can you run fast

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can you run fast

    Can you run fast?教案

    清英外国语学校 白牡丹 Objectives:

    1) Can listen, read and say new words high, far, fast. 2) can use new sentence: can you? Yes, I can. No, I cant Key points:

    1) New words jump far, jump high, run fast.

    2> New sentencecan you.? -----yes I can. No I cant. Difficult points:

    How to use new sentence in real life. Teaching aims:

    PPT cards music cartoon Teaching procedure:

    Step 1 warm-up

    T: Good morning boys and girls.

    T: How are you today?

    T: Nice to meet you.

    T: Im your new teacher today, do you want to know sth. About me ?

    S: Whats your name?

     How old are you?

     What food do you like?

     What animal do you like?

     What sport do you like?

    T: I like playing Ping pong, I can play Ping pong.

     What can you do?

    S: I can

    T: Can you?

    S: Yes, I can./No, I cant.

    T: I have a chant here. Can you try? S: Run, run, I can run.

    Sing, sing, I can sing. Swim, swim, I can swim. Jump, jump, I can jump. Dance, dance, I can dance. Step2 Presentation

    T: Look, whats this? (PPT)

    S: Its a hare. (drill hare) T: What can the hare do? S: It can run/jump.

    T: What about this one? S: Its a tortoise.

     It can creep/walk.

    T: Heres a story about them.

     And I have two questions about them.

    Q1 Who runs fast?

    Q2 Who is the winner? Why? T and Ss watch the cartoon. T: Do you know the answer? S: The hare runs fast.

     The tortoise is the winner. T: Do you know why?

    S: The hare is sleeping. T: Yes, Its proud and lazy.

     Dont be proud.

     Dont be lazy.

    Read together

    T: The hare runs fast.

    Drill (run fast)

    T: What animal can run fast? S: Tigers/lions/mise can run fast.

    T: Can you run fast? S: Yes, I can./No, I cant.

    T: Look, can m run fast? S: No, m can jump high.

    Drill (jump high)

    T: Can you jump high? S: Yes, I CAN./No, I cant.

    Step 3 Sing a song T: Lets sing a song. S: Can you jump high?

    Can you jump high?

    Yes, I can. Yes, I can.

    Can you run fast?

    Can you run fast?

    No, I cant. No, I cant.

    T: Can you make a new song? S: Can you ?

    Can you ?

    Yes, I can. Yes, I can.

    Can you ?

    Can you ?

    No, I cant. No, I cant.

    Step 4 Practice

    T: I see you can sing well.


     S: Hello, Bessie.

    T: Can you?

    S: Yes, I can./ No, I cant. Can you? T: Yes, I can./ No, I cant.

    T: Practise in pairs.

Step 5 Consolidation

    T: Boys and girls, yesterday we had a rope skipping competition ,

    let me guess, who can skip the rope?

     Can he skip the rope?

    S: Yes, he can./No, he cant.

    T: are you the winner?

    S: No, Im not./Yes, I am.

    T: Look, this is my friend, her name is Cathy.

     She can skip the rope, she cant swim.

     Do you know sth.about your friend? S: My friend is

    /cant He/She can

    T: What about your family?

     What can your mother/father/brother/sister do? S: My mother/father.. can

    T: They all love you so much, what can you do for them?

    S: I can learn hard/clean my room

    T: One thing you can do, you can love them!

     A sentence for you

     Please love everyone around!

    Read together!

    Step 6 Homework

    1. Copy the new words.

    2. Do a survey about your friends.

    What can you do?

    Can you? Yes, I can./ No, I cant.

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