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Eastenders Transcripts


Appendix 1: Key for Transcripts:


. = short pause

.. = long pause

/ = onset of overlap

[unclear] = speech is unclear

underlined = stress

Appendix 2: Transcripts:

Storyline 1:

Conversation 1:

    Janine: You never mentioned anything about seeing Doctor Leeroy

    Barry: I bumped into him yesterday . he said he wanted to see me about the


    Janine: Well maybe you got the results through . you should make an

    appointment and find out what’s going /on/

    Barry: /No/ he told me the results .. it’s er .. it’s serious Janine I’ve got an

    enlarged heart

Janine: What

Barry: That’s what he said . so I was scared it was the same thing as dad so I

    looked up the causes on the net last night um . hypotrophic cardio


    Janine: /Hang/on hang on . are you sure because if you can’t exactly remember

    the name and the doctor never even told you him/self/


    Barry: /Yea/ well he’s not gonna tell me is he . that’s that’s why he wants me

    to go and see the specialist so that he can explain it

Janine: Explain what Barry

Barry: I could go of a heart attack at any time

    Janine: [looks shocked and sighs] Oh . oh my poor Barry [hugs him] . oh baby .

    well why didn’t you tell any of this to me last night

    Barry: I didn’t know how to [Janine sighs sympathetically] we’re uh .. we’re

    gonna have to call off the wedding [Janine looks disappointed]

Conversation 2:

    Janine: Barry .. this is terrible .. but we love each other and that is the one

    thing that we’ve got to hold on to

Barry: What have I done to deserve you

    Janine: So just say it . please . we we can get married tomorrow . whatever

Barry: I don’t know

    Janine: But we’ve gotta go through with it . as your wife I can take care of you


Barry: I can’t think straight

Janine: Then I’ll do the thinking for you

    Barry: No . that’s not fair on you . it’s . er .. this is something I’ve gotta work

    out for myself I’m sorry

Janine: Barry

Conversation 3:

    Janine: Well that’s what I thought that he . he must of got this all wrong . but

    Paul it’s all there in black and white . he must of printed it last night

Paul: Sudden death


    Janine: Well we’ve got to do something . if he’s thinking about postponing the


    Paul: Well Janine . I mean . it’s not surprising given the circumstances . if

    the bloke’s dying . /it’s/

    Janine: /Then/ there’s nothing we can do Paul . at least this way . it’s easier on

    Barry . he won’t have to go through another painful divorce will he .

    and as Barry’s widow . well . everything goes straight to me

Paul: I see you’ve had time to think about that then

    Janine: Yeah . yeah I have . and Barry’s not gonna need it where he’s going .

    and to be honest . I think I’ve earned every single penny

Conversation 4:

Janine: Barry .. wow [he is holding some flowers]

Barry: For you

Janine: But you didn’t have to

    Barry: No er . I know I didn’t . I just wanted to let you know er how much I


    Janine: Oh thank you . and look what I’ve made you . a nice cold turkey salad .

    very healthy

Barry: Shhh . don’t say anything . please [kisses her]

Conversation 5:

Janine: These really are beautiful [referring to flowers]

Barry: Yeah . I er . bumped into Paul

Janine: Did you

Barry: Yea . and I’m glad I did because . he’s helped me reach a decision

Janine: Well how about that

    Barry: I mean there I was you know . sitting in the square this morning .

    thinking about myself . and all I could see was this bright future ahead .

    suddenly wiped out by um


Janine: Uh Barry don’t

Barry: And uh uh and I thought there’s gotta be an answer to this . and then

    what Paul said to me made me see things so much more clearly . made

    me think about our time together . and just how much you really mean

    to me

Janine: [smiles] Look you really don’t have to say /anything/

Barry: /No um/ [unclear] I know I don’t . um . and there are so many other

    people that would say these words so much better than me but um .

    you to me are everything Janine . you are the sweetest thing [Janine

    smiles] .. and there’s only really one way I can prove that to you right


Janine: By making me your wife

Barry: No .. by setting you free [Janine looks concerned]

Conversation 6:

