Popular Galvanic Spa ADRs The following are our most popular

By Melanie Boyd,2014-06-28 10:18
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Popular Galvanic Spa ADRs The following are our most popular ...

    Popular Galvanic Spa ADRs

    The following are our most popular Automatic Delivery

    Rewards (ADR) packages to help you look and feel

    younger. Remember: you need at least $100 PSV and

    be on ADR to be considered an active distributor and

    get a check!

     a. Spa Beauty at Home ADR Package (Face): 2 packages of Galvanic PreTreatment and

    Treatment Gels (8 treatments 1 month supply), 5 Galvanic Brochures. Retail $70, ADR

    $50, Order Number 01103449 (Does not qualify you for $100 PV to get paid! Add other)

     b. Spa Beauty at Home Face and Body ADR Package: Galvanic II Body Shaping Gel (1

    month supply), Dermatic Effects Body Contouring Lotion (1 month supply), 2 Galvanic

    PreTreatment and Treatment Gels (8 treatments 1 month supply), 5 Galvanic Brochures,

    Retail $150 ADR $105 Order Number 01103450

    c. NuSkin 180 System with Galvanic ADR: In addition to establishing a usage regimen, the Nu

    Skin 180 System with Galvanic ADR Package offers overall savings of more than 31 percent

    over a period of six months. The price is conveniently set at a monthly charge of $150/150

    PSV. You will also receive a FREE Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment if you maintain your

    ADR for six months! Retail $195.00, ADR $150. Order Number 01103460.

    ADR Package Monthly Schedule

    Product Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Nu Skin 180? System X X X Galvanic Spa? Pre-Treatment and X X X X X X Treatment Facial Gels (2)

    Nu Skin 180? Cell Renewal Fluid X X X Tru Face Line Corrector X X X Nu Skin 180? AHA Facial Peel X X Polishing Peel X Tru Face? IdealEyes? X Galvanic Brochures (5) X X X X X X FREE Sole Solution? Foot Treatment X Monthly Retail Value $324.25 $265.75 $324.25 $280.75 $324.25 $288.75 You Pay $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 You Save (Total Retail Savings = $174.25 $115.75 $174.25 $130.75 $174.25 $138.75 $908.50)

    d. Nutriol? Hair Fitness Treatment - The Galvanic Spa? II Instrument and Scalp Conductor

    work synergistically with Nutriol? Hair Fitness Treatment to protect the future of your hair.

    *For best results use with Nutriol? Shampoo. Order Number 01101218 Size: Twelve .23

    oz. vials Retail Price: $59.85; ADR Price/PV: $41.80

e. Nutriol? Shampoo -- This advanced shampoo is formulated for regular use as a daily shampoo

    and for use in combination with Nutriol? Hair Fitness Treatment. When used together, these

    powerful formulas help restore fullness and shine for healthy, youthful looking hair Order

    Number 01101219 Size: 4.2 oz. bottle Retail Price: $31.35; ADR Price/PV: $21.85

    f. Tru Face? Line Corrector -- Positively charged to work with Galvanic Spa. Features

    revolutionary pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around your

    mouth, eyes, and forehead. Medical science has recently discovered that peptides have the

    ability to send age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells, promoting younger-looking

    skin. Tru Face Line Corrector offers a targeted approach to help the most aggressive signs of

    aging in just four weeks. Gentle and safe for all skin types. Order Number 01102704;

    Size: 1.0 oz.; Retail Price: $43.70 ADR Price/PV: $30.40

    g. AntiAging from the Inside Out ADR: Add LifePak Nano, G3, or both to any of the preceding packages.

    ? LifePak Nano - 1 month supply; Order # 01003610 Retail Price: $140.00 ADR

    Price: $105.00 PV: 105.00

    ? G3 “Beauty Juice 4 bottle pack; Order # 01103107 Retail Price: $140.00 ADR

    Price: $105.00 PV: 105.00

    ? G3 “Beauty Juice 2 bottle pack; Order# 01003648 Retail Price: $82.33 ADR

    Price: $61.75PV: 56.05

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