simple present passive form

By Denise Anderson,2014-12-18 17:19
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simple present passive form

    The Teaching of Simple Present Passive Form

Teaching aim

    ; teach students how to use simple present passive form.

Teaching objectives:

    1. students will be able to know the meaning of the simple present passive form.

    2. students will be able to know structure of the simple present passive form.

    3. students will be able to transfer the given sentences from active to passive.

     4. students will be able to make sentences using this structure in creative situations. Student level

    ; intermediate plus


    Step/ Teacher Activities Student Activities Purpose Resource time

    1/ Let a student do some actions. Express the actions in English. Warming-up game and 5 min e.g.: ask a student to open the window attract the whole class

    and then close it. attention to the actions

    of the student and the


    2/ Write the two sentences on the Discuss in groups. Let students think about Chalk, 15min blackboard in active form. Give the result of their discussion the relationship of the blackboard

    Transfer the two sentences into passive teacher and the student;

    form the student and the

    Let students compare them, find their window.

    differences in groups and give the

    result of their discussion.

    3/ Let the students in groups practice the Work in groups and perform. Strengthen their 15mins structure in the situations made by understanding of the

    themselves.(10mins) structure

    Let one or two groups perform their Ensure the students can use


    situations.(5mins) it in a real situation.

    4/ Resolve their questions about the Ask questions Check to see whether they 5min content of the whole follow the right way.

    Give the assignment.


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