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Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, London ...




    ROOM PHS 3C50


    Professor of technical sciences, actively engaged in public work, Prime Minister Jerzy BUZEK (MEP) of Poland from 1997 to 2001. Honorary doctorates of the Universities of Dortmund and Seoul. University lecturer of long standing at Opole, Gliwice and Częstochowa, researcher at the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in

    Gliwice. Research stay at the University of Cambridge (1972). Representative of

    Poland at the International Energy Agency - Programme of Greenhouse Gas

    Effect (1992-1997). Organiser and chairman of an international network of 19

    institutions working on energy and environmental protection (1996). Author of

    some 200 research papers, over a dozen rationalisations and three patents in

    the fields of environmental protection, power and process engineering. Member of the independent, self-governing trade union 'NSZZ Solidarność', Chairman of

    the I National Congress of Delegates of 'Solidarność' in 1981. Active in the

    Solidarność underground structure after 1981. Elected as a Member of the

    Polish Parliament in 1997. As Prime Minister, in 1999, took Poland into NATO

    and prepared the country for integration into the European Union (including decentralisation of the State - consolidation of the role of local self-government). In 1998, began accession negotiations. Represented the Social Movement of

    Solidarity Electoral Action (AWS) in the PPE-DE (1999). Established the annual

    Pro Publico Bono prize for the best national civic initiatives (1999). Set up the

    Family Foundation together with his wife (1998), having gained greater understanding of the meaning of help for the needy after their experiences with

    the battle for the life of their own child.

    PhD in Economics. Prof. Ramon MARIMON Professor at the Department of Economics and Business of Universitat

    Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Director of the Graduate Programme in

    Economics, Finance and Management, Director of the Centre de

    Referència en Economia Analítica, and President of the Spanish Economic


Catedràtic de Teoria Econòmica (Full Professor in Economic Theory).

    Departament d’Economia i Empresa, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. June 1991 - (present) (on leave September 1994 August 2002). Professor of Economics. Department of Economics, European University Institute (September 1994 May 2000).? Associate Professor (tenured). Department of Economics,

    University of Minnesota (September 1993.). Assistant Professor. Department of

    Economics, University of Minnesota (September 1984- June 1993). Catedràtic Interì de Teoria Econòmica. Departament d’Economia, Universitat Pompeu

    Fabra (August 1990 - June 1991). National Fellow. Hoover Institution, Stanford

    University, Stanford, CA. September 1988 - August 1989. Teaching Assistant. Northwestern University (January - June 1984). Research Assistant. Yale

    University (September 1982 - December 1983).Teaching and Research

    Assistant. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (September 1977 - June 1979).


    thPANEL 1: 7 Framework Programme from the perspective of Scientists

     Graduate in physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1958-1963). Nikos VAKALIS (MEP) Founder of the VAKALI schools (1967). Founder of the VAKALI College of Advanced Education (1972). Founder of VAKALI publications (1999). Founder member of Thessaloniki New Democracy Party. Secretary-General of Thessaloniki Prefectoral New Democracy Executive Committee (1998-2004).

    Author of a number of scientific works ('About Friction', 'Mechanics',

    'Electricity', 'Thermodynamics') and educational works.

     Degree in Medicine. Dr. Kai SIMONS

    Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular

    Cell Biology and Genetics (since 1998).

Study of medicine, doctorate (M.D., Ph.D.) Helsinki Univ. (1964), Professor of

    Biochemistry Helsinki Univ. (1979), group leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL Heidelberg (1975), coordinator of the cell biology

    programme at EMBL

    (1982), "Honorarprofessor" (part-time prof.) Heidelberg Univ. (1984).

