SPA ETIQUETTE To all the guests visiting the Spa, kindly note the

By Keith Parker,2014-06-28 10:44
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SPA ETIQUETTE To all the guests visiting the Spa, kindly note the ...


    To all the guests visiting the Spa, kindly note the following to assist the team to maintain the highest level

    of service at the Spa.


    ? Gym

    ? Outdoor Garden Relaxation Area

    ? Outdoor Garden Jacuzzi

    ? Private indoor Jacuzzi

    ? Swimming pool

    ? Sauna

    ? Spa Restaurant and bar

    Use of all these facilities is for free if your treatment costs are the minimum of R300. Should you

    wish to utilize the facilities without having a treatment; a Day spa fee of R100 per person will be



    Arrive 30 minutes before treatment

    ? We kindly request that guests arrive at least 30 minutes prior to treatment time in order to allow

    enough time to prepare for the treatment and complete a confidential consultation card. A late arrival will

    unfortunately result in treatment time being adjusted accordingly. Please note that pre-booking is


    2. Bring along Swimwear

    ? Please bring along your swim wear if you wish to make use of any of the Spa’s facilities and

    treatments. We have a heated Jacuzzi, Sauna and swimming pool.

    3. Gowns and crocs provided

    ? Guests will be issued with a gown and crocs upon arrival at the spa. We also have locker and changing

    facilities available for your convenience.

    4. First visit sauna and then go to hand and feet cubicle

    ? We recommend that you use the Spa facilities prior to your treatment. The heat and relaxation time will

    enhance the benefits of your treatment by warming the muscles, opening the pores and encouraging a

    detoxifying effect in the body. Therapist will fetch you at hand and foot cubicle.

    5. Previous medical conditions

    ? Guests with a previous medical history of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma,

    claustrophobia or ladies who are pregnant are advised to seek advice from their medical practitioner

    before booking any treatments at the Spa.


    ? Kindly keep noise levels in and around the spa down in order to allow all guests to enjoy their spa


    6. 7. Mobile phones off

    ? Kindly keep mobile phones switched off or on silent when using the spa facilities

    8. Children

    ? The Spa holds an age restriction policy of 16 years.

    9. Cancellation policy ? When scheduling a treatment booking, you will be requested to provide us with credit card details in

    order to secure the booking. We have a cancellation policy of 24 hours. Kindly advise the spa of

    cancellation or changing of treatment times to allow us to assist other guests with bookings. In the event

    of late cancellations or failure to arrive, a 100% treatment charge will be made.

    Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 07h00 to 19h00.

    Guests are invited to make use of our Bar and Restaurant facilities to enhance and compliment their spa


    Menu for Spa Restaurant:

    ? Light Breakfast: 7vm-10vm

    ? Tea time with snacks: 10vm-12nm

    ? Light Lunch: 12nm-2nm

    ? Tea time with snacks: 2nm-5nm

    ? Snacks: 5nm-7nm

    PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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