Janine: I don’t understand . you said you talked to /Paul/

    Barry: /Paul/ yeah . I did . and call it fate . call it divine intervention . call it

    whatever you want . but just as I was sitting there thinking how much I

    needed you . he made me see just exactly what I’d be doing by going

    through with this wedding

    Janine: Look . alright . whatever Paul told you just just forget it

Barry: I can’t forget it . marriage is a sacred bond

Janine: Yes . a testament of love

    Barry: Yes . to commitment . to the future . but I have no future

    Janine: Yes . you do . alright alright we may not have a lifetime together but

    what we’ve got left Barry I want to share with you . I need you by my


    Barry: I can’t let you do that . I know the power of grief . I went through it

    with dad remember . and look what it did to me. and you honestly

    think I’d put you through that

Janine: Look . what happened with Roy . your dad . it was different . he died

    suddenly . I know the worst . alright . I can’t just stop loving you


    Barry . there is nothing that I want more than to be your wife . I

    thought you wanted the same thing

Barry: I do . with all my heart .. but I can’t . and I won’t let you be my widow .

    I love you too much . I’m sorry [runs out of the house]

Janine: Barry [she throws flowers on table]

Conversation 7:

Janine: [on the phone] Paul . no it’s not all sorted . but don’t worry . it soon

    will be .. I’ve got another plan

Conversation 8:

Ricky: I’m so sorry

    Janine: Thank you for the flowers and the card they really mean a lot

Ricky: It’s alright . it’s only a few flowers init

Janine: Yea but they’re from you . I can’t believe you’re hear

    Ricky: Come here [they hug] look . I know we haven’t . we haven’t been close

    in a while but . I feel like I’ve let you down . but if there’s anything I

    can do [Janine nods] you look shattered

Janine: Yea . I am

Ricky: I’ll let you get some rest . I’ve gotta pick Liam up in a bit . give him

    his tea . but if you need anything . call me alright

Janine: Thank you Ricky

Ricky: I won’t let you down again I promise

Janine: Ok

Ricky: See you later [leaves house]

Conversation 9:

Ricky: She’s probably still in shock


    Pat: Well she’s bound to be isn’t she . look I’ll ur . go over and see if Nats

    up to it . and we’ll pop in and see her

    Ricky: Alright . well take it easy on her alright . I mean she’s really fragile .

    I’ll see ya later

Conversation 10:

    Ricky: I still don’t get it . why wouldn’t you wanna go . it’s a memorial for


Janine: Because [sighs] I’m working things through my own way . alright

Ricky: Yea but you was married to the bloke

Janine: I said goodbye

Ricky: Yea but that was [unclear]

Janine: That was what . that was what Ricky

    Ricky: It was just a bit a bit weird that’s all [Janine laughs sarcastically] you

    know you come back with an urn and . you know people want a

    proper funeral Janine

Janine: Yea well I’m sorry that you think I’m weird

Ricky: I never said that

Janine: No . it’s what it sounded like to me

Ricky: [unclear] That’s not what I meant [unclear] I just think you should go

Janine: To show people how much I loved Barry

Ricky: No

    Janine: Well maybe another public show is just too much for me Ricky . had

    you thought about that . I have to put on an act just to get through the

    day . do you know what you’re my brother I thought you would of


Ricky: I do . I do Janine . oh come here . I’m sorry alright [they hug]

Storyline 2:


Conversation 1:

Garry: Alright

Lynne: Yea

    Garry: Listen . I was thinking . I think I better clear off before the others come

    down eh

    Lynne: No um . I know you need to talk to Laura about Bobby but I’ve got a

     family as well and it’s time we told them the truth

Garry: We both know what they’re gonna say though don’t we

Conversation 2:

    Garry: Laura . I understand you wanting to get back at me . but whatever

    decision you make now will affect Bobby for the rest of his life . and

    didn’t you once say that it wasn’t fair on Bobby him growing up not

    knowing who his father was

Laura: Maybe it wouldn’t be

    Garry: Yea and I know I’ve got it wrong. right. I’ve been there since the

    moment he was born Laura . and I wanna carry on being there

Laura: What . weekend dad . I told u before Gary I ain’t interested in that

    Garry: And neither am I . but we could do it properly . I mean regular visits .

    proper maintenance . it wouldn’t be like you were bringing him up on

    your own you know. no . I’d be there with you every step of the way .

    now please Laura . just let me continue seeing my son

Conversation 3:

