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Unit Three Lesson Two (Revision)

    I. 根据中文写出词组,

    1. 国宝展 2. 向公众开放

    3. 哪种 4. 有名的中国古画

    5. 晋朝的书法 6. 每一件作品

    7. 这肯定是轰动一时的事情。 8. 直到……才做某事

    9. 在入口处 10. 行,没问题。

    11. 在十九世纪中叶 12. 交流思想

    13. 发展世界经济 14. 在那时

    15. 为了做某事?2 16. 举办有主题的世博会

    17. 赢得……主办权 18. 为……而骄傲?2

    19. 去听音乐会 20. 也,又,还


    1. It is ___________ to be too late for a party. (polite) 2. Don’t always work so late at night. Sleep is _____________ to health. (need)

    3. The taxi driver was very ___________ with Li Hui’s help. (pleasure)

    4. May I _____________ you to Mrs. Brother, a British teacher of English? (introduction)

    5. Would you like to know the ________? (true)

    6. Be careful! The painting from the Tang Dynasty is _________ . (price) 7. They havent seen the old man for ten years. No one knows he is still __________ . ( live )

    8. Every ____________ in the museum is valuable. ( exhibition ) 9. How ___________ she is playing the piano! (wonder) 10. We are ________ of our country. (pride)

    III. 选择题,

    1 . I went to bed ________ I finished drawing the picture .

     A . until B . when C . though D . so 2. Im still hungry . Can I have ________ apple ?

     A . other B . another C . others D . more 3 . A sudden noise made the girl ______ to cry .

     A . started B . start C . starting D . to start 4 . Linda has ______8 year old baby .

     A . / B . a C . an D . the

    5. It ______ until noon.

     A . stopped raining B . didnt stop raining

     C . didnt raining D . didnt keep raining

    6. She went away through the back door ______ meet him .

     A . to not B . in order to not C . so that not D . in order not to

    7. He ______ for two years . Two years is a long time .

    A . left home B . has been away from home

    C . has left home D . has gone away from home 8. Bruce goes to ________ parties that he never has time for anything else.

     A. so many B. such many C. if D. such few 9. Thank you for helping us ________.

    A. a lot of B many C. a lot D. lots of

    10. The room is ________ for us to have a meeting in.

     A. too large B. too small C. small enough D. not small enough 11. ______ is important to learn English well.

     A. This B. That C. It D. Its

    12. You’ve just hit the nail ____ the head.

     A. on B. in C. at D. to

    13. I ________ her the message as soon as she came back.

     A. tell B. told C. will tell D. was telling

    14. _____ useful piece of advice the teacher gave us!

     A. What a B. How C What D. What an

    15. ________ you agree _____ me ?

    A. Are, with B. Do , to C. Do, with D. Are, on 16. When people ______”It will cost an arm and a leg”, they mean it will cost a lot.

     A. speak B. tell C. talk D. say

    17. Listening to music is a popular way ______.

    A. to relax B. for relaxing C of relaxing D. of relax 18. Body language may sometimes ________ trouble to us.

    A. take B. give C. bring D. have

    19. My little brother dug up two ______ holes yesterday.

     A. two-feet-deep B. two-foots-deep C. two-foot-deep D. two-foot-deeply 20. It took us_________ to build the highrise last year.

     A. a year and a half B. one and a half year C. one and half years D. a half and one years

IV. 按要求改写句子:

    1. I told him something about my first visit to Beijing after I finished my work.

    I _______ tell him anything about my first visit to Beijing _____ I finished my work.

    2. My deskmate likes both basketball and football.

    My deskmate likes basketball and football________ ________.

    3. He spends an hour playing the piano every day.

    It ______ him an hour _____ the piano every day.

    4. The museum opened to the public last week.

    The museum ________ _________ open to the public since last week.

    5. Both my father and uncle like swimming in winter.?否定句?

    _________ my father _______my uncle _______ swimming in winter.

    6. I believed it only when I saw it with my own eyes.

    I ____________ believe it ________ I saw it with my own eyes.

    7. There is almost nothing in the bag, _______ _______?

    8. She sang a beautiful song.

    ________ ____________ she sang a song!

    9. I will stay here after you come back.

     I won’t ______ here _____ you come back.

    10. The room is so small that we can’t live in it.

    The room is _______ small for us ___________ live in.

Unit Three Lesson Three Revision

    I. 根据中文写出词组,

    1. 世界古代七大奇迹 2. 在某人死后?2

    3. 超过,多于?2 4. 占地面积

    5. 底座的每边 6. 过去曾经是?否?

