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    April 2003

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EU WEALTHY Project: a new generation of wearable

    health system

- Messe Frankfurt Avantex is an active partner in

    this European research project, part of the IST


- European interdisciplinary consortium:

    specialists in research, development and

    application from the textile, electronics and health


WEALTHY Wearable Health Care System that is

    its official working title. This project, which is part of

    the EU's IST programme, is concerned with

    developing a textile health-monitoring system which

    people can wear. It involves partners from five

    European countries, all contributing to the project the

    expertise they have gained in science, industry,

    healthcare and services. It will not only permanently

    enrich the facilities offered by the health-care industry;

    Contact: it will also give a quite new impetus to the home-care Julia Brinek or Katrin Klepsch Telephone:+49 69 75 75 - 6738/5822 sector, too. Fax: +49 69 75 75 - 6950 Ava 03-02-WEALTHY Project Unlike the LifeShirt? from Vitrometrics shown at

    Avantex 2002, which featured a wearable electronic Messe Frankfurt GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 control unit, including a palmtop as interface, the 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Telephone +49 69 75 75 - 0 Fax +49 69 75 75 - 64 33 WEALTHY prototype is designed to have a wearable info@messefrankfurt.comtextile surface, on which intelligent sensors integrated

    into the fibres will be linked with the latest process and

    communication technology. This new intelligent


    monitoring system is intended to function on wireless principles and can be used at home, in a hospital, at work or during other physically demanding activities.

    "The constantly increasing life expectation which people enjoy, and their desire to stay mobile and to pursue their accustomed activities even in old age, will generate demand for aids which can guarantee

    appropriate security", says Dr. Isa Hoffman of Avantex.

    Intelligent sensors integrated into the fibres will use the third-generation UMTS standard and bluetooth

    technology (the buzzword is "wireless communication") to transmit physiological data to the doctor or hospital. "This new wireless type of wearable monitoring system will give textile wear a quite new quality: textiles and electronics are undergoing a symbiosis", is how Dr. Isa Hoffmann emphasises the importance of this project. In particular, patients with cardio-vascular problems and pulmonary disorders, for whom constant

    monitoring may be a life-saving factor, will benefit from this new development. They will enjoy an increased quality of life since, whether at home or when travelling, they can feel they are safely under medical

    supervision. This will become all the more important, given the so-called "diagnosis-related groups": from 2005, hospitals in Germany will be obliged to treat patients within particular time and cost parameters. Here, even after a patient has been discharged from hospital, wearable monitoring can guarantee his or her safety. Apart from hospitals, medical specialists and medical associations, WEALTHY will also be attractive for sports clubs and insurance companies and for the professional and protective clothing industry. An initial prototype version of WEALTHY is scheduled to appear by October 2003. The whole research project will extend over 30 months, ending in February 2005.


    Messe Frankfurt Avantex, which works to encourage high-tech clothing, is supporting WEALTHY, acting as a so-called "dissemination partner" for marketing and press activities across Europe. Further partners from the textile, electronic and health-care sectors are developing and testing this new system.

    The following companies and institutions are also involved:

    Milior S.p.A. of Prato (I) is the company co-ordinating the project. In 1999, together with Virginia-Antea Gestoni S.p.A., Gabbiano S.p.A., Lineapiu S..p.A. and Ermenegildo Zegna S.p.A., Milior founded a further company Smartex. Smartex works in the field of

    intelligent textiles, with the aim of developing clothing suitable for monitoring and recording bodily functions.

    ATKOsoft S.A. of Athens (GR) is a provider of software solutions for healthcare management, tele-medicine and home care.

CSEM the Swiss Centre for Electronics and

    Microtechnology of Neuchatel (CH) is bringing its expert knowledge of input devices, telemetrics and miniaturisation to bear on the project. CSEM is an expert in hardware and software and in system integration.

UoP the University of Pisa (I) is also engaged in

    research activities. Work at the E. Piaggio Research Centre is devoted to biotechnology and robotics. It is working on these subjects jointly with the Department of Aerospace, Information Technology, Electronic Systems and Automation, and with the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry.


    INSA de Lyon Institut des Sciences Appliquées (F) specialises in microsensor technology and


CRSSA Centre de Recherche du Service de Santé

    des Armées (F) is analysing the psychological and

    physiological effects of extreme conditions. The

    CRSSA will act as the initial test forum for the use and

    application of this innovative monitoring system.

HSR Hospital San Raffaele of Milan (I) will be the

    second test forum for the project. San Raffaele is

    involved in the fields of biology and technology. DIBIT

    (the Department of Biological and Technological

    Research) is part of the largest science park in Italy.

You can find further information at: www.wealthy-


    Messe Frankfurt GmbH

    Dr. Isa Hoffman

    Katja Wolter

    Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1

    60327 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 (0) 69 7575-6170

    Fax +49/ (0) 69-7575-6633



    Milior S.p.A.

    Rita Paradiso

    Via Pistoiese, 755 D

    I-59100 Prato

    Tel.: ++39 050 754350 e-mail:


    Yiannis Syrigos

    15, Aitolias Street

    GR-Athens 15231

    Tel.: ++30 210 6772500 e-mail:


    Georges Kotrotsios

    Jaquet-Droz 1

    CH-2007 Neuchâtel

    Tel.: ++41 32 7205 111 e-mail:

University of Pisa

    E. Piaggio Research Centre Technical Faculty of the University of Pisa

    Professor Danilo de Rossi Via Diotisalvi, 2

    I-56100 Pisa

    Tel.: ++39 050 553639 e-mail:

INSA de Lyon

    André Dittmar

    Bâtiment Leonardo da Vinci, 20 av. A. Einstein

    F-69621 Villeurbanne Cedex Tel.: ++33 472 438 986 e-mail:



    Lionel Bourdon

    Tel.: ++33 476 636 975



    Elsa Fortuna

    Via Olgettina, 58

    I-20132 Milan

    Tel.: ++39 02 26434880


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