Unit3 SectionB

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Unit3 SectionB


    课型 New 课题 Unit3 What are you doing for vacation? Section B

    主备人 李永玲 审核人 课时设置 1 使用时间 学习 1 掌握词汇: forget, ride, famous, something, leave, mature, finish

    目标 2 学会使用如下句型?Ben Lambert, the famous French singer, is taking a long vacation this summer

    3 Reading comprehension and writing practice.

    学习重点?1 Learn the main words and phrases.

    2 Reading comprehension.

    学习难点?1 Listening practice.

    2 Writing practice.

    学习过程 设计意图

     课前预习 ( Activities before class)


     1. 单词

    初步理解? Nancy often_________ her bike to school.)骑?

    ? Song Zuying is a ________ singer.)著名的? 对话、短文? I _________ reading the story yesterday.)结束,完成? 大意。理解? In _____ study lessons we learn about animals.)大自然? 记忆新词? The children are swimming in the ___________.)湖?

    和短语。 ? My grandparents live in the ___________, not in the city.)农村?

     ? Im very hungry. Please give me ________to eat. )某物?

    ? ---When does your son __________home for school in the morning?)离开? ---At 7:00. ? I hope I can _________ all my problems. )忘记? ? France is a country in __________.)欧洲? 2.短语

     ? Theyre _____________ this weekend. )骑自行车兜风?

     ? Beijing is a beautiful city in China. A lot of people ____________ there every year.)观光? ?I like to ____________________ after supper. )散步? ?I wanted to study in Spain, but at last __________________ Canada. )决定? ?---Do you often ___________ in this shop? ---Yes, I do. )租录像带? ?I want to do ___________________.)不同的事情?

     ?Can I ask you a few questions about your_______________?)假期计划?

     ?Did you _____________ going to Beijing this summer? )考虑?

    3.语法或语言点 ?plan 1?We’re planning to visit Hawaii this summer. 2?He made a plan of the study.

    感知理解3) Lucy planned on climbing mountains for vacation.

    语言点 4) Don’t plan ________ driving a car in Tibet, ________?

     A. to; will you B. on; do you C. on; will you D. to; do you

     5) We p________ to buy a new TV.

     6) 他们为周末做了一个计划。_____________________________________ 7) 我本计划三点前到达那儿。________________________________________ 8) 学生们在计划一场演讲比赛。_______________________________________ ?ride



    1) Mike likes riding his bike to school. 2) Shall we go for a ride in the car? 3) They rode their bikes to the mountains last weekends. 试一试你会用吗: 1. 他在骑一辆自行车。_________________________________________. 2. I always r______ my bike to school. 3. Most students _____________________)骑自行车? to school yesterday. 4.预习3a 回答下面的问题。 1) What does Ben do?__________________________________________ 2) Where is he going on vacation?_________________________________ 3) What kind of vacation does he plan to have?__________________________ 4) What is he doing for vacation?_____________________________________ 5) Where is he planning to spend time? Why?___________________________________ 5.预习中遇到的困难 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________


     第一环节?预习导学,探究质疑 Step1.预习检查 After the pre-view, do you have any other questions Step2.导入 1. Translate these phrases: Go sightseeing ___________ go fishing___________ 引入新知 Take walks _____________ rent videos __________ go bike riding____________ 板书本节Practice the phrases: ---What do you like to do on vacation? ---I like to 的句型 2. Questions: 1. What are you doing for vacation?

     2. Where are you going for vacation?

     第二环节?分组合作,互动释疑 (Pairwork)

     Step3. Ask and answer in pairs with the help of the chart.

    通过生生、Name Where Who When What How long

    师生间的Tony Hong Kong Hector On Monday Visit friends 4days

    互动合作Sam Tibet Lin Hui In October Go hiking A week

    th来解决学Jenny Hawaii parents On the 12 Go to the beach 5 days

    习中的问thndSusan San Francisco cousins Next week Go sports camp 11-22 Step4. Listening practice(Listen to 2a 2b and finish the tasks) Step5. Reading (3a) 1. Read the magazine article, and answer the question: His vacation is____. A. busy but boring B. great and relaxing C. tired but great 2. Read the passage again, choose the title for it.



     分层阅读 A. Why does Ben plan to Canada for vacation?

     培养学生B. Where did Ben take his vacation before?

     善于质疑C. What is Ben doing in Canada?


    1?The first paragraph():______________

    2) The second paragraph:______________

    3. Read again, fill in the chart.

     Ben Lamberts job He is a ________.

     Where to go He is going to _________.

     Why a) He wants to do something different.

     b) Canada is _________.

     c) Many people speak _______ there.

     How long to stay About ______ months.

     activities a) taking walks;

     b) Going _____;

     c) ____________;

     d) ________________;

     e) _________________.

    第三环节? 训练反馈,应用提升

     Step 6 训练反馈?

