Underground Tokyo

By Lisa Lane,2014-04-10 21:39
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Underground TokyoUnderground Tokyo

    Underground Tokyo

    In Japans capital city of Tokyo, earthquake danger limits the height of buildings. The city has spread out so far and the traffic has become so heavy that it is very difficult to get from one place to another. The price of land, too, has skyrocketed. All this explains why a group of Japanese land developers came to the conclusion that there was nowhere to go but down. So far they have dug out space underground for 15 major shopping centers, and the underground construction has only begun.

    What are some of the advantages of shopping and eating underground? Clean air is one of them. The city of Tokyo has of the most serious smog problems in the world. Another advantage is that you escape the threat of traffic accidents on the citys busy streets. Still another is the

    convenience of getting around. And you can even spend the night underground if you like. One subway station, for example, has a hotel with a bar, restaurant and barbershop.

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