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    Antipasto “Il Posto” for two 14-

    Daily assorted house appetizer

    Spinaci Saltati 8-

    Fresh spinach leaves sautéed with lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

    Calamari Peperonati 10-

    Calamari rings breaded and pan seared, served with sweet cherry peppers and peperoncini

    Salsiccia alla Mantovana 11-

    Grilled Italian sausage topped with caramelized onion, balsamic vinegar and gorgonzola

    * Carpaccio di Manzo alla Piemontese 13-

    Thinly sliced beef served with capers, celery, truffle oil, shaved parmigiano and

    black pepper

    Aglio Arrosto 12-

    Whole garlic cloves roasted and served with warm cambazola cheese and grilled bread

    Bruschetta Mista 12-

    Fresh bread roasted on the grill with choice of toppings: fresh tomatoes with basil

    and garlic; olive tapenade; and/or marinated Italian beans

    Carpaccio di Melanzane 10-

    Grilled eggplant topped with goat cheese, caramelized onions, pine nuts and balsamic glaze

    Extra charge for substitutions

    * Raw or undercooked animal product. Such items may increase your

    risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

    18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more will be added

     Le Pizze

    Quatro Formarggio 12-

    Neapolitan style pizza crust, layered with cambozola, parmigiana, gorgonzola

    and mozzarella cheese

    Pizza alla Salmone 15-

    Wild king salmon with red onions, capers, gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese,

    and fresh garlic

    Prosciutto Diavola 15-

    Roasted garlic, prosciutto di parma, calamata olives, red pepper flake, and red onion

    Pizza di Manzo 14-

    Genoa salami, spicy coppa, prosciutto di parma, fresh garlic. Add tomatoes, to make it Mike’s



    Mista 4/6-

    Mixed greens, fresh tomato, cucumbers, onions and Italian vinaigrette dressing

    Cesare 5/7.5-

    The classic Cesar salad

    Pomodoro e Cipolla 6/8-

    Vine ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, shavings of parmigiano and Italian vinaigrette dressing

    Vigna 5/7.5-

    Mixed greens, honey-baked walnuts, dried cranberries, topped with gorgonzola

    and raspberry vinaigrette

    Bietole 9/12-

    Fresh local beets marinated in raspberry vinaigrette on top of mixed greens with goat cheese and

    candied walnuts

    Soup 4/6-

    Tomato and Basil cup/bowl

    Le Paste

    Capellini d’angelo al Pomodoro 15-

    Angel hair pasta served with fresh tomato and basil sauce with a touch of extra

    virgin olive oil

    Pasta Integrale alla Genovese 19-

    Multi-grain pasta in a light pesto cream sauce with potatoes, green beans and parmigiano

    Linguine alle Vongole 20-

    Linguine and clams sautéed in olive oil, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes and fresh chopped


    Rigatoni alla Bolognese 19-

    Traditional meat sauce

    Fusilli Norcina 19-

    Fusilli tossed with Italian sausage, white truffle oil and tomato cream sauce

    Gnocchi ai Quattro Formaggi or Pomodoro 18-

    Potato dumpling served in a delicious gorgonzola, mozzarella and parmigiano cheese sauce or

    fresh tomato and basil sauce

    Pappardelle alla Boscaiola 19-

    Pappardelle pasta with wild Porcini mushrooms in a white wine demi-cream sauce and truffle oil

    Meat Lasagna 19-

    Layered pasta sheets with our homemade bolognese and béchamel sauces, mozzarella and

    parmesan cheese

    Manicotti di Antonio 19-

    A Grecian medley of vegetables: sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, red onion

    and spinach, with ricotta cheese

    Ravioli of the day

    Ask your server for today’s selection

    Risotto of the day

    Market price

    Add Chicken or Italian Sausage 4- Gluten-free pasta available for substitution


    All entrée’s come with vegetables and starch

    Cioppino 23-

    Fish and shellfish in a tomato stew served with homemade roasted garlic bread

    Spiedino di Gamberi Elena 21-

    Grilled prawns served with creamy pesto sauce

    Sea scallops alla crema di limone 23-

    6 oz. of scallops with a delicious lemon and oregano cream sauce over spinach

    Scaloppina Parmigiana 23-

    Slightly pounded veal baked in pomodoro sauce, a hint of sage, prosciutto and


    Scaloppina al Limone 23-

    Classic veal scaloppine in lemon and caper sauce

    Saltimbocca alla Romana 23-

    Veal scaloppine layered with sage and prosciutto, then sautéed in butter and white wine

    Pollo al Marsala 20-

    Pan seared chicken breast sautéed with wild mushrooms in a marsala wine demi-glace

    Pollo alla Parmigiana 20-

    Breaded chicken breast layered with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto

    and parmigiano

    Pollo al Gorgonzola 20-

    Pan seared chicken breast, capers, white wine and gorgonzola cheese sauce

    Ribeye Toscana 8oz 25-

    Rosemary and garlic marinated filet served with your choice of gorgonzola cream sauce or Italian

    herb butter

    Today’s fish! Check with your server

    All meat is 100% hormone-free


    Espresso Martini 9-

    Vodka and Kahlua, shaken with a shot of espresso and chocolate gelato

    Washington Golden Apple Martini 9-

    Golden-delicious cocktail with crown royal, apple pucker, garnished with apple and cherry

    Straight Outta Cozmo 9-

    Classic cozmo with grey goose vodka, cointreau, and muddled limes

    Il Posto Margarita 9-

    Our version of a cadillac margarita. We sweeten it up with a dash of

    disaronno amaretto and a long pour of patron


    (Italian Jet-Fuel)

    Aides in the digestion of heavy meals, and encourages one to talk with their hands

    Merlot 10-

    Amarone 15-

    Dolce/Dessert 7.5

    Gelati, Sorbetti 7.5


    Peroni 4-

    Moretti 4-

    Sharps 3-

    Full Sail Amber 4-

    Pyramid Hef 4-

    Black Butte Porter 4-

    Mirror Pond Pale Ale 4-

    Coors Light 3-


    Espresso 2.75-

    Cappuccino 3.5-

    Pelegrino 1Lt. 4.5-

    Tea/Iced Tea 2.5-

    Coffee 2.5-

    Soda/Limonata 2.5-

    Milk 2.5-

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