Scientific Awards, Honors, Memberships:

    Dunham Lecturer at Harvard University

     Keith Porter Lecturer of the American Society of Cell Biology; European

     Molecular Biology Organization EMBO; Academia Europaea; Foreign

    Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; National

    Academy of Sciences USA

    Degree in Physic

     Prof. dr. hab. Sylwester POROWSKI Director of the High Pressure Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw


    1960 - M.Sc. Institute of Physics, Warsaw University

    1965 - Ph.D. Institute of Physics, Warsaw University

    1972 - Habil.D. Institute of Physics, Warsaw University

    1978 Professorship at the Polish Academy of Sciences

    Positions held: Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 1960-1965 Assistant

    1965-1971 Leader of the newly founded High Pressure Laboratory

1972 Founded the High Pressure Research Centre

    UNIPRESS,since then Director of the Centre

1967-1969: Scholarship at the Solid Physics Laboratory of Harward

    University, USA

    1977 Sabbatical at the University of Paris (with Prof.J.Friedel),


    1987-1982 Studies at SNCI Grenoble, France

    1981 Sabbatical at the Univeristy Montpellier, France



    1979 Member of the Physics Committee of the Polish Academy of


    1981 Chairman of the High Technology Section of the Physics Committee

    1981-1984 Member of the Board of the European High Pressure

    Research Group (EHPRG)

    1985 Member of the Board of the Association for Advancement High

    Pressure Scioence and Technology (AIRAPT) 1990 Member of the Government Committee of Science and Technology

    1990 Member of the Board of Promotion of Small Business Initiatives at

    the Ministry of Industry

    199 Secretary of Executive Committee of EHPRG 1999 President of AIRAPT

Publications: 364

Degree in Medicine MD.PhD.FRCP.Desmond J. SHERIDAN Principal Cardiovascular Advisor, PGRD, Sandwich, Kent, Pfizer. Professor of Clinical Cardiology, NHLI Division, Imperial College,

    St. Mary's Hospital, London, W2 1NY. Consultant Cardiologist, St Mary’s

    Hospital, London, W2 1NY.


    -1971-BA MB BAO BCh University of Dublin

     -974- MD University of Dublin MRCP London -1982 PhD University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 1987 Fellow Royal College of Physicians, London.


    1974 John Banks Medal, University of Dublin 1974 Travelling Fellowship, University of Dublin Publications: Over 100 publications of which the following is a recent selection: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Ed: Sheridan D.J. Churchill Communications 1998.


    thPANEL 2 : 7 Framework Programme from the perspective of research Institutions

First state law examination (1988). Second state law examination (1991). Doctor Angelika NIEBLER (MEP) of law (1992). Lawyer in Munich (since 1991). Member of the Upper Bavaria CSU district executive (since 1995). Chairman of the Women's Union of Upper

    Bavaria district and member of the Land executive of the Women's Union in

    Bavaria (since 1999). Congress delegate and member of the executive, European People's Party (since 1999). Member of Ebersberg district council

    (since 1996). Member of the European Parliament (since 1999). CDU/CSU

    Group parliamentary business manager in the EPP-ED Group at the European Parliament, member of the CDU/CSU Group and EPP-ED Group Executive (since 1999). Member of the ZDF Television Board (since 2000).

Degree in Physics. Prof. Carl J.SUNDBERG Associate Professor in Physiology and a Licenced Physician. Part-time project leader at CMI (the Centre for Medical Innovations) at Karolinska Institutet. He also represents Karolinska Institutet at SSES on the project leader level.

He conducts research and tutors PhD students in Physiology (adaptation and

    gene expression in human skeletal muscle following physical activity). His research is funded by public and private funds as well as the pharmaceutical

    industry. He has created and directs numerous educational courses in

    Physiology, Medicine for Medical Journalists, Popular science communication,

    Human biology for Science Teachers & "Science Based Companies". He was

    awarded the Karolinska Institute Prize for Teaching Excellence in 1998. He has

    spent research and teaching periods in the US and in Australia. He is also part time investment manager at Karolinska Investment Fund (a VC-fund focused on biomedical projects & companies). He initiated, co-owned and was the Managing Director of a biomedical education company whose main customers were the

    pharmaceutical & computer industries. He is a board member of biotech startup and health service companies. Carl Johan Sundberg has served as Scientific

    secretary in a Swedish Parliamentary Commission 1995-96 and has served as Expert Evaluator for the EU 5th Framework Programme. Furhtermore, he has

    created three medical exhibitions at the Museum of Natural History and spent

    working time at the medical units of major Swedish morning news paper & ABC

    Television, Boston, USA (Scholarship from Medical research Council). Since

    1999 he serves as the basic science editor at Lakartidningen (the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association). He is the Vice-President of the Swedish Society

    of Sports Medicine and Vice-President of Euroscience (, a

    pan-European non-profit organisation promoting science & technology. Prof. Sundberg was also the chairman of the steering-committee for Euroscience Open Forum 2004, the first pan-European general meeting on the sciences.