     1. I have to help my aunt b her baby every evening.

     2. I am going to spend my summer v with my sister.

     3. Tom doesn’t have enough money to buy a house, so he has to r_____one.

     4. You can take two days off to go sightseeing. ____ .

     5. What’s you p for this term.

     6. A: What you ? B: I am my sister.

     A. do; do; babysit B. are; doing; babysit C. did; do; babysitting D. are; doing; babysitting

     7. A: What is he doing for vacation? B: He is .

     A. going camp B. go camp C. go camping D. going camping

     8. I plan abroad. A. go B. going C. to go D. is going

     9. Tom with his parents going to Hawaii A. is B. are C. has D. have

     10. A: what are doing for vacation? B: .

     A. Go to see a movie B. Going to see a movie C. To go to see a movie D. Went to see a movie

     11 It is a trip. You will feel very .

     A. relaxing; relaxing B. relaxed; relaxing C. relaxed; relaxed D. relaxing; relaxed

     12 I asked her her plan. A. for B. about C. on D. in

     13 I just finished my homework A. doing B. to do C. do D. to doing

     14 I am going hiking the mountain. A. on B. to C. of D. in

     15 A: are you going to stay there? B: a week

     A. when; about B. how; for C. how long; for D. what; about

     16. 英汉词组互译

     1)骑自行车旅行_______________ 2)观光游览_________________

     3)钓鱼_______________________ 4)散步_____________________

     5)租录像带__________________ 6)与某人交谈________________

     17. 句型转换



    1)Please show me your photos. )改为同义句?? Please _____ your photos _____ _____. 2)Mr. White is leaving for Hong Kong next weekend.)对划线部分提问? ? __________ __________ Mr. White __________ for next weekend? 3)Lisa is staying in Changsha for a month. )对划线部分提问? ? __________ __________ __________ Lisa __________ in Changsha? 4)Were going to the Great Wall tomorrow morning. )对划线部分提问? ? __________ __________ __________ going to the Great Wall? 5)They are going for a picnic in the mountain. )对划线部分提问? ? __________ ___________ __________ going for a picnic? Step7. 应用提升? Writing practice; (3b) Complete the article about Julias vacation plans.

     第四环节?反思总结,质疑求学 (Summary)

    我的收获: 让学生回_____________________________________________________________________________顾总结本_____________________________________________________________________________节课知识_____________________________________________________________________________ 点或质疑

    求索 第五环节? Homework 课本链接?

    一、 英汉词组互译

    1.take a long vacation________________ 2. think about_________________ 3.cant wait_________________ last movie________________ 5.讲法语___________________ 6.做完某事___________________ 7.著名的法国歌手_________________ 8.计划做某事_________________ 二、用所给词的适当形式填空

    1. Our teacher is thinking about ___________(have) a class meeting.

    2.Today is a sunny day, so we decide _________(go) swimming.

    3.He plans __________(have) a very relaxing vacation.

    4.Can you finish __________(write) your letter today?

    5.I spend an hour __________(do)my homework every day.

    6.Hawaii is an exciting place__________(go) sightseeing.

    7.My grandma is forgetful. She always forgets___________(lock) the door.



    Were going to Hong Kong _______ ________, and were _______ _______ three weeks. 2.今年夏天他打算度过一个长假。He is ________ ________ ________ ________ this summer. 3.我计划在美丽的乡下过一段时间。

    I am _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ in the beautiful countryside. 4.他准备星期二前往香港。He is __________ __________ Hong Kong ___________ Tuesday. 5. 假期你打算做什 么: ______ ___ _________ you _________ _________ vacation? 6. 我听说泰国是个观光旅游的好地方。I hear Tailand is a good place _____ ______ ______. 7. 昨天你们什么时间打扫完教室的:When ____ you _____ _____ the classroom yesterday? 8. 你有什么重要的事要告诉我吗: Do you have _________ _________ to tell me? 9. 明天是星期天, 去钓鱼怎么样:It’s Sunday tomorrow. _______ _______ _______ _____?



    10. 我迫不及待地打开妈妈送的礼物。I _____ _____ _____ _____ the present Mum gave me. 四、句型转换。

    1.timeItothiswant different, something。)连词成句? ______________________________________________________ 2.Im staying here for three weeks.(划线提问)

    _______________________________________________________ 五、单项选择

    ( ) 1. They’re going to San Francisco ______ July 7 _____ next month.

     A. on, in B. in, on C. in, / D. on, /

    ( ) 2. ______ is he doing for vacation? He is going to Hawaii to surf.

     A. What B. Where C. When D. How ( ) 3. What’s it ______ there? A. like B. look like C. likes D. liking ( ) 4. Can I ask you ______ questions ______ your vacation plans?

     A. any, about B. some, with C. any , with D. some, about ( ) 5. I want to spend time ______ my grandfather ______ the countryside.

     A. with, in B. on, in C. in, in D. on, with ( ) 6. Today i s my son’s birthday. I’m making _____ for him.

     A. anything nice B. something nice C. nice anything D. nice something ( ) 7. She ______ 8,000 yuan on the computer yesterday. A. spent B. cost C. take D. paid ( ) 8. What should we ______ us when we go hiking?