    Laura: You know all I ever wanted was a proper family Gary .. someone to

    love me

Garry: You’ll get that one day Laura . you’re a lovely woman

    Laura: [Laughs in disbelief] Well . maybe we were both kidding ourselves eh ..

    for Bobby’s sake .. if you miss one visit


Garry: Yea I know . you’ll tell Lynne about us

Laura: Not if you keep to your side of the bargain I won’t .. you’ve been a

    good dad Gary . just . just keep on doing that alright .. that’ll teach me

    to go bragging to Ian Beale

Garry: Ian

    Laura: Oh I saw him in the Vic last night couldn’t resist going on about my

    perfect family

Garry: Oh so he couldn’t resist telling you about me and Lynne then

Laura: Gary am I the only person round here that didn’t know

    Garry: No no it wasn’t like that no . he saw us leaving the pub together

    yesterday . I shoulda known he’d of told ya

    Laura: Oh that wouldn’t have been cruel enough for Ian . he decided to walk

    me home . so I could see for myself

    Garry: Do you know I really ought to sort out that /little/

Laura: /No/ no . you just leave Ian to me

Conversation 4:

    Ian: I got no chips on the go so if you want some you’ll have to [turns

    around and realises the customer is Laura]

Laura: Wait

Ian: What do you want

    Laura: Oh . just wanted to say thanks . for walking me home last night . you

    even made sure I had the keys . so I could walk right in on them . I

    shoulda smelled you coming

Ian: I was just trying to help

Laura: You could’ve just told me

    Ian: Would you of believed me if I had . Gary Hobbs . the perfect father

    Laura I was just opening your eyes to what he’s really like

Laura: Well . maybe one day I’ll open yours


Ian: To what . there’s nothing you can do to hurt me anymore

    Laura: There you go again Ian . always so sure of yourself aren’t you .

    business . women . tut tut . should’ve learned by now

Ian: Learned what

Laura: Everything comes to those who wait

Storyline 3:

Conversation 1:

    Billy: Where you going . listen . I thought we could do something today . I

    could take you for a pizza . deep pan Hawaiian special . your favourite


Little Mo: Er . maybe later . I won’t be long anyway

Billy: Here that’s a bit of a turn up for the books init . I thought they was

    getting divorced

Little Mo: Yeah . so did Laura

Conversation 2:

Little Mo: [Knock at door] Billy [sounds very worried]

Billy: I got it

Little Mo: Who was it

    Billy: Just some bloke . with a deep pan Hawaiian special . [Mo has tears in

    her eyes] oh Mo .. I was just trying to cheer you up . going to that place

    today . you know . it was horrible but . it’s all done now init

Little Mo: Is it . it’s gonna be another week before we get the results

Billy: Yeah . but you’ll be alright

Little Mo: How’d you know that

Billy: Mo


    Little Mo: Sorry .. I am glad you come with me today . but . it’s just whilst you

    was sitting in the waiting room . and I’m having me bloods taken and

    they’re testing me for

Billy: Hey . I know I know I know . and I know that you’re scared and I’m

    scared an all . that’s why I keep saying and doing all the wrong things ..

    I just . I just want us to get back to where it was before you know

Little Mo: Do you think we can really do that

    Billy: Yeah I do . because I love you Mo . and whatever happens next week .

    I’m gonna be there for you one hundred percent . I don’t ever want to

    let you down again

Little Mo: Here . let’s share it eh [referring to the pizza]

Conversation 3:

Pauline: [knock at door] Come in .. oh hello what do you want

    Billy: Um . I was just wondering whether you er . ever hear (hes) from your


Pauline: What

Billy: (hes) I was wondering how he is . how he’s getting on

Pauline: Well . apart from the Christmas card . I didn’t think you two were such

    great mates anyway

    Billy: Well no we weren’t . but (hes) well but I I (hes) always admired him .

    respected him for how he got on with his life . you know . and in a way

    all you lot as a family . just got on with things .. it can’t have been easy

    Pauline: No . no . but he’s my son and I love him and when you love someone

    you just have to find the right thing to do . you just have to find the

    right way to get on with living don’t you

Billy: Yea . well . um . I’ve been thinking about him a bit so . well if you

    hear from him will you give him me best yea

Pauline: Yea

Conversation 4:

Billy: Mo


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