    7. 由……组成?2 8. 一大块石头

    9. 数千 10. 致力于

    11. 没有任何机器?prep开头? 12. 保护……免受……

    13. 使……活着 14. 至今

    15. 与…同样距离?2 16. 实际上

    17. 连接分开的城墙 18. 智慧的象征

    19. 一个举世闻名的旅游景点 20. 命令某人做某事


    1. What a ___________ machine it is ! (wonder)

    2. The ancient _________ built the pyramids without any machines. (Egypt)

    3. The poor man ________ of SARS. (dead)

    4. The Palace Museum is a famous tourist __________ in the world. (attract)

    5. The new building near our school is about 100 ___________ high.(foot)

    6. Where does the Great Pyramid stand? It stands in _________.(African)

    7. Our playground is 200 in __________. (wide)

    8. My sister works as a _________ at a restaurant.(wait)

    9. Dragon Boat Festival is our _________ festival.(tradition)

    10. I’m ______ to my class teacher. She helps me a lot.(thank)


    1. You’d better go on a diet __________ you are overweight.

     A. although B. before C. after D. since

    2. I have something _________but I have no pen ______.

    A. to write, to write B. writing, to write with C. to write, writing D. to write, to write with

    3. You’ve missed _________”s” in the word “hospital.”

    A . a B. an C. the D. /

    4. Tell the boy ________ near the fire.

    A. not go B. not to go C. don’t go D. doesn’t go

    5. How long has Mr White _________?

    A. been away B. left C. gone D. come

    6. When the little girl ____ someone _______ upstairs, she stopped crying.

     A. heard, coming B. heard, come C. listened, coming D. listened to, come 7. I must thank you _______ me the good news.

    A. for telling B. to tell C. telling D. tell

    8. Our school hall can hold________ people.

    A. two thousand B. two thousands C. two thousands of D. two thousand of 9. His ________ daughter is so lovely that everybody likes her very much.

     A. five-year-old B. five-years-old C. five-years-olds D. five years old 10. Sue got up very late this morning, so she went to work _______ breakfast.

     A. with B. without C. didn’t have D. hadn’t

    11. The little girl isn’t tall enough to ____ the apple on the desk .

    A reach B. get to C. arrive D. take

    12. It’s important _______ you _____ learn English well.

     A. B. for…for C. of…to D. for…to

    13. How long does it ________ to fly to Shanghai from Xi’an?

    A. spend B. take C. use D. waste

    14. You’d better eat more ________ you are very thin.

    A. though B. before C. if D. since

    15.Though she was very tired, _______ she still worked very hard all the time.

     A. but B. and C. / D. so

    16. The fired chicken tastes _______, so I want one more.

     A. well B. wonderfully C. delicious D. terrible 17. Don’t let your mother _________ about your lessons.

     A. worry B. worries C. to worry D. worrying 18. My father used _______ the newspaper after supper.

     A. to read B. reading C. read D. to reading 19. I have an important meeting __________.

     A. attending B. to attend C. to take part in D. to join 20.The king ordered his people to build the Great wall in order to ______ the country ____ enemy.

     A. protect. ..from B. keep…from C. protect…out of D. stop…in

    21. A computer _________ four parts.

    A. is good at B. is made up of C. is pleased with D. is busy with 22. There’s _______ time left. We must start at once.

    A. few B. a few C. little D a little IV. 按要求改写句子,

    1. The block of stone weights about half a ton.

    _______ _______ does the block of stone weigh?/ _____ ______ is the block of stone?

    2. I’d like my steak rare.

     _________ _______ you like your steak?

    3. We need to know something about Western cultures and customs. ______ ________ for us to know something about Western cultures and customs.

    4. She bought a new pen last Friday.

     She ______ _______ a new pen since last Friday.

    5.The CN tower is 553.33 metres in height.

     _______ ______ is the CN Tower?

    6.This river is 2.5 metres deep.

     _________ __________ is this river?

    7.The new watch cost me 200 yuan.

     ________ __________ did the new watch cost you?

    8.Mary watched TV only when she finished her homework. Mary __________ watch TV ________ she finished her homework. 9.The car Exhibition has been open to the public for about one week. It’s about one week _________ the Car Exhibition _______ to the public?

    10.The milk was so hot that I couldn’t drink it.

    The milk wasn’t ____________ _______ for me to drink..

    11.The Great Pyramid covers an area of about 3 square kilometers.

    ________ ________ is the Great Pyramid?

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