     A. bring with B. take to C. take with D. bring to ( ) 9. Do you have ______ to tell us?

     A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything ( ) 10. ______ do you watch TV every week? About three hours.

     A. How often B. How long C. What time D. How many ( ) 11. What’s your brother like? _______.

     A. He likes playing soccer B. He likes all of us C. He’s short but fat D. He’s very well ( ) 12. All of us are ______ in the ______ film.

     A. interesting, interested B. interested, interesting

     C. interesting, interesting D. interested, interested

    ( )13. I know there are many people there _________ speak English.

     A. what B. who C. whose D. where ( )14. There is _________ with the recorder.

    A. anything wrong B. wrong anything C. something wrong D. wrong something ( )15. Susan often forgets _________ her homework here.

    A. bring B. brought C. is bringing D. to bring ( )16. Do you enjoy ________ football? I hear there will be a football match tomorrow.

     A. playing B. play C. played D. to play ( )17.---What are you doing for vacation? ---I ___ hiking in the mountains.

     A. should go B. have to go C. am going D. can go ( )18. He thought about going to Europe, but decided _____ Africa.

     A. for B. about C. to D. on ( )19. ---_____ are you staying in Canada? ---Just for a week.

     A. How long B. How often C. When D. What ( )20.In the restaurant, there are many people __________ noodles.



     A. eat B. are eating C. who eating D. who are eating 六、用所给单词的适当形式填空

    1. Dalian is a beautiful place __________ ( go ) sightseeing.

    2. It’s twelve o’clock. The children ___________ ( have ) lunch in the cafeteria.

    3. This Sunday we are going bike r__________ in the park. How about you?

    4. Yao Ming is a f______ basketball player. Lots of people like ______ ( watch ) him play. 5. My sister thought about __________ ( babysit ) her pet dog.

    6. He didn’t leave u_________ his mother came back.

    7. Do you plan __________ ( take ) a vacation in Hawaii?

    8. The book is so good, I can’t wait __________ ( read ) it at the moment.

    9. You should finish _________ ( make ) these kites this afternoon.

    10.When you leave, dont forget ________(say) goodbye to your parents.


    Last month, Tom spent his holidays in a small town. He stayed at a small hotel _ 1 _ the train station for many days.

    One night, before he 2, he went to the owner of the hotel and asked,

     Will you please wake me up at 3 tomorrow morningI have to catch the five oclock train. Oh, sorry, the owner said, I 4 get up so early.

    Then Tom asked the owner, “Have you got _ 5__ alarm clock? _6__ it can help me.” “Yes, here

    you are, Sir.” The owner said. Tom thanked him and _7__ his room. However, when he _8__ the clock carefully, he found there was _ 9__ with it. Tom left his room and asked the owner again.

     “Excuse me, are you sure the clock will ring on time?” Tom asked.

     “_ 10__, Sir!” said the owner, “When you shake it at 4:45 in the morning, it will ring.”

     ( ) 1. A. near B. across C. on D. in front

     ( ) 2. A. lay in bed B. went to bed C. was in bed D. got to sleep

     ( ) 3. A. four-thirty B. five C. five-fifteen D. five-thirty

     ( ) 4. A. sometimes B. often C. usually D. never

     ( ) 5. A. a B. an C. the D. some

     ( )6. A. but B. maybe C. If D. Or

     ( ) 7. A. went back B. returned back C. back to D. returned to

     ( ) 8. A. looked B. saw C watched D. looked at

     ( ) 9. A. wrong something B. something wrong C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing ( ) 10. A. You’re welcome. B. No question. C. Of course. D. No.


    The Wilsons decided to go overseas for vacation. They had a family meeting to plan the


    "First," Mr. Wilson said, "we should decide where we are going."

    "I don't agree," Mrs. Wilson said, "I think we should decide when we are going first. We

    don't want to go to places when they are cold."

     Mr. Wilson agreed, so the family's first decision was when to go on vacation. They

    decided to go in July.

    "Now we can decide where to go," said Mr Wilson.

    "But, Dad," Ben said, "don't you think that where we go depends on(依赖,取决于)how we go? If we plan to fly, we can go a long way. If we plan to drive, we can't go far."

    Again, Mr Wilson agreed, and they discussed this. At last they agreed to travel by plane.

    And so the planning meeting went on. The next day, one of Mr Wilson's friends at work



    asked, "Where are you going for vacation?"

    "Well," Mr Wilson told him, "we are going in summer by plane, but I don't know where we

    are going!"


    1. Why did the Wilsons have a family meeting? ____________________________

    2. What did they decide first? ___________________________________________

    3. When did they decide to go? _________________________________________

    4. How did the Wilsons decide to travel? ___________________________________

    5. What didn't they decide_______________________________________________

    完型答案?1.A 2. B 3. A 4. D 5.B 6. B 7. D 8. D 9. B 10. D 阅读答案?1 They had a family meeting to plan the vacation.

     2 The first decision was when to go on vacation.

     3 They decided to go in July.

     4 By plane.

     5 They didnt decide where they were going!


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