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    Spring 2009


    6501 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21204 Website: E-mail address (410) 938-3403

     Letter from the President


    Recently all of my family and relatives received a

    notice of the annual family reunion to take place

    at the usual second Sunday in June. In talking to my children and relatives, the initial response was

    somewhat expected. “Oh, the economic

    situation”…”travel with children”…”there’s so

    much going on in the summer.” However, as the

     conversations ensued, other thoughts and

    feelings occurred. “You know it would be great to

    us, but the Resort has much to offer including a see Aunt Lake who is so rich with stories that she

    snow-white beach. It is my understanding that the relates so well”…”be fun to see cousins and meet

    APA Presidential candidates and perhaps others will new relatives and in-laws”…”Aunt Pam always

    be invited as in recent years. does a great program and knows the genealogy

    like the back of her hand”…”the potluck meals are

    Vincent Liberto, Treasurer, reports that we are great and interesting”…”just to spend time

    stable financially as compared to recent years. together ourselves and with the children and all of

    George Brown, Board of Regent’s Chairperson, has us enjoy the parks, the activities.” Gradually all

    encouraged each member of the Council to bring in decided to go.

    one new member or encourage a colleague to join.

    I would like to extend this challenge to each An analogy was sensed. The SPA Annual Meeting

    “Southern” member. The Constitution and Bylaws at Sandestin Resort in Florida, September 23-27,

    Committee, Renee Holloway, Chair, and Jack 2009. The “Southern” has always been a great

    Bonner as temporary Co-Chair, have initiated time to visit with old friends and colleagues and

    proposed changes in the bylaws including reducing meet new friends. This year the meeting is co-

    sponsorship letters to one, inclusion of all states sponsored with the Louisiana Psychiatric Medical

    for residency requirement and inclusion of students Association. The Program Committee Co-Chairs,

    and residents as one group. These changes will be Art Freeman and Dan Winstead, have worked

    presented to the general membership at the Annual diligently to put together a great program of

    Meeting. A Task Force on Membership with Ryan contributing speakers from the SPA and LPMA

    Hall as Chair and also an Early Career Psychiatrist with an interesting blend of topics that will be

    has been appointed to examine membership and useful, stimulating and enjoyable to all. John

    especially E.C.P.’s. Also as a reminder, those who Cranton, Local Arrangements Committee, will

    have had delays, please send in your dues to Susan provide an array of information on fishing, golf,

    Proctor as soon as possible. tennis, local restaurants and other information for

    Page 2 Southern Psychiatric Association

We have been blessed to be members of the

    “Southern” in the sense of having some great

    meetings, having the privilege of forming some

    wonderful friendships, meeting some special

    colleagues along with their families, having time

    to socialize a little outside of the meeting A. schedule and having experienced some great scientific programs with a mixture of subjects or topics not typically heard elsewhere. We have upcoming annual meeting. I hope you will simply had a lot of fun and enjoyment with a CME come to Destin. I look forward to seeing you in accredited program to boot! It seems like a great September. gift to a friend or colleague to allow the opportunity to become a part of the “Southern.” I Theron McLarty, M.D. would like to express my gratitude to all those President

    who have worked hard and contributed to the

    Minutes of the Council, March 9, 2009

    Participants: Drs. Theron McLarty, Daniel

    Winstead, Steven Sharfstein, James Bouknight, 3. George George Brown, Arthur Freeman, Ryan Hall, Vincent Brown, M.D. reported there are 74 members Liberto and Susan Proctor. who have paid dues of the 113 billed. The

     pattern has been that those planning to attend

    1. Theron McLarty, M.D. the annual meeting will have paid their dues

    discussed the future meeting at Sandestin with prior to the meeting. It appears that the phone

    LPMA. It was announced that Dr. Renee Holloway campaign was not that successful. It was

    would chair the Constitution and Bylaws encouraged that each member vigorously Committee. The newsletter should be out in April recruit at least one new member. and the meeting pamphlet should be out at the

    end of March. There was discussion of the late 4. filing of the IRS form and how this was being A. Finance Committee, Steven Sharfstein, M.D.

    corrected. Tulane will cover Dr. Ursano’s discussed the current budget and the status of

    honorarium. Fees for the annual meeting were the reserve.

    reviewed. B. Future Sites Committee, David Faber, M.D

     No report. The next annual meeting will be 2. ; Vincent Liberto, M.D. held at Grove Park Inn, September 29-October. reviewed the 2008 Income and Expense Statement. 3, 2010.

