he's a doctor

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he's a doctor

    He’s a doctor

1 Greeting and revision

    T: Good morning /how are you? T: Good job. You have the chance to get the question.

     How old are you? What’s your name?


    T: How many people are there in your family?

    S: 4 Mother, father…

    T: Do you remember the song “ finger family”? let’s sing the song. S: Father finger, father finger…


    1) doctor

    T: Look, Who’s this?

    S: This is the father/ mother/ baby.. T: Guess, What’s my father’s job?

    S: he’s a driver/nurse.

    T: What’s my mother’s job?

    S: she’s a …

    T: This is my brother. He works in hospital. This is his coat. What’s my brot

    her’s job?

    S: 医生

    T: doctor(drill: one by one) 二声调

     Is this a boy or a girl? S: a boy.

    T: He’s a doctor.

    Game; passing hat

    T: What’s Linda’s job?

    S: She’s a doctor./ He’s a doctor.

     *** I can.

    T: If we are ill, we should go to see a doctor.

    S: See a doctor.

    T: I think it’s terrible. Please keep healthy. An apple a day , keeps the doctor


    T: An apple a day , keeps the doctor away.

    2) teacher

    T: Is Miss Wang a doctor?

    S: No, she’s a teacher.

    T: teacher(Drill: boys and girls) Game: teacher, please

    T: What’s his job?? Is he a teacher?

    S: No, he isn’t.

T: What’s his/her job?

    S: He’s/She’s a teacher.

    T: Let’s say” good morning, teacher”

     Miss Wang is a teacher, who is a teacher too?

    S: Bessie is a teacher. T: Yes, I’m a teacher. I love you, do you love me?

     Let’s sing “ I love you” song.

    ST: I love you, you love me, we are happy family.

    T: Whose mother is a teacher too? S: My mother is a teacher. 3) Student

    T: Listen, are they teachers?(listen to the CD)

    S: NO

    T: What are their jobs? S: Student(drill: where’s the train?)

    T: Who is Linda?

    S: She’s a student…

    T: Linda is my friend, she’s a student.

     Can you introduce your friend? S: ** is my friend, she’s/ he’s a student.


    Game: magic ears

    T: He’s a …

     She’s a …

    T: can you try?


    T: Do you know the jobs?

     Let’s enjoy them.


    T: 20 years later, what’s you job?

     I’m still a teacher./

    T: Hello, what’s your job?

    S: I’m a …

    T: If you want to be…, you should work hard now.

     Let’s read the words again…

    T: so much for the lesson, class is over. Goodbye.

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