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    Unit 2 The universal language

     Welcome to the unit

    一、话题背景导读 ;正确用“T”错误用“F”,

     Music is part of every culture on Earth. Many people feel that music makes life worth living. We can make music ourselves if we play an instrument or sing. We can hear music on CDs and on radio or television. Music gives us pleasure. It can cheer us up, excite us, or soothe us.


     Music can be happy, sad, romantic, sleepy, spine-tingling, healingall kinds of things. But

    what is it? Some people define it as an artful arrangement of sounds across time. Our ears interpret these sounds as loud or soft, high or low, rapid and short, or slow and smooth. The sounds need to continue for a time in some sort of pattern to become music.

     Music, like language, is a uniquely human form of communication. As with language, there are many different kinds. In North America, people listen to jazz, rock, classical, folk, country, and many other kinds of music. Each kind of music has its own rules and “speaks” to us in its own way.

    What we think of as music depends on where we live. What Americans are used to listening to might sound strange to someone from another culture, and vice versa. It might not even sound like music. In Indonesia, gamelan orchestras play music on gongs, drums, and xylophones. These aren‟t the instruments you‟d find in a typical orchestra in North America.

    Today, modern communications make it possible for us to listen to music from all over the world. Music from one part of the world influences music from another part. For example, gamelan music from Indonesia influenced 20th-century American composers such as John Cage.


     No one knows for sure when music began. Perhaps while people were working, they began to chant or sing to make the work go faster. People who were repeating movementspicking crops

    or rowing boats, for examplecould sing or chant in time to the work. Navajo Indians, for

    example, had corn-grinding songs. Many cultures developed work songs.

     Over time, people developed musical instruments. They might have started by clapping their hands and stamping their feet. Sticks and objects that rattled could have replaced the human body as early instruments. Both instruments and music became more complex with time.

     Today, many cultures divide music into art music and music of the people. Art music, which we call classical music, is more complicated than the music of the peoplefolk music and popular

    music. Art music is generally harder to write and perform. Musicians who perform it need a lot of training. Popular and folk styles typically are easier to create, perform, and understand. 1. Gamelan music from Indonesia influenced 19th-century American composers such as John Cage.

    2. What Africans are used to listening to might sound strange to someone from another culture 3. Art music is generally easier to write and perform


    1. After the explosion, the policeman did a lot of work to find out some clues from the _______.


    A. lookers-on B. viewers C. people D. witness 2. Nancy ________tell her parents the truth.

    A dare not to B. dares not go and C doesnt dare to go and D. doesnt dares go

    3. Mr Li made up his mind to devote all he had to ________some school for poor children.

    A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set

    4. How was the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening ceremony?

    ________ that the whole world was attracted.

    A. It was very fantastic B. Such fantastic was it C. So fantastic was it D. So fantastic it was

    5. The rescue team made every ______ to find the missing mountain climber.

    A. force B. energy C. effort D. possibility


    1. Music has been called _______ ________ ________. (世界语言)

    th2. Jazz started in the USA _______ _______ _______ _______ the 19 century.;在„„末期,

    3. 他作证见过这小偷从商店偷钱的事

     He witnessed to _______ _______ the thief _______ money from the shop. 4. The company is _______ ______(呈现) a new look.

    5. 我不知他是否敢试一试。

     I don‟t know whether he______ _______.




    1. „„为背景___________ 2. 呈现_______________________

    3. 经典三角恋爱____________ 4. 不守诺言:食言_______________

    5. .醉心于:沉溺于__________ 6. 对„„实施控制_______________

    7. 相爱 ___________________ 8. 不顾一切的干某事______________

    9. 被处死__________________ 10. 允诺做某事__________________

    11. a Chinese princess_________ 12. the Forbidden City______________

    13. kill oneself_______________ 14. a love story___________________

    15. an internationally famous conductor_________________


    1. The bringing together of this group of people from many countries, the music and the setting are

    clearly the key c_________________ of this amazing production. 2. Turandot was s___________ inside the Forbidden City. 3. They young boy showed his great a_______ for his cat, by playing with her very often.

