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    Happiness is one of the most splendid things in the world. Everyone wants it, dreams of it and tries all means to get it. However, a person who seeks happiness is somehow like an artist who seeks fame, even when he captures it, doesnt know what else to do but to continue

    chasing it, without stop for a while and think over what youve already

    had, happiness is just like a breeze stroking your face, leaving you nothing.

    Happiness is simple and on the other hand its a complex thing. Opinions

    vary from different people. Sometimes, happiness is just a soft kiss on the cheek. In the meanwhile, it can be a marvelous sports car, costing millions of dollars. But, the most inform way to get happiness is letting your standards of happiness down. Looking around with your bright eyes and thinking over with your gentle heart, we all are the rich, rich in happiness. If you are badly-off, then you have a sound body; if you are poor in health and even disabled, then you have a sound mind, with which you are invincible; if you are broken, then you have a lover to give you relief; if you dont have a lover for the time-being, then you have a big family, meaning a family of comfort words and warm encourages. You see, we are rich in happiness.

    Im one full of happiness.

    Its my Its my younger brother who told me that happiness is to give. T

    he day he was born, I know that I have someone to protect with all my life. Hes so cute that he thinks love is giving your lovest people the thing you value most. So whenever I came back home, he will promise to let me play the computer, but , how will I care?

    Senior four is really an unforgettable experience Ill always treasure with

    a thanksgiving heart. I learned how to utilize my ability to clear away difficulties in my way rather than run away from them. Confront difficulties with joyful energy and perseverance, and youll finally figure

    out that they are really nothing tough as they appear once and will certainly fade away in your life.

    Friends are a big fortune for all of us. They give out light and warmth like a lamp. I have always felt that its a blessing to have friends coming to

    console me in my blueness, cheer me up in my low spirits. Sometimes words dont work. But a kindly shoulder to cry on is enough. Its defiantly

    an honor to have someone whos ready to provide help and

    encouragement when you are in your pursuit of a dreaming course. Its my elder brother who told me that few things is happier than the own of freeness to chase your dream which youre dreaming day and

    night. A man with a dream is like a warrior armed with ambition and foresight, daring to step into an unknown world to make a journey of adventure. No matter whether he will succeed, we cant simply definite

    his happiness.

    Love brings happiness. It’s my boyfriend who once tought me that happiness is not my own business, it contains “you” and “me”. We two got though so many things together, I do remember every tiny relief he gave me, which do help me come over all kinds of adversities. I have to say that he’s already my family rather than just a simple friend. True love can bring happiness to lovers each other, the happiness they carries, is far more significant than any warmth embraces even the most passionate kiss.

    As you can see, happiness is all around. We all are the owners. Just see everything as a gift and keep a gentle heart, we can leave a much more happier life.

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