Degree in Chemistry. Prof.Dr. Wolfgang HERRMANN Chairman of the Bavarian Principal's Conference (since 2002). President

    of the Technical University in München.

    Vice President of the German Chemical Society (1997-1999). Board of directors of the Deutsches Museum München (since 1991, Chairman since 1996).

    Consultant "inorganic chemistry" and member of the Selection Committee of the

    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (1984 - 2000). Chairman of the German


Chemical Society, Munich (1986-1988). Member of "Kuratorium der Nachrichten

    aus Chemie, Technik und Laboratorium" (1986-1993). Member of the Selection Committee of the German-Israeli MINERVA-Foundation (1987-1992).Member of the Academic Senate of the Technische Universität München (1986-1990). Dean of the Fakultät für Chemie, Biologie und Geowissenschaften of the Technische

    Universität München (1988-90). Board member of the Bund der Freunde der

    Technischen Universität München e.V. (since 1989). Board member of the Hans-Fischer-Gesellschaft e.V., München (since 1989). Board member of the

    Friedrich-Schiedel-Stiftung. Member of the "Arbeitskuratoriums Chemie und

    Geisteswissenschaften des Stifterverbands für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V."

    (1991 - 1995). Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board VIAG AG, Bonn/Berlin (1991-1996). Member of "DECHEMA-Fachausschuß Chemische

    Reaktionstechnik" (1993-2003).Member of the executive board of the

    DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Frankfurt (since 2004). Board member of the Karl Winnacker-Stiftung of HOECHST AG / Aventis (since 1994). Member of "Präsidium des Wirtschaftsbeirats der Union

    e.V." (since 1996) and chairman of "Ausschuss Bildung und Wissenschaft"

    (since 1996). Member of the Scientific Advisory Board "Katholische Akademie in

    Bayern" (since 1997). Member of "Kuratorium des Freundeskreises der

    Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek" (since 1998). Chairman of the State Research

    Council of Baden-Württemberg (1999-2003). Member of "Kuratorium der Konrad

    Adenauer - Stiftung" and of "Programmbeirat der Hanns Seidel - Stiftung". Member of "Engeres Kuratorium des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie" (since

    2001). Lecturer at the German Institute of Science and Technology (founded

    2002) in Singapore (GIST Singapore), Master course "Industrial Chemistry"

Degree in Engineering Prof.dr.hab.inz.Jozef DUBINSKI Director of the Main Institute of Mining

    Specialisation: geophysics of mining, geomecanics and geotechnika, problems of sejsmisions of nmining, turbulences; typicals problems of mining - protection, estimation of risque, socials problems

Experience: work in the mining sector for 32 years in Main Institute of Mining

    (Glowny Instytut Gornictwa); Vice Director in Main Institute of Mining (1991-2001);- Director in Institute of Mining sine 2001; Training in Ruhr University in

    Bouchum (Germany), Environemental Protection Agency (USA) and Boreau of



    Panel 3: Framework Programme from the perspective of Industry

Studied farm machinery design at Styria polytechnic (1967-1972). Studied Paul RÜBIG (MEP) economics in Linz (1972-1978). Doctorate, Linz University Institute for Auditing, Trusteeship and Accountancy (1978-1984). Managing director of a company.

    Member, Upper Austria Regional Assembly (1991-1996). Chairman, EU Integration Committee. Member, Austrian Parliament (1996). Member of the

    European Parliament (since 1996). EPP small businesses spokesman at the

    WTO. EPP spokesman for industry, research, energy and telecommunications

    policy. Vice-Chairman, Delegation for relations with Switzerland, Iceland and

    Norway (2002-2004) the Arctic Council and EFTA. President, SME Circle (1999-2000). Co-President (2000-2001) and President (2001-2003), Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Union. President, SME Global (since 2003). Board

    member, Upper Austria Business Promotion Institute (1991-1996). Vice-

    President, Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce (1996-2000). President of EUCUSA (2000-2002). Industry Vice-Chairman, Austrian Chamber of

     Commerce (2000-2005).