    4. P____________ Edward is the Queen‟s youngest son.

    5. There was u_______ agreement as to who should become chairman. 6. The victorious army demanded u_________ surrender. 7. My father is an orchestra c__________.

    8.The walls were hung with s__________ silks and tapestries. 9. Joe was tall, dark, and h________.

    10. We have not found a suitable l________ for the new offices. 11. The thought of death ___________(使害怕) many people.

    12. The terrorists are _________(威胁) to kill the hostages(人质).

    13. They live in _________(令人心碎的) poverty.

    14. As a lecturer, she is ________;流畅的,,witty, but also scholarly.

    15. Many of the prisoners had been ________(折磨).

    16. He ________(背诵)his poem in front of the whole school.

    17. She has already ________(主演)in two award-winning films this year. 18. Too many ________(婚姻)end in divorce.

    19. There was an armed _______(卫兵)on duty outside his door.

    20. She was ________(气喘吁吁的)after running up the stairs.


    1. What did your parents think about your decision?

    They always let me do _______I think I should.

    A. what B. that C. how D. when 2. ____ everyone‟s delight, the boy was saved at last.

     A. With B. To C. For D. In

    3. The Shanghai government ________ all the citizens to learn English so as to get ready for the

    2010 Shanghai World Expo.

     A. calls on B. calls up C. calls out D. calls off 4. Mr. Brown, _______ works as manager of the company. A. we got here in his car B. we got here by his car


    C. in whose car we got here D. by whose car we got here 5. Bicycles have been around in our life for more than hundreds of years, but no one knows who

    ________ the first bicycle.

    A. would invent B. had invented C. has invented D. invented 6. _____ their assignments, the students went out of the classroom.

    B. Finishing C. Having finished D. Being finished A. Finished

    7. How beautifully she sings! I‟ve never heard_______.

    A. the better voice B. a good voice C. the best voice D. a better voice 8. --- There are only ten minutes left. Shall we _____ for the concert?

     --- OK. Let‟s go.

     A. speed up B. make up C. take up D. link up 9. --- May I use your cellphone?

    --- Sorry. It‟s out of order and it ____.

     A. is repaired B. is under repairing C. has been repaired D. is being repaired 10. ---I want to know whether the day I am looking forward to will come today or tomorrow.

    ---Does that make any difference?

    A. when B. why C. that D. on which 11. It shames me to say it, but I told a lie when _____ at the meeting by my boss.

    A. questioning B. having questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned 12. We will have a meeting next week, but we dont know ________

    A. who B. where C. as D. which

    13. --- I won‟t be home until mid-night.

    --- Well, _____ I won‟t cook dinner.

     A. in that case B. if not C. as it is D. that is to say 14. --- Shall we go to the art exhibition right now?

    --- _______.

     A. It‟s up to you B. It‟s your decision C. I never mind D. I don‟t know

    15. The employers often give the job to ________ they believe have work experience with a

    strong sense of duty.

    A. whoever B. those who C. who D. whomever


    break up mental phenomenon appeal regain

    be drafted into cut short make a fortune prayer essential

    1. The ___________ difference between us is that I take life seriously. 2. He ____________ considerable __________ by selling waste materials. 3. Its bad matters to ____________ someone _________.

    4. He _______________________ the army in 1982.

    5. After losing the second set, Fowler ______________ his confidence and won the third set.

    th6. Terrorism is a ____________ of the 20 century.

    7. She was suffering from physical and ______________ exhausitions. 8. The meeting ______________ at eleven o‟clock.

    9. The Beatles have never really lost their ____________.

    10. Their ____________ were answered and the child was found safe and well.

五、 根据Reading内容, 在空白处填入正确的单词形式


    The story is1_______ in the Forbidden City. To2_______marriage, Turandot says her

    (3)_______ husband must answer three of her riddles or die.

