one outdoor swimming pool and the new SPA & WELLNESS CENTER, which opened its doors to visitors in

    October with renovated treatment areas (rehabilitation fitness studio, gymnasium, areas for

    neuro-physiotherapy, working and hydro-therapy, massage areas) and a rich offer of new

    wellness programmes.

The investment in the renovation of the castle complex in MOKRICE, which includes the

    renovation of castle granaries into apartments, the arrangement of a multi-purpose hall,

    renovation of the castle kitchen, roof and façade of the castle, is in its final stages. With all

    these improvements, the Golf Castle Mokrice Hotel will soon have a fresh and unified image.


    (;; Contact person: Suzana Kranjc, tel. 00386 3 780 81 32)

At the end of the year 2004 the VITA Hotel of Terme Dobrna opened a new outdoor thermal

    pool with a whirlpool and a children's swimming pool connected with the indoor swimming

    pool that was already there. The whole swimming pool complex features a large terrace, where

    one can feel the harmony of nature, peace and relaxation, as well as a new addition ?Sauna

    Land? - which opened at the end of last year as well. It offers two steam saunas of selected

    aromas, three Finnish saunas of different temperatures (one of which offers a real Siberian

    experience), an infra-red sauna for deep warming, a cooling room to feel refreshed, a warm

    massage or cool soaking pool, Kneipp showers, a Kneipp path, Kneipp tubs, a stylishly

    adapted breathing tub at the hunting tower on the terrace, a yin-yang fountain and a relaxation

    area with a vitamin bar.

    In April 2005 the gaming salon Casinó Dobrna, opened with 22 video slot machines and electronic roulette.

Further investment activities are taking place through the renovation project of the nearly 400-

    year-old Zdraviliški dom (Spa house).



    Contact person: Matija Pavlovčič, tel. 00386 7 373 19 24)


At the Dolenjske Toplice Spa, they have enhanced their existing offer of medically based

    relaxation programmes with programmes and services of the Balnea Wellness Centre, which

    offered its visitors new and enriched contents at the end of this summer.

LAGUNA This thermal water paradise with swimming pools and whirlpools attracts a lot of

    visitors. OAZA A sauna complex with two Finnish and two Turkish saunas, a Japanese bath

    and tropical garden supplemented with a new Zen Room for rest and relaxation, a terrace for

    nudists with a cooling swimming pool, and a new area arranged for a solarium. AURA A

    massage centre with classical and shiatsu massages, Vitasalin centre and Energy Island -

    supplemented with new beauty contents for care of the body and face.


    In the shelter of the surrounding forests, far from the industry and hustle of modern life,

    Šmarješke Toplice Spa developed. Here, special medical programmes have been developed

    thanks to the healing power of the thermal water of their springs, and they offer Vitarium

    programmes (slimming, detoxification, anti-cellulite, anti-stress, etc) as well. In the Vitarium

    centre an oasis of peace there are Finnish, Turkish, and Roman saunas, a massage and

    cooling pool, solarium, bio climatic garden; at the end of this year these features will be

     medical wellness centre, Vitarium SPA & CLINIQUE, which joined and added to in a new will operate on 800 square metresof brand new space. That is only part of what’s new, as at the end of the year a new hotel will be opening as well. Renovation and expansion has been

    under way since the beginning of the summer in the swimming pool areas as well guests can

    already take advantage of the new outdoor swimming pool, connected with the inner thermal

    pool and the pool bar.

    STRUNJAN THALASSO CENTRE Strunjan Thalasso Centre is a child of the sun and the sea, having more than 2300 sunny hours

    a year. It lies in a pine grove in the midst of a protected regional park, the sea and salt works

    from Roman times.

    This modern, highly qualified medical facility with technically advanced equipment uses the

    beneficial powers of nature - coastal air, seawater and saltpan mud - for the prevention of

    diseases and for cosmetic purposes. In the Thalasso Centre Salia, a unique thalasso centre in

    Slovenia, they offer thalasso programmes, designed for relaxation and beauty, classical

    cosmetic programmes, massages, aromatherapies, baths, and special programmes of thalasso

    therapy fango compresses and much more…



    Contact person: Mojca Leskovar, tel. 00386 3 734 51 06)

    Zdravilišče Laško, with two four-star hotels and 370 beds, is one of the most modern Slovenian spas. It is situated practically in the centre of Slovenia, so its position is an

    excellent starting point for discovering Slovenia.

    The modern hotel complex offers all the necessary comforts, along with the Centre of Health

    and Beauty, which offers cosmetic treatments. A large Sauna Centre on 500 square metres

    and a swimming pool complex with an outdoor and an indoor pool are also available.

    In the Medical Centre specialist physiatrists, orthopaedists, dermatologists, chiropractors and

    neurologists will take good care of you. The basis for feeling well in Zdravilišče is the thermal

    water, with a temperature of 31 35?C, as well as expertly trained personnel.

