Culture is a loan word from

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1 Culture is a loan word from


    A.French B.Latin C.Roman D.Norwegian

    2 In South Africa, Australia and New Zealand the first week day after Christmas is ________.

    A.Boxing Day B.Thanksgiving Day

    C.Easter D.St.Valentine’s


    3 A bun or bread roll containing fried or grilled steak is called .

    A.hamburger B.sandwich dog D.pudding

    4 “To have the tendency to stretch the truth”can be used as the euphemism for “________”. provide true information tell others’ fortune lie steal

    5 The expression that can be used as the euphemism for “garbage collector”is “________”.

    A.collecting engineer B.garbage engineer

    C.sanitary engineer D.sanitation engineer.

    6 寒舍is equivalent to ________ in English. home humble home cold house shabby hut 7 The Chinese expression “给我一座

    金山;我也不干”corresponds to the

    English idiom ________. keep one’s nose clean

    B.not for all the tea in China C.not to bat an eyelid make one’s flesh creep

    8 “Not to mince one’s words”means ________.

    A.speak frankly,bluntly or coarsely B.speak indirectly

    C.speak thoughtfully D.speak mindlessly

    9 The expression “that young man is a bear at mathematics” has a similar meaning to ________.

     A.that young man is bad at mathematics

    B.that young man is good at


    C.that young man is clumsy at


    D.that young man is a mathematician 10. In English culture “white” connotes


    A.death B.cruelty

    C.reaction D.innocence 1-5 BAACC 6-10 ABABD

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