     Calaf sees Torandot for the first time and (4)______ in love with her. But a slave of Calaf‟s

    father‟s, Liu, also expresses her love for him. The story becomes a triangle love and it (5) ________ on amazing colours.Turandot is (6)______ with power and tries to exercise (7) ________ over her father, the emperor of China, who can‟t break his (8) ________although he

    finds the deaths of so many men disturbing .

     Turandot is (9) ________to know his name and terrifies and even threatens Liu, who kills herself. Finally the whole city (10) ________their happiness.


    1. Last night, I witnessed the first of only eight performances of Giacomo Puccinis world-famous

    opera, Turandot, being performed in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

     Last night, I witnessed the first of only eight performances of Giacomo Puccinis

    world-famous opera, Turandot, ______ _______ ________ ________ in the Forbidden City in

    Beijing, China.

    2. In order to avoid marriage, she says that any potential husband must answer three riddles

    correctly or die.

    She says that any potential husband must answer three riddles correctly or die, _______

    ________ ________ she ________ avoid marriage

    3. Seeing this, she says if she can guess his name by sunrise, she does not have to marry him.

     ________ Calaf_________ this, he says she has to marry him ________ she can guess his

    name by sunrise.

    4. The opera finishes with a beautifully-sung final duet, which was so moving that the audience

    fell silent.

     The opera finishes with a beautifully-sung final duet, which was moving _______ ______ the

    audience ______ ______ ______ silence.

    5. The world famous opera, directed by the well-known Chinese director, Zhang Yimou, is

    Turandot, which was written by Puccini, an Italian.

    The world famous opera , ________ ________directed by the well-known Chinese director,

    Zhang Yimou, is Turandot, ________ by Puccini, an Italian.

    6. If you should feel the urge to pack your bags and explore what the world has to offer,you may

    want to consider one of the destinations now.

     ________ ________ _________ the urge to pack your and explore what the world has to

    offer, you may want to consider one of the destinations now.

    7. If you make a trip to Rio, youll have a glimpse of the happy lifestyle of the carriocas.

     ________ ________ to Rio will _______ you a glimpse of the happy lifestyle of the


    8. Take a walk around Kitsbuhel, and youll see many pleasant things.

     ________ a walk around Kitsbuhel, youll see many pleasant things.

    9. But you dont have to worry if you have never skied before.

     But _______ ________ _________ to worry if you have never skied before. 10. The girl was very poor, she couldnt afford to go to school.

     ________ very poor, the girl was not _______ to go to school.



    1. 近几年来:我们城市发生了很大的变化:呈现出崭新的面貌。

    In recent years, great changes have ______ ___________ in our city, making it take on a new


    2. 大学毕业后:汤姆申请了很多的工作:但还没有找到适合的。

    After graduating from university, Tom _______ _______ many jobs, but he has not found one

    which___________ him yet.

    3. 2000年:他第一次上台表演。从那以后:他越来越受欢迎了。

    In 2000, he performed on stage ______ _______ _______ ________. Since then, his

    __________ has grown greatly.

    4. 董浩没有去学校读书:而是去参军了。

    ______ ________ going to school, Dong Hao joined the army.

    5. 他是一个可以信赖的朋友:他从来没有对任何人食言过。

    He is a friend that you can trust. He has never _______ ________ ________ to anyone. 6. 现在你应该放弃了:想要让他改变观念只是浪费时间和精力。

    You should _______ _______now. Trying to get him to change his opinion is a waste of time

    and energy.

    7. 请读一下指示牌。在这个宫殿里禁止照相。

    Please read the signs. You are not_________ to take photos here in the palace. 8. 他向同事请教了如何控制实验的进度。

    He asked for advice from his colleagues on how to _________ _________ __________the

    pace of the experiment.

    9. 据报道许多中学生沉湎于玩电脑游戏。

    It‟s reported that many middle school students ________ ________ ________ playing

    computer games.

    10. 你不能找到一个比他更好的朋友了。

    You could not find______ _______ _______ than him.


