Appetizers Starters

By Clara Watson,2014-11-24 16:37
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Appetizers Starters

    Appetizers / Starters

    Olive selection small ? 2.50 - large ? 3.95

    Homemade game or French country pate served with toast ? 3.95 Homemade soup of the day ? 3.95

    Karl’s smoked salmon with scrambled egg on toast small ? 4.95 - large ? 7.95 Houmous with homemade flat bread ? 3.25

    Goats cheese and tomato bruscetta ?4.25

    Main Courses

    Aromatic chickpea and vegetable curry served with pilau rice and popadom

    ? 7.50 add chicken breast for an extra ?1.50

    Karl’s special salmon and prawn fishcakes served with our house salad ? 7.95 Wild mushroom and leek crepe glazed with smoked cheddar served with

    tomato and onion salad (V) ? 7.95

    Harissa spiced lamb burger served with sweet potato wedges and a side salad

    ? 8.95

    Chicken and smoked ham pie served with creamed potatoes and peas ? 8.50 Chorizo, red onion & manchego cheese calzone served with side salad ?8.50 Braised beef in Guinness with mushrooms and roasted vegetable ? 8.95

    Side orders

    Homemade chunky chips ? 1.95

    Coleslaw ? 1.25

    Chefs side salad ? 2.95

    Garlic bread ? 1.95

    Breaded mushroom ? 1.95

    Healthy option

    Soup & sandwich ?6.50

    Cold meat salad ? 5.95

    Italian platter (selection of meats, cheese and olives drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and pesto bread) ?5.95 per person

    Greek platter (selection of olives, pickled garlic, houmous, feta stuffed pepper & tzatziki served with pitta bread) ?5.95 per person

    Spanish platter (selection of meats, cheese, olives served with flat bread) ? 5.95 per person

    Homemade pate and pork pie ploughman served with homemade chutney and crusty bread ? 6.95

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