My first Ride on A Train

By Donald Hunter,2014-12-18 17:19
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My first Ride on A Train


    The Teaching of Reading

     ------My First Ride on a Train

Teaching aim:

    ; Develop the students reading ability.

    Teaching objectives:

    1. Make students know something about Australia.

    2. Train students to get information effectively.

    3. Develop students ability to organize out-of order sentences into a passage coherently.

    Students’ level:

    ; intermediate plus


    Step/ Teacher Activities Student Activities Purpose Resource time

    1/ Ask students whether they like animals Think and answer teachers leading pictures 10 min or not, and what animals they like. questions

    (pre-) Ask them whether they have heard of

    Koala bear.

    Show a picture of Koala bear and

    describe it.

    Encourage students to present their

    answers to the questions on page 22.

    Ask students whether they want to know

    more about Australia.

    Tell them that this class we will learn

    the “My First Ride on a Train.

    2/ Ask students to skim the passage. Read articles Get the main idea of the

    Offer a multiple choice about the gist 10min choose answers passage and let students choose the best answer.

    3/ Tell students that this is a narration and Read and find the detailed things Get the information of the

    st5mins the 1 paragraph often tells us five ws. presented in the first first paragraph in

    Let students read the first paragraph paragraph. detail.


    again and fill the blank.

    4/ Tell students that besides the food that Read the second paragraph and Get the information of the

     the second paragraph introduces, most fill the blanks. second information in 5min part of the paragraph is about the detail


    Ask students to read the second

    paragraph and fill the blanks.

    5/ Let students read the rest part of the Read and find the answers in the Get some of the 10min passage and present three questions to rest part of the passage. information of the rest

    them. part of the passage

    Let them find the answers and ask three

    students to offer their answers for class.


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