Different career choice

By Michael Coleman,2014-04-06 19:22
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different choice lead to different

    Different career choice

    Everyone has their own opinion and choice .As some people like to eat carrots ,some people like to eat vegetables ,you can not ask everyone like you .

    Different choice different destiny .Initial Beethoven want to learn to play the piano ,while his father strongly oppose ,he does not think Beethoven has the talent of learning the piano .If Beethoven to his father compromise ,he wouldnt have

    later outstanding music achievements.

    Have faith in your own choice .Bill Gates resolutely abandoned the school and choose self-employed ,so would have Microsofts

    establishment and his success today.

    Parents differ from children in their career choice .Who is to make the choice I think parents should respect their

    childrens choice ,and what they really should do is to help children and provide necessary guidance.

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