In the coming year they are planning to begin construction on a new hotel, which will provide

    420 new beds, 2300 square metres of water surface, 1000 square metres of saunas, 1000

    square metres of wellness areas and a congress and events centre for 1000 people.



    Contact person: Igor Magdič, tel. 00386 2 577 44 24)

After last year's opening of the new apartment complex Lipov Gaj*** with 84 apartments

    (from 34 to 55 square metres) and a new swimming pool complex (600 square metres) with a

    swimming pool, a children's swimming pool and rest areas, in the beginning of 2006 a total

    renovation of the Lipa Hotel will take place. This year the Lipa Hotel celebrates its 25th

    anniversary and at the end of February 2006 it will await its guest in a new splendour.

    Additional wellness and medical programmes will be added to the accommodation and

    swimming pool novelties.


    (;; Contact person: Štefan Vöröš, tel. 00386 2 512 22 85)

With the opening of a new centre for health, relaxation and beauty Thermalium - in the year

    2004, we can offer our visitors programmes of the most modern European standards on the

    area of 3500 square metres. A special feature is the unique ?black? thermal mineral water,

    which, with the help of classical and alternative therapies, aids in the treatment of rheumatic

    conditions, respiratory and skin diseases and rehabilitation after injuries and operations on the

    locomotory system. Bathing in the thermal water from Moravske Toplice positively

    influences the organism as it refreshes, improves circulation, reduces nervous tension and

    helps the skin to tan very quickly in the sun. The programmes with the inspiration and

    experience of the Far East, such as the Ayurveda, ?Stone therapy?, Thai and Hawaiian

    massages, will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Only a few steps from the swimming pools and hotels, the new golf course Golf Livada th hole, which has the reputation of awaits all golf lovers with 18 holes, including a special 9

    the longest hole in Slovenia, measuring almost 600 m.

Wellness&Golf Hotel*****, a modern hotel offering the highest level of quality, is under

    construction and will open its doors at the end of September 2006. Aquatic pleasures in a

    private pool (each room with its own swimming pool), a special Wellness centre in the refuge

    of 5 stars, the vicinity of the golf court … all these are the advantages which will convince

    even the most demanding visitors.

Terme 3000 is located in the land of thermal springs in the Prekmurje lowland and the

    Goričko Regional Park. Untouched nature invites you to hit the trails, either by bike or by foot.

    There are more than 530 km of established cycling paths available. The paths are of different

    difficulty levels and lengths; those along the plains, winegrowing hills, and woods and by the

    rivers reveal all the beauty of the landscape. Terme 3000, along with the Pomurje Bike

    Centre received the top award for tourism in Slovenia for the year 2005.



    Contact person: Vasja Čretnik, tel. 00386 3 829 78 55)

Terme Olimia is a popular destination for those who desire more than just the beneficial

    effects of thermal water. Programmes by individual request and need, a complete offer of

    wellness treatments with the most modern and largest assembly of saunas, excellent beauty

    treatments, challenges for aquatic adrenaline experiences and recreation possibilities comprise

    the mosaic of a renewed life.

    Termalia Wellness Centre awaits its visitors with the enlarged, transformed, and most of all, colourful areas of Termalia; 2000 square metresof water surfaces, culinary delights, a corner

    for the youngest, fitness centre and the Spa&Beauty Centre with new services for pampering,

    including some unique ones: Hamam, a chocolate bath, and Pantai Luar massage. To

    experience an abundance of peace and relaxation you can visit the largest assembly of saunas in Slovenia, which spreads across 1,550 square metresand offers 9 types of saunas - each one

    is different: red, purple, blue, green, orange, natural, salt, laconium and tepidarium.

Plans in the year 2005 are focused on construction of the new four-star Sotelia Hotel. The

    entire hotel has been designed for people who demand the very best. A relaxing atmosphere,

    a luxury hotel, hospitality, traditional and innovative wellness treatments are our promises for

    renewed life in harmony with nature. The speciality of the Sotelia Hotel is its close

    connection with nature. With its dynamic structure, green roofs and large bright areas, it

    connects its guests with its green surroundings. The hotel will have 150 rooms of different

    types, 10 suites, 3 small and 1 large conference hall, a wellness centre, a wine shop, a

    restaurant, and other shops and services. Construction of the hotel began on March 7, 2005

    and is expected to be available to welcome guests on March 7, 2006.

LifeClass Hotels & Resorts

    TERME & WELLNESS PALACE PORTOROŽ (, Contact person: Marko Lenček, tel. 00386 5 696 90 50)

The network of natural resources (saltpan mud fango, brine 'Acqua madre', the

    Mediterranean climate, seawater and thermal-mineral water), the 110-year tradition of

    thalasso therapy and modern medical sciences will be united in one new thermal and wellness

    offer as of December 20, 2005:

    - Ayurveda Centre: In the unique ambience of the centre, selected ayurveda massages,

    numerous body and facial treatments and exclusive programmes for couples will be available

    to visitors.

    - Thalasso Centre: Will be entirely renovated. It will be the first in Slovenia to offer

    AQUABLITZ, a revolutionary therapy against cellulite.

     - Medical - Physiotherapeutic Centre: The offer from the field of dermatology, which will

    also include minor procedures on the skin (removal of capillaries, papillomas, wrinkles, etc.),

    anti-cellulite, slimming programmes and denziometrics, will be expanded.

    - Thermal-Recreation Centre: A new gym will be set up, where different activities will be

    performed throughout the day (yoga, tai chi, pilates, kinesis, different aerobics and group

    exercises) and the fitness centre will be renovated. - Beauty Centre: With the help of top quality skin care cosmetics, they will perform different

    facial treatments and intensive facial programmes, enrich anti-cellulite and slimming therapies

    (a new therapy with vacuum and 3 MHz ultrasound), introduce relaxation massages, such as a

    massage with warm or cold volcanic stones, aromatherapy of the face and body, and set up a

    small hairdressing salon.


    (, Contact person: Milena Mojzeš, tel. 00386 2 749 4100)


    ? The existing outdoor Thermal Park was enlarged by 1,300 square metres of new water

    surfaces (bringing it to 3,500 square metres in the outdoor / 700 square metres in the

    indoor Thermal Park) with a “slow river” and the largest system of water slides in

    Slovenia (total length: 600 m)

    ? Camp: new reception area

    ? Catering: renovated castle café


    ? Expansion of the camp - 11 camp houses, 44 new beds

    ? A new well (no. 3), 1,590 m, water temperature 54ºC

    ? Renovation and expansion of the ?old part? of the outdoor Thermal Park (walking surface,

    children's and massage pool)

    ? Construction of an Amphitheatre hospitality/event area in the outdoor Thermal Park,

    capacity of approx. 1,200 guests

    ? November: beginning of the construction of a four-star hotel, 250 beds


    (;;) Contact person: Jože Duh, tel. 00386 2 520 27 06)

Recently there has been a complete renovation of the physiotherapy area, construction of

    additional areas for balneo-therapy, massages and compresses, movement therapy/gymnastics

    and electro therapy. The collection of saunas (6 saunas) has been modernised and expanded as


A new Vital Bar with a summer terrace has also been opened at Terme.

The new physiotherapy bears the name Centre of Health and Relaxation, "Three Hearts”. It of space and is a wellness centre, signifying a quality spreads out over 2,300 square metres

    improvement with its new facilities and enriched programme.

In September the renovated Miral Hotel *** opened its doors as the new four-star Radin Hotel

    Standard. The main entrance with the hotel lobby and the reception has been renovated. A

    new thermal spring with a temperature of 55?C is also in operation.

Gradually further modernisation of the Radin Hotel Superior **** is being carried out and the

    documentation for the thorough renovation of the Terapija Hotel is being prepared.


    (;; Contact person: Saša Jakoš, tel. 00386 3 811 7000;; Contact person: Aleš Topolšek, tel. 00386 3 811 43 91) On the basis of the centuries-old tradition of using the healing magnesium mineral water

    Donat Mg and the natural environment, Rogaška Slatina occupies a special place in the

    treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases, liver, pancreas, as well as digestion problems

    (diabetes, rise of fats). Under the expert supervision of doctors, it offers more than 200

    different therapies and as a novelty, a medical examination by an orthopaedic specialist.

    Rogaška Slatina offers its guests a wide palette of health programmes for weight loss, stress

    relief and pain relief programmes for joints and muscles.

Rogaška Slatina also offers a new feature in its spa tourism programme, represented by a rich

    spring of hyperthermal mineral water. The temperature of the thermal-mineral water in the

    swimming pools is between 31 and 36?C.

    In the complex of the Sava Hotel is the wellness centre ?Lotus Terme Spa & Beauty?, which,

    besides different beauty programmes, offers visitors a wide palette from the field of ayurveda,

    from massages to dieting, a school of meditation and physical relaxation and a wide selection

    of dietary, vegetarian and ayurveda food as well as food with no gluten.


    (;; Contact person: Albert Giorgiutti, tel. 00386 3 896 31 04)

Terme Topolšica opened an entirely new swimming pool complex in April 2004 with a total

    of 1,000 square metres of water surfaces, with three enticing outdoor pools with water 2 of supporting attractions, underwater massages, a water slide, etc., plus another 9,000 m

    restaurants and other areas.


    (;; Contact person: Damijan Merc, tel. 00386 3 757 61 52)

    Terme Zreče, together with the Rogla Climatic Health Resort and Ski Centre (with a new sauna centre, indoor swimming pool, massage centre and pulmonary clinic), still represents a

    unique combination of a thermal and climatic health resort. All the swimming facilities 2(outdoor and indoor swimming pools) have been renovated, another 440 m of new outdoor

    pools were added and the “Sawaddee” centre of traditional Thai medicine was opened for the

    well-being, relaxation and entertainment of visitors.

Celje, October 2005

     Rudi Rumbak M.Sc.

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