Special Transportation for Seniors and Physically-Challenged and

By Cheryl Lawson,2014-06-28 10:48
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Special Transportation for Seniors and Physically-Challenged and ...

    Special Transportation for Seniors and Physically-

    Challenged and for Medical Visits

You have many convenient, reliable and low-cost options to help get you to and from A.A.M.C,

    County Health Department, medical appointments, physical therapy etc.

    ? Annapolis Transit’s Red and Gold Routes serve Anne Arundel Medical Center

    (AAMC) 4 times per hour. The Red Route stops on Ring Road across from the

    Emergency Room and on Medical Pkwy. across from the Sajak Pavilion. It runs between

    Spa Road and Westfield Annapolis Mall, stopping by AAMC on its way to the Mall at

    approximately :15 and :40 past the hour Monday through Saturday until 6:45 pm.. The

    Gold A Route stops on Medical Pkwy. at :10 past the hour on its way to downtown and

    Spa Road. The Gold B Route stops on Medical Parkway at :15 past the hour on its way

    to Westfield Annapolis Mall and Parole. Red and Gold Routes transfer for free at Spa

    Road every hour and half-hour. Gold also runs on Sundays.

    ? Annapolis Transit’s Brown A and B Routes serves AAMC after 7 pm Monday through

    Saturday. and may deviate for curb-to-curb pickup for customers who live within 3/4

    mile of an Annapolis Transit Route and who meet ADA eligibility requirements.

    Customers must reserve their ride by close of business the day before. Contact

    Annapolis DOT for information.

    ? MTA Route 14 links with Baltimore and Light Rail and commuter routes 921 and

    950 go to and from Washington. Free transfers may be made between Annapolis Transit

    routes at specified locations. MTA ride checks are accepted only at bus stops also

    served by the MTA. Visit or call 410.538.5000 for information.

    ? The C-40 Route connects all Annapolis Transit Routes at Spa Road with Edgewater,

    Arnold and Anne Arundel Community College. C-40 can also deviate off-route for ADA-

    eligible customers who need curb-to-curb pickup.

    ? The Anne Arundel County Department of Aging "Van Transportation Program"

    serves seniors, 55 and over, or disabled persons, 18 and over. Wheelchair disability

    transportation is available. For more information call 410.222.4826.

    ? The "Handy Cab Program" provides discount coupons for taxi services for County

    residents, 55 or older, and persons with disabilities, 18 or older, who are income-eligible.

    Call 410.222.4222, or visit .

    ? Ride Partners, a service of Partners In Care, matches volunteers with older and

    disabled adults who need long distance or recurrent transportation. Riders contribute

    toward mileage reimbursement to volunteer drivers. Regular, local volunteer

    transportation, for those unable to use public transit, is also available. Call 410-544-4800

    or visit

    ? Brown “B” Route stops at The County Health Department on Harry Truman Parkway

    Monday through Friday at approximately :15 past the hour from 10:15 am to 3:15 pm

Bus Fares: Base Cash Fare - $1.00. Customers over 60, transportation-disabled or on Medicare

    with ADOT I.D. card during non-rush hours on fixed routes ride for only $0.50. ADA Route

    Deviation Service - $2.00 in town, C-40 ADA Route Deviation Service: Edgewater or

    Arnold/AACC to/from Annapolis - $4.00, Arnold/AACC to/from Edgewater - $8.00 ($4.50 if drop off point is a bus stop). Base fare of $1.00 is deducted if transferring from Annapolis Transit. C-40 Base Fare: Edgewater or Arnold/AACC to/from Annapolis - $2.00, Arnold/AACC to/from Edgewater - $4.00

*** Please note: exact fare is required on Annapolis Transit. Drivers do not handle money

    or make change. Use coins or one-dollar bills, ADOT tokens or passes. ***

    For further information, contact Annapolis Department of Transportation (ADOT) at: 410-263-7964, visit us at 308 Chinquapin Round Rd. Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30

     p.m. or e-mail us at

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