    It was pouring outside. We all stood there 1 , some patiently, others annoyed 2__

    nature messed up their hurried day. I got lost in the sound and sight of the heavens 3 away

    the dirt and dust of the world.

    Mom, lets run through the rain, a girls voice 4 me.

    No, honey. Well wait until it 5 down a bit, Mom replied.

    The young girl waited about another minute and 6 , Mom, lets run through the rain.

    Well get wet if we do, Mom said.

    No, we wont, Mom. Thats not what you said this morning, the young girl said as she

    __7_ her Moms arm.

    This morning? 8 did I say we could run through the rain and not get wet?

    Dont you remember? When you were talking to Daddy about his cancer, you said, If God

    can get us through this, he can get us through 9 ‟”.

    The entire crowd turned 10 . Mom paused and thought for a moment about 11 she

    would say. Now some would laugh it off and scold her for being 12 . But then we heard,


Honey, you are 13 . Lets run through the rain. If we get wet, maybe we just need washing,

    Mom said. Then 14 they ran.

    We all stood 15 , smiling and laughing as they ran past the cars. Yes, they got wet. But they were 16 by a few who screamed and laughed like children all the 17 to their cars.

    Circumstances or people can take away your material possessions, and they can even take away your 18 . But no one can ever take away your precious 19_ . So, dont forget to make time

    and take the 20 to make memories every day! I hope you still take the time to run through the rain.

    1Achatting Bwaiting Ccomplaining Dtalking

    2Aalthough Bwhile Cbecause Dwhen

    3Akeeping Bputting Cdriving Dwashing

    4Acaught Bannoyed Cimpressed Dreminded

    5Aslows Bcomes Cfalls Dstops

    6Aasked Brepeated Crequired Dadded

    7Apulled Btouched Cwaved Dheld

    8AWhy BHow CWhen DWhere

    9Aeverything Bnothing Canything Dsomething

    10Astill Bsilent Cserious Dhappy

    11Awhat Bhow Cwhether Dif

    12Anaughty Bsilly Cdaring Dfoolish

    13Aright Bwrong Cstupid Dclever

    14Aoff Balong Con Dover

    15Asighing Bjoking Cdiscussing Dwatching

    16Afollowed Bstopped Crespected Dscorned

    17Atime Bway Csame Dbest

    18Asense Bconfidence Chealth Dtime

    19Achildren Bmemories Ccourage Dexperience

    20Apossibilities Bopportunities Crisk Dchallenge


    Many of us have heard of the saying: everything is possible if you can just believe. But few of us really know the power of faith and perseverance (坚定). South African swimmer Natalie du

    Toit embodies (体现) those virtues.

    Du Toit, 24, became the first swimmer to compete in both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics (残奥会) in Beijing. Although she finished 16th in the tough 10km marathon in the able-bodied Games, she has collected three golds in the Paralympics so far.

    One of the most successful disabled athletes of all time, Natalie du Toit was already a promising swimmer when she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001, at just 17.

    "There are a lot of dark moments, " du Toit said. "There are some days when I cry. But I try to remember that better days are ahead. You just go on."

    Within a few months, she was back in the swimming pool.

    She still competes and still succeeds. The only difference is she has switched to longer events from 200m and 400m individual medley to 800m and 1,500m freestyle - to make up for


her loss of speed with only one leg. But she made no adjustment to her mental outlook (精神面


    "Going out in the water, it feels as if there's nothing wrong with me. It doesn't matter if you

    look different. You're still the same as everybody else because you have the same dream."

    She is the owner of many world records and she also won gold when competing against able-bodied swimmers in the 1500m freestyle at the All Africa Games in 2007.

    _______________________. It all lies in hard work and determination. "She is 'stubborn (

    执的), which is good and bad" said her coach (教练) Karoly Von Toros. "Good for the

    swimming, but bad for the coach."

    There is a poem that hangs on her wall that reads:

    “The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals.

    The tragedy of life lies in not having goals to reach for.

