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By Stanley Kennedy,2014-04-06 22:35
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Listen this lesson is from tutopia

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    Hi, my name is Cain and welcome to this English lesson for provided by tutopia. Today, the subject is going to be basic essay writing in English. So let’s get down to it.

    Now what is an essay? An essay is usually a short document tries to persuade the

    r or reader of giving a point of view, your point of view. Ah, an essay is usually foufive paragraphs long. So what should you write about? But first of all, you need to choose a topic you feel strongly about, something that you knew a good deal about and something that you can speak passionately about. Now if your teacher has assigned a subject for you that make it more difficult, you might have to do some research to help you to back up to your main idea, your faces yet. But let’s imagine

    that, this case we can choose our topic, today I am going to choose the topic of the technology, the positive influence technology has had in our lives. For example, you are watching me, you are enjoying an English lesson provided within Internet. I mean the United States, you maybe in Korea, Russia, Germany, China, who knows. The sort of positive influence technology has had in our society. So I choose my topic and be the positive influence technology, now I need to choose central idea, this is called the thesis or essay. Here I choose information technology has revolutionized the way we worked. If entire technology has made work easier, I’m going to talk about how it is

    made work easier, so my central idea is that information technology has revolutionized the way we work.

    Now, let’s take a look at the organization. Here is an outline, a very basic outline of a typical essay. My essay’s title is technology today. I begin with introductory

    paragraph, but I have my body paragraphs used to support my argument I made in the paragraph, finally a summary paragraph summing everything else. Let’s begin with

    the introductory paragraph, the introductory paragraph grabs the reader attention and then introduces the thesis and provides a hint and just one sentence of what the body paragraph is going to be about. Now the body paragraph takes those hints and develops those hints. So let us say in my introductory paragraph, one sentence talked about how technology has made it possible to work even while you are traveling. So in that body paragraph I could discuss the technology such as a cellphone as personal digital assistant, PDA, my laptop, all these technology make it easier for me to work, even while Im traveling, while I am on the road. Another paragraph might be about working from home telecommunity, you do the ability to live at home, and also work at home and still get things done. And then finally, another paragraph might be about different improvements that have been made because of these instruments. For example, on the computer, if Im working on a document and I make a mistake. It’s

    easy enough to cancel that mistake to get back but in the past, when I type, and an essay for example, I made a mistake, sometime I have to throw the whole thing out and start from the top. So technology has really made a lot easier to correct and improve my own works. So there are three basic ideas that I would introduce in the introductory paragraph and develop the body paragraph. When body paragraph about technology in travel, when body paragraph about working home telecommunity, when the body paragraph about the improvements who the work process itself is the invention of me. Well, finally we have a summary paragraph. Summary paragraph

    thought of repeats the ideas we discussed to close the arguments. Right, that is a quick outline of writing an essay. Obviously a lot more work need to go into it but this would be of your idea of the thought that goes into write an essay in English. Finally, here are some tips on writing essays. Want to use verbs and avoid modals to state your opinion. In other words, you don’t want to say something like, well, I think technology could be helpful if you have to travel a lot, but rather technology makes traveling and working possible. Want to be strong about your opinions, you try to convention rainier. So dont apologize for what you are saying. An essay is your

    opinion, so state it strongly. And lastly, do not translate from your mother tongue. That will get you into trouble very quickly. Remember, if you speak Korean, or Chinese, or Russian, I am sure youre capable of extremely advanced arguments in

    your native languages. However, the structure of those arguments in your native languages is probably very different in structure in English. So try to translating it, you’re going to cause a lot of problems for yourself. So if I can write an essay in

    English, it’s better to keep it simple and direct, and something that you can control

    and not something that translate from your native. Ok, that’s it. I hope this base

    outline of essay writing has helped you. If you like to study with me to develop your essay writing skills or for other English learning purposes, just click on the link, you will see on the page study with Cain. And then you can turn to the page where you

    can sign up for lessons with me. Thanks for taking time to listen to this. Goodbye!

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