     Prof. Dr. Theo Gumpelmayer

    Dr. phil., biophysics - Optician

    President of the commercial association Linz Since 2003).Vice-president of Research Austria (Since 2002).

    1955 Graduation at the high school in Linz 1955-1958 Ophthalmic optician education at the company Josef

    Rodenstock in Munich

    1958-1961 Specialized studies of the optometry at the City University

    London, 1961 graduation with the diploma of the British Optical


    1961-1963 Optometrist and specialist for contact lenses at the company

    Soehnges in Munich, of which the head at that time, Mr W. P.

    Soehnges, was co-inventor for micro corneal lenses. That is

    the type of contact lenses which helped the contact lense

    world-wide to its break-through.

    1963 Beginning of the study of physics, first at the Ludwig

    Maximilian University in Munich, then continuation at the

    University of Vienna. During the study time in Munich scientific

    employee at the Institute for Medical Optics, which at that time

    was lead by Professor Schober. In the last study section

    specialization on the area of biophysics, thesis with Professor

    L. Stetter and Professor Kaindl at the Institute for Biology in the

    research centre Seibersdorf about "radiation caused structural

    changes at the DNS molecule".

    1970: Graduation to Dr. phil.

    Since1964 In Linz optometrist and contact lenses specialist, establishing

    of the company-owned contact lenses institute. 1969-1970 Being nominated to the Indiana University in Bloomington,

    USA as Assistant professor of Optometry, teaching activity in

    the specialist area of the physiological optics. Since 1968 Numerous work in the area of contact lenses, the

    physiological optics and radiation biology. 1970-1974 Accomplishment of a basic study for the development of

    radiate-polymerized hydrous copolymers for the production of

    hydrophilic contact lenses in co-operation with the research

    centre Seibersdorf.

    1974-1989 Guest lecturer in physiology of seeing at the higher Swiss

    technical school in ophthalmic optics in Olten, Switzerland. 1983-1987 Vice-president and from 1987-1993 president of the


    international Society of Contact Lens Specialists in London.

    1970-1995 National guild master of the opticians, hearing aid acoustician

    and orthopaedics technicians in upper Austria. 1973-1977 In the committee for the implementation of the licensed trade of

    the opticians for contact lenses, which was newly created with

    the trade novella 1977.

    1975-1990 Member of the Kuratorium of the WIFI OÖ. 1975-1995 National guild master of the opticians, hearing aid acoustician

    and orthopaedics technicians in upper Austria. 1975-1980 Chairman of the committee of federal guild of the opticians for

    the establishment of the master school for ophthalmic optics

    and optics for contact lenses, which was established with

    energetic support by the state Tyrol at the vocational school in

    Hall, Tyrol in 1980.

    1983-2003 Majority partner and managing director of the company A.C.

    Opticals Ltd. in Blantyre and Lilongwe, Malawi. 1983-1987 Chairman of the consortium of the commercial health

    professions, considerably involved in amending the

    ArzneimittelG and the appropriate regulations. 1980 Honorary member of the scientific association for ophthalmic

    optics and optometry in Mainz, Germany. 1980-1990 Member of the committee for traffic policy of the chamber of

    the commercial economy for upper Austria. Since 1985 Member of the presidency of the research promotion fund for the commercial economy.

    1988-1990 Local council of the city Linz (ÖVP parliamentary group), group

    speaker for affairs of environmental protection, member of

    finance, constitution and environmental committee. Since 1992 President of the ACR (Association of the Cooperative

    Research Institutes of the Austrian Economy). 1994 Award of the professor title on behalf of the Federal Ministry for

    science and research by the Federal President of Austria.

    Award of the honorary membership of the Worshipful company

    of Spectacle Makers (based in the year 1629 by a decree of

    King Karl I., the world-wide oldest still existing professional

    association for ophthalmic opticians). 1996-1998 President of ECOO, the European council for Optometry and

    optics as well as European roof federation for ophthalmic

    optics and Optometry. As selected president of ACR at the

    same time also member of the board of the FEICRO

    (Federation of European Industrial Cooperative Research


    1997-1998 President of FEICRO

    Since 1998 After the merger of the FEICRO and EACRO in the new roof

    organisation EARTO as vice-president responsible for the cooperative roof


     Ing. Giancarlo GRASSO Degree in Electronical Engineering

Chief Executive Officer, SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems Chief Technical Officer, Finmeccanica S.p.A.