    1. Natalie du Toit is a vivid example that ________ are what you believe

    B.your biggest enemy is yourself

    C.results are not so important as the process must set reasonable goals or you will fail

    2. According to the text, Natalie du Toit became ________.

    A. the first athlete to compete with able-bodied swimmers in the world B. the youngest disabled swimmer to break the world record in the 1,500m freestyle C. the youngest disabled swimmer to collect three golds in a single Paralympics D. the first swimmer to compete in both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics 3. Which of the following is the correct order of the events that happened to Natalie du Toit?

    a.she won gold at the All Africa Games

    b.she finished 16th in the tough 10km marathon in the Olympics

    c.she adjusted herself to long events

    d.a motorcycle accident disabled her

    A. cdab B. dcba C. dcab D. dacb

    4. Which of the following should be the best for the missing sentence in para 4?

    A. In dark moments it was her coach that pushed her on.

    B. Her love of swimming overcame everything

    C. But there is no magic recipe for success.

    D. The journey to success is long and tough.


    Turandot is a world-famous opera (1) ________ by Puccini, an Italian.

    It tells the story of a cold-hearted Chinese princess, named Turandot, (2) _______

    in Beijing‟s Forbidden City. In order not to (3) _______ any man, she says that any

    potential husband must answer three riddles correctly or die.


     At first, a prince is killed for being unable to answer Turandots

     Riddles. Shortly afterwards, another prince, Calaf. sees Turandot

    The (4) _______ for the first time and falls in love. The handsome prince will (5)

    of the story ________ (6) _______ the riddles and marry her. Then, a young slave of

     Calafs father Liu, expresses her love for Calaf. The story shows a classic

    love triangle featuring Calaf.

     Turandot, drunk with power, even dares to try and exercise control over

     her father, the emperor of China. Calaf says that if she can guess his name

     (9) ________ dawn, she does not have to

    The (7) ______ marry him. Turandot (10) ________ to learn his name and threatens and

    and (8) _______ terrifies Liu, who knows his name. While being tortured, Liu grabs a of the story sword from a guard and kills herself, which

     makes everyone shocked by this. After Liu kills herself, Calaf kisses

    Turandot and finally wins her affection.












    Nowadays the government and people of China are trying to build a country with a harmionous relationship . ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Word power


    1. She felt an overwhelming d_______ to return home. (a wish or longing) 2. The engine has more than 300 c_________, made of a number of different materials.

    (a constituent element)

    3. A good education should not just be a p________ of the rich.

     4. Most p_________ feel nervous before they go on stage. 5. She was held in deep a________ by all her students.

    6. ZhangYimou is one of a famous film d__________ in the world. 7.The group is made up of local________(音乐家) who have been performing together for several years.

    8. Shes like a ________(蝴蝶). She flits in and out of peoples life.

    9. Language is a social and cultural _________(现象).

    10. DengXiaoping did make great contributions to his _________(祖国).



     It _______ some of the worlds greatest singers. Many Chinese _______ were also _______. 2.它变成了一个美丽而令人心醉的爱情故事的发生地。

     It has been _______ _______the _______ _______a beautiful and _______ love story. 3.不可能有比这更好的场景了。

     There _______ _______ be a ________ setting.


     The story then _______ ______ a classic love ______ ______ Calaf, Turandot and Liu. 5.图兰朵不顾一切地想知道他的名字:她威胁、恐吓柳儿。

     Turandot is ________ ________ learn his name and _________ and _________ Liu.


     The opera ________ ________ a beautifully ________ final ________. 7.他称得上是最受欢迎的作曲家之一。

     He ________ his________as one of the most popular composers. 8.这次表演让我激动得屏住呼吸。

     The performance left me ________ ________ excitement.

    9. 这次演出结合了中西方最优秀的音乐:演艺及导演人才。

    The production _______ _______ ________ ________ ________ Western and Chinese talents

    in music, staging and directing.

    10. 一些音乐家们昨天在南京组成了一个管弦乐队。


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