my favourite

By Gladys Henderson,2014-10-06 11:00
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my favourite

     As people say Life is movement,so in my view ,movement is a very import thing in our

    lives which we must do to keep healthy . I like sports very much.As a result,my favorite course in college is PE.

    There are so many sports wo can do in this course,basketball,football,table tennis,volleyball and so on. These sports help you to learn to how to cooperate ,how to challenge yourself and how to improve physical fitness.

    Firstly , basketball which is my favourite sport help you how to strive and how to win the game . It is a team sports. Every member in this team enjoys the game and enjoy the

    cooperation . Secondly , football is a sport which you want to show off just like Ronaldo.It gives you enthusiasm and vitality .Table tennis which chinese team is the strongest team in the world tells you that you can do best in the game. These sports are all my favourite , I like them as my lifes most import part .

    As people often say The body is the capital of revolution ,so lets everyone take part in the

    sports .In college ,the easy way to do this things is to attend PE class. In short ,my favorite course is PE .

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