    Chairman of Galileo Avionica SpA; Oto Melara SpA, Finmeccanica Group Companies.

     Chief of the Italian Delegation at N.I.A.G.

    *** Doctorate Degree in Electronical Engineering, Summa cum Laude, University of Rome, 1963.

     Adjunct Professor; Electrical and Electronic Department, University of Rome

    “La Sapienza”


     From 1964 to 1990

    Selenia SpA: Analyst, Responsible for the Special Equipment Division,

    Programme Manager for Electro-Optics in Special Equipment Division, Plant Director, Director of the Avionics and ITC Division

From 1990 to 1996

    Elettronica SpA: General Manager

From 1996 to 1997

    Alenia SpA: Executive Director and Vice President for Business Development

    and New Initiatives

    Alenia Difesa SpA: Head of Avionic Systems and Equipment Division

    FIAR SpA: President and Chief Operating Officer


    Alenia Difesa SpA: Deputy CEO; Head of Avionic Systems and

    Equipment Division

    Alenia Marconi System N.V.: Chairman of the Board Alenia Marconi Systems: Governance Director Defense Galileo Avionica: Governance Director Defense MBDA Governance Director Defense

    Otobreda: Governance Director Defense

    WASS: Governance Director Defense

     Dr. Jan van den Biesen Degree in Physics

Vice President Philips Research and Director of Public Research and

    Development programs

Educated as a physicist at Leiden University, Jan van den Biesen spent one

    year as a postdoc at the University of California in Berkeley before joining

    Philips in 1983 to work on semiconductor research. After a one-year

    secondment to Hitachi’s Central Research Laboratory in Tokyo in 1986/7, he

    held various R&D-related staff positions within Philips Research and Corporate

    Headquarters. In the mean time, he complemented his education with an MBA.

     As a Vice President of Philips Research and Director of Public R&D Programmes, he is currently heading EuroPartners, a department facilitating

    and coordinating Philips’ participation in public programmes for R&D

    partnerships in Europe. In addition, he is representing Philips’ R&D interests

    with public authorities in Europe.


    Panel 4: Framework Programme from the perspective of Society needs

Degree in electrical engineering (1990); master's degree in nuclear engineering Romana JORDAN-CIZELJ (1994); Ph.D. in nuclear engineering (2001). Researcher at the Jožef Stefan (MEP) Institute (1990-2004). Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the Municipality

    of Domžale (1998-2002). Member of Domžale Municipal Council (2002-2004). Member of the Management Board and Secretary of the University Science

    Forum. Member of the Management Board and Vice-President of the Slovenian Committee for NATO. President of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia. Srebrna vrtnica (Silver Rose) and Zlata vrtnica (Golden Rose) merit awards

    from the SDS party.

    Post-doctoral research in Physics. Dr.Philip CAMPBELL Dr Philip Campbell is the Editor-in-Chief of Nature and the Editor-in-Chief of Nature publications.

After a period of post-doctoral research in physics, he joined Nature in 1979,

    becoming physical sciences editor in 1982. He left Nature in 1988 to be the

    founding editor of Physics World.

    He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a Fellow of the Royal

    Astronomical Society. He took up his present position in December 1995, and

    is also a member of the board of directors of the Nature Publishing Group. In a personal capacity, he has advised or collaborated with the Wellcome Trust, US National Institutes of Health, the UK Office of Science and

    Technology and the European Commission on aspects of the life sciences and

    their impacts in society.

Degree in physics and the history of science. Dr. Jeanne RUBNER Editor for domestic politics at Süddeutsche Zeitung

Is editor for domestic politics at Süddeutsche Zeitung with focus on schools,

    universities and educational policy. She has studied physics and the history of

    science in Regensburg and Straßburg and wrote her PhD in the subject of

    theoretical biophysics (brain research) at the technical University Munich.

    Jeanne Rubner is member of the council of the University of Regensburg as

    well as further boards in the field of education and science. She has published an article about women scientists in the volume “Jahrhundertfrauen” and

    published the books “Was Männer und Frauen so im Kopf haben” (dtv, 1996), "Vom Wissen und Fühlen" (dtv, 1999) and "Bilden statt Pauken" (Ullstein,



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