    The balance in the bank as of 12/31/08 was C. Long Range Planning Committee, Richard

    $58,492.62. Outstanding Charleston meeting Hall, M.D. No report. expenses should be around $28,000. The reserve

    CD stood at $31,527.93.




    Southern Psychiatric Association Page 5

Minutes (continued)

    D. Nominating Committee, James requiring simply the submission of abstracts

     resident Greene, M.D. No report. The slate of candidates will continues to help the recruitment of

    papers. be presented at the Annual Meeting in Destin.

     E. Constitution & Bylaws, (Jack Bonner, M.D.) Renee

    5. Old Business: None Holloway, M. D. No report. There are amendments

     to the bylaws pertaining to membership requirement

    6. New Business: None changes that will be presented at the Annual


     F. Local Arrangements Committee, John Cranton,

    Respectfully submitted, M.D. No report.

    Vincent Liberto, Secretary/Treasurer G. Program Committee, Arthur Freeman, M.D.

     discussed the program and its participants.

     H. Resident’s Award Committee, George Brown, M.D.

    discussed how the revision in our procedures

2009 Resident/Fellow Award

The Southern Psychiatric Association offers an

     annual award for a manuscript or abstract

    concerning basic or clinical research, or a scholarly ? $500 Honorarium if present at Annual review of literature, on a topic pertinent to Meeting psychiatry. The manuscript/abstract must be ? Invitation to Present Winning Paper at SPA’s submitted by a resident in the territory comprising 2009 Annual Meeting the membership of the Association. ? Travel expenses up to $1000 to SPA’s

    Annual Meeting, September 23-27, 2009, at

     Psychiatric Residents or Fellows are the Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida

    eligible to submit papers/ abstracts if they have ? Recognition for Award Winner’s Training not completed their residency or fellowship by June Program 30, 2009, and are enrolled in an approved ? Assistance in Submitting Paper for graduate education program in one of the Publication in an appropriate medical geographic areas from which the membership of journal if needed the Southern Psychiatric Association is derived.

    Eligible areas: Alabama, Arkansas, District of All SPA members are encouraged to invite Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, residents/fellows to submit an abstract. Further Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, information can be obtained by contacting Susan Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Proctor at the Central Office, (410) 938-3403.

    Virginia, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

    Page 4 Southern Psychiatric Association

2009 Annual Meeting

     This program will be of significant interest to Jay Scully - APA Update specialists in the field of psychiatry. Janet Johnson, M.D. -Spirituality and Psychiatry;

    Peter Buckley, M.D. - Alliance or Compliance,

    Advancing Conjoint Medication and Recovery-Based To provide members with a review and update on Care for Schizophrenia new and emerging techniques, guidelines, clinical Ryan Hall, M.D. - Central Serotonin Syndrome: information, and managed care issues regarding Clinical and Forensic Aspects the biological, psychodynamic, and administrative Robert Ursano, M.D. - PTSD: From Bench to Bedside aspects of psychiatry. to Community

    Laura Winstead, M.D. - A Review of ADD/ADHD

    Diagnosis and Treatments It is anticipated that a minimum of 13 continuing Katherin Freeman Sherry, M.D. - Autism & education credits will be offered. Asperger’s Across the Lifespan

     Garry Grayson, M.D. - Management of Dementia

    D. Clay Kelly, M.D. - Howard Hughes: OCD Genius

    and Madness Arthur Freeman, M.D., Chair

    William Petrie, M.D. - New Treatments for Daniel Winstead, M.D.

    Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Richard Harding, M.D.

    Theron McLarty, M.D. - A Team Approach to Armando Favazza, M.D.

    Recovery, One Professional Sports Model. Patrick O’Neill, M.D.

     Special Activities

     slides from their trip to Denali National Park. Owen We hope you will join us! The Sandestin Resort

    Brodie has flown his single engine Cessna airplane offers many recreational options. Shopping is tate it so that the text reads sideways. By linking a from Virginia to Alaska four times. He and his wife, fabulous and there are several excellent golf text box on one page with a text box on another, Pat, who is the photographer, will take us on a photo options at Sandestin Links, Baytowne, Burnt Pine you make your article flow from one page to journey into Denali National Park, the heart of and The Raven. There are also three hard tennis another. For information on how to link text boxes, Alaska. They will talk about the natural history of courts, ten clay courts, and two grass courts. Or click Denali as we follow the only road 90 miles into the park you might spend an afternoon sailing or fishing. in the Task Pane. to North Face Lodge, their favorite hotel. We will see Sailing vessels of all sizes are available to rent.

    some of the wonderful plants and animals found in this Walk the beach, swim, or enjoy a cocktail poolside. You can also draw readers into reading other articles special place and see the mountains of the Alaska Whatever your heart desires. It’s a wonderful by using what’s called a pull quote. A pull quote is a Range as we take a "flight-see" around Mt. McKinley, venue for families too. New this year, SPA will be phrase or sentence taken from the article that North America's highest mountain. The price for the hosting a spouse/guest breakfast on Friday appears in large letters on the page, often within a breakfast will be $20 per person. Sign up with morning at the hotel. Pat and Owen Brodie have box to set it apart from the article. One appears on registration. Also enjoy a “Dine Around” with friends generously offered to share a presentation and this page and begins with the text, “To catch the and colleagues at select fine restaurants in Destin. reader’s attention….” The text of a pull quote comes More details to follow. from the article and should be engaging and

    irresistible. When a reader flips through your newsletter looking for a reason to read an article, a

     Southern Psychiatric Association Page 5

     MEETING REGISTRATION thSPA 68 Annual Meeting & Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association Annual


     September 23 - 27, 2009 Destin, FL DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Sunday, August 23, 2009 Special Events # Attending

     ___Spouse/Guest Special To register, complete and return with a check to: Presentation/Breakfast Southern Psychiatric Association, 6501 N. Charles Street, Friday Price: $20.00 Baltimore, Maryland 21204. You may also fax it to (410) 938-3450. For more information, call (410) 938-3403. ___SPA/LPMA Reception Thursday Included in Reg. Fee Name (Please print or type) ___Farewell Reception & Dinner, Saturday Included in Reg .Fee Address Form of Payment

     City State & Zip Check enclosed payable to Southern Psychiatric


    TOTAL ENCLOSED $___________________ Office Telephone Home Phone

     Hotel Arrangements

    Individual attendees should make reservations Name of Spouse/Guest directly with The Hilton SanDestin Beach Golf

     Resort & SPA at 1 (850) 267-9600. It is

     IMPORTANT that you identify yourself with the

    Southern Psychiatric Association in order to Child/Children Age(s) receive the group rate and for the SPA to get

     credit toward its room block.

    All reservations must be accompanied by first Email night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major

     credit card. If the deposit or credit card is not Meeting Registration submitted with the reservation, the hotel will

     not guarantee that reservation will be held. SPA Physician $495 LPMA Members $400 (does not include The hotel requires that reservations must be farewell dinner) received on or before AUGUST 23, 2009.

    Non-members $500 MITs $150 Check in time is 4:00 p.m. Individuals may be Early Career psychiatrists $250 (1-3 yrs.) checked in earlier is room are available. Check Spouse/Guest $195 out time is 11 a.m. Daily Physician Fee $175 per day (does not include social events) The Group Rate for the room is $199.00 plus Non-SPA Guests $95 applicable